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#53257 New Procon Version

Posted by Prophet731 on 14 November 2019 - 11:21 PM

Hi All,
I have an updated version of procon and would like people to try it out. I will be doing another release to test the auto-updater next week.

  • Fixed auto-updater to point to the new domain name
  • Fixed procon usage stats
  • Updated old links


Attached File  v1.5.2.1.zip   3MB   140 downloads
Version Topic Link

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#153 Import of the old forums

Posted by Prophet731 on 27 July 2019 - 01:21 AM

In the next few days, we'll be attempting to re-import all the old topics (that we could salvage) into the forums. During this time, you will see the forums go up and down. 


If everything goes smoothly and successful then thank maxdralle for parsing the old data and sending it to me.



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#53238 Sponsorship by Fragnet

Posted by Prophet731 on 12 November 2019 - 08:43 AM

Hello All,
I wanted to make a news topic about this. Recently I've been talking to Fragnet about sponsoring us for game servers to help with development purposes. As of yesterday (11/11/19) we agreed on a 1 month trial for this sponsorship. They provided us with one (1) ten (10) slot server for the following games.

We are currently having issues with the Battlefield 3 server and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 server which they are addressing, but once they've corrected it you'll be able to find those servers by searching up [myrcon.net] in the server title. All servers are located in the USA. Two (2) in Los Angeles, CA and two (2) in Dallas, TX. 
I'm grateful for the opportunity they are willing to try this out. If all goes good, then they will become the official sponsor for myrcon.net.  Now, we (myrcon.net) make no money from this sponsorship as fragnet are providing the servers to us for free. I wanted to make this known so as to avoid any issues in the future.
In addition, I will try to update the procon software (with help from ColColonCleaner) to be functional with the new domain name. What that means is that the information that was pointing to myrcon.com will be updated to myrcon.net. All references to that domain and to the projects creator will still remain in the software as without them they wouldn't have givin us this must have admin tool.


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#53187 Website Issues

Posted by Prophet731 on 26 October 2019 - 12:46 AM

There is a problem with the VM that's causing it to hang, which in turn, causes all services to be not reachable. I'm working on trying to solve it. I have alerts in place to notify me when it happens.

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#17 OLD Plugin Zips

Posted by ColColonCleaner on 06 July 2019 - 12:03 PM

Attached to this thread are a bunch of old plugin zips that were saved from the old procon forum.

If there is a new thread in the plugin section on this forum, please use that instead of these old downloads.


Plugins Removed Due to Thread Creation:


Attached Files

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#7 Battlefield Admin Control Panel for AdKats [BFACP]

Posted by Prophet731 on 30 June 2019 - 03:28 PM

Running on PHP Version 7
This does not work with any version of the BFACP do not try to run this application on that version. Use the latest stable PHP 5.6.


Readme for version 2.0.3. Download
Readme for version 2.1-dev. Download

Further instructions for version 2.1-dev. Make sure to run the setup.sql script if you are not installing through the command line. Previous versions should not be in the database if you have to manually run the setup.sql script as it will throw an error when it tries to create the tables.

Topic placeholder for version 3.0. I'll update this post when version 3 is released. For now support can be placed here instead of spamming the AdKats thread.


Version 3.0 Development Repo

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#60 Ultimate Map Manager ( - 03/26/15)

Posted by Prophet731 on 10 July 2019 - 12:17 AM

This plug-in is intended to manage your map rotation based upon the number of players on the server. Optionally, it will also change the server name to match the current rotation, allow certain rotations to be used only on certain days, and manage server presets (including user-defined presets).

With regards to adding new features, as a general rule, I prefer to recommend other plugins that meet a specific need rather than attempt duplicate them within my own plugin. The reason for this is that I believe that if a plugin is well known, well supported, and has been considered stable for a good amount of time, it's best use it as a supporting plugin, rather than try to "reinvent the wheel." It's much easier to manage bugs and provide more reliable plugins when each plugin has a specific task. As such, I am now including a list of supporting plugins that I recommend that provide features that users have requested. 

Supporting Plugins
If you need map voting capabilities, the xVotemap plugin is highly recommended. I have worked with xVotemap's author in order to maintain the best possible compatibility. If a map has been voted on, and this plugin then changes to a different map list, it will still play the voted map and game mode if it exists on the new list. If the new list has a different game mode, it will still play the voted map, if it exists. Of course, if the voted map doesn't exist at all in the new map list, there's not much we can do, as using the proper map list is most important, in order to prevent killing the server. [xVotemap v1.2.1 or later required]

If you need map cycling or to return to the first map when the server is empty, the Automatic Round Restarter plugin is highly recommended. It is fully compatible with this plugin. 

Known Issues

  • If any given map list contains a map that does not allow commander mode, it will not be available for ANY of the maps in that map list. This is a server restriction, not a plugin bug.


Map List Admin
(Must be enabled and requires "Change current map functions" access in PRoCon) 
Privately tells the admin which map list is currently active

@maplist [index]
Privately tells the admin the status of the specified map list

@maplist all
Privately tells the admin the status of all map lists

@maplist [index] on
Enables the specified map list

@maplist [index] off
Disables the specified map list


* Ultimate Map Manager
Enable map list manager_
If enabled, the plugin will become active. This must be set to "No" while you are making changes to the map list.

Enable in-game admin commands_
If enabled, admins with proper access will be able to enable and disable map lists.

Switch to new map list immediately_
If enabled, the current round will be interrupted if the minimum or maximum players is surpassed, and the new map rotation will be started immediately.

Do not switch if more than this number of players are online
If the above option is enabled, it can be limited to act only when less than this number of players are online. The idea here is that if people are rapidly leaving your server, it may be beneficial to interrupt the current round and immediately load a map that is more popular or more suited for fewer players.

Warn (yell at) players before switching_
If immediate switching is enabled, this option enables the plugin to yell at players, warning them that the map list will be changing soon.

Number of seconds to display warning
If the immediate switch warning is enabled, this determines the number of seconds the players are warned before the switch occurs. The message will remain on the screen for the entire duration.

Warning message (use [listname] for map list name and [secs] for seconds)
If the immediate switch warning is enabled, this is the message that will be displayed.
[listname] is replaced by the name of the map list that is being switched to. [secs] is replaced by the number of seconds specified above.

Change map list only after map has completed it's total number of rounds_
If enabled, the map list will not be changed until the current map has complete it's total number of rounds, unless the server is empty. For example, if the current map is a Rush map running 2 rounds, the map list will not change until both rounds have been completed. Can not be used if 'Switch to new map immediately' is enabled.

Enable server name change for each map list_
If enabled, each map list can be assigned a different server name, so that when the new rotation is loaded, the server name will be changed to match.

Enable day/time-dependent map lists_
If enabled, a list of days of the week/month can be provided for each map list, in order to limit the use of certain lists to certain days.

Ignore 'Switch to new map list immediately' setting for time-based changes_
If enabled, the map list will never change immediately for time-based map list settings. In other words, if 'Switch to new map list immediately' and this setting are both enabled, the current round will be allowed to continue, even after the map list's end time has passed.

Use system/layer server Time Zone_
If enabled, the time zone of the system the plugin is running on (either local PRoCon or layer server) will be used to determine the current time.

Time Zone used to determine current time
When the prior option is enabled, this option allows the Time Zone that will be used to determine the current time to be chosen. Some systems/hosts do not allow PRoCon to access the registry or call methods from the Windows API. In these cases, this option will not be available and the system time will be used.

Allow map-specific game presets_
If enabled, a different server preset can be chosen for each map in each rotation. For example, this can be used to start with a Normal preset and change to Hardcore once more players are online, or to run certain maps as Infantry Only.

Send preset commands after every round_
When the prior option is enabled, this option will send the preset commands between every round, instead of only when the preset changes. This generally isn't necessary, but may be useful if your preset commands are being reset for some reason external to this plugin.

Allow additional presets to be sent after each level loads_
This option will allow a second preset to be sent after the round loads. This is useful if you would like to have one preset set before and a different one after for the purposes of having a proper server listing in Battlelog.

Add a new map list_
If "Create an empty map list" is chosen, a new map list will be added with only one map. If "Create a map list based on current map list" is chosen, a new map list will be added to the plugin that matches the current map list shown in PRoCon.

Map List [X] [Map List Name]
Server name for this map list
If enabled above, this is the server name that will be applied when this map rotation is active. It's limited by the server to 64 characters.

Map list name
Your custom name for this map list.

Minimum number of players
The minimum number of players allowed for this map list. If the number of players drops below this number, the map list will be changed.

Maximum number of players
The maximum number of players allowed for this map list. If the number of players increases above this number, the map list will be changed.

Days of week/month to use this map list
If enabled above, this is the list of days that this map list map be active. You may use days of the week (Monday, Tuesday, etc.) or days of the month (1, 2, 15, 16, etc.) in this list. Press the '...' button to the right of 'String[] Array' to edit the list.

Time to start using this map list (24-hour format)
If day/time-dependent map lists are enabled, this is the time that this map list will stop being used in 24-hour format (0:00 to 23:59). If the start time is higher than the stop time, the plugin will consider the stop time to be the following day. For example, if start is 18:00 and stop is 2:00, the map will be active from 18:00 today until 2:00 tomorrow.

Time to stop using this map list (24-hour format)
If day/time-dependent map lists are enabled, this is the time that this map list will stop being used in 24-hour format (0:00 to 23:59).

List start/random option
- "Start with first map": The map list will be loaded in it's original order and played from the beginning.
- "Start with first map unless it was just played": The map list will be loaded in it's original order and played from the beginning unless the first map is the same as the one just played, in which case it will start with the second map.
- "Start with map after the map that was just played": The map list will be loaded in it's original order and played from the map that comes just after the map that was just played.
- "Start with random map": The map list will be loaded in it's original order and played starting with a random map.
- "Randomize entire map list": The map list will be loaded in a random order and played from the beginning unless the first map is the same as the one just played, in which case it will start with the second map.

Minimum number of rounds to be played
The minimum number of rounds that must be played on this map list before the plugin will change to a different map list. If the number of rounds has not been met, the map list will not change, even if 'switch to new map list immediately' is enabled, and even if the end time for the map list has passed (if using time-based map lists). However, it will change if the current map list is disabled or manually changed, or if no one is on the server.

Map options

  • Game mode: Game mode for the this map.
  • Map Name: Name of this map.
  • Rounds: Number of rounds this map will be played.
  • Preset: Server preset that will be used for this map. This preset is sent before the level loads.
  • Preset (after level loads): Server preset that will be sent after the level loads.
  • Manage Map: Options to move the map within the list or remove it from the list.

Add a new map_
Adds the selected number of new maps to this map list.

Manage Map List
Options to change the order of the map lists or remove a map list entirely.

Normal/Hardcore/Infantry Only (view only)
These are provided simply for reference. You can't edit these values.

Custom Preset: [X]
Custom preset definitions that can be modified to fit your needs. Press the '...' button to the right of 'String[] Array' to edit the list. The first line can be used to change the name of a custom preset using the format "# Custom Preset: New Name". Other lines beginning with '#' will be ignored.

Manage Presets
Options to add and remove custom presets. If you remove a custom preset that's being used, maps using that preset will revert to the Normal preset.

Enable debug output_
If enabled, displays debug info in the console window.


Changelog (03/26/2015)
- added support for BFHL (02/03/2014)
- added a check for external map list changes
- added in-game commands to enable/disable map lists (12/11/2013)
- fixed secondary preset config display bug (12/07/2013)
- fixed map management bug caused by last update (12/07/2013)
- added an option to send a different preset after the level loads (11/26/2013)
- changed max server size back to 64 for BF4
- fixed possible issue detecting next map at end of round for BF4
- fixed 'Send preset commands after every round_' setting was appearing even when game presets were disabled (11/06/2013)
- added correct presets for BF4
- added option to send custom preset commands between every round (11/05/2013)
- added support for up to 70 players for BF4 (11/02/2013)
- fixed issues with quotes and vertical lines in presets (10/31/2013)
- added support for BF4 (05/21/2013)
- added support for MOHW (custom playlists only)
- map lists using both day and time will now switch at the specified time rather than at 0:00 when the day changes (08/24/2012)
- fixed bug with 'Change map list only after map has completed it's total number of rounds' option (07/19/2012)
- remove debug code left in v1.2.0.0 by mistake (07/19/2012)
- fixed bug caused by changes in PRoCon 1.3
- added option to yell before rotation is changed when using 'switch immediately'
- added option to start on the same map that was just played
- added round minimum for map lists
- added option to change map list only after map has completed it's total number of rounds
- added option to ignore 'switch immediately' for time-based changes (05/14/2012)
- fixed time zones with commas were missing from the list
- added option to use system time zone (03/30/2012)
- more minor compatibility changes due to PRoCon/R-20 updates (03/29/2012)
- minor compatibility changes due to upcoming PRoCon/R-20 updates (02/19/2012)
- fixed time calculations were sometimes incorrect when start time was after stop time (02/11/2012)
- fixed map list names bug when '|' is attempted to be used
- custom map names now shown in debug logs when map lists change
- fixed time calculations weren't working properly on some systems (02/07/2012)
- fixed map list names not being saved
- fixed bug related to sorting the time zone list on some systems (02/06/2012)
- fixed time zones greater than GMT were not being saved properly
- improved compatibility with xVotemap; see second paragraph of the plugin description above
- added list of recommended supporting plugins that provide features that have been previously requested
- added time-dependent map lists
- added ability to name map lists (02/02/2012)
- added another map list check when no players are on the server
- added option to avoid playing the same map when a new map is loaded
- added option to start with the map in the new list that follows the one that was just played
- added ability to randomize entire map list
- updated map list change method, which should prevent map list from not changing (01/27/2012)
- fixed problem adding new presets after some were renamed
- new custom presets are now named based upon the template used to create them
- fixed not starting at first map when not using 'start with random'
- added the ability to disable map lists (01/20/2012)
- custom preset map assignments weren't being restored on restart
- custom presets can now be renamed
- day-dependent map lists no longer clear the options on some systems (01/17/2012)
- decreased options redraw time even more (almost instant now)
- added custom presets
- added day-dependent map lists (01/09/2012)
- greatly decreased load time and options redraw time with long/many map lists
- fixed presets not always set properly or at correct time
- presets for next map now set at end of round
- fixed map list was not reloaded if number of rounds was changed
- fixed map list changed too soon if 'Switch to new map immediately' was enabled (01/05/2012)
- fixed first map not set when map list changed after manual round restart
- fixed map list would not update if changed when enabled via options panel
- fixed wrong number of players detected when listplayers not called with 'all' (11/19/2011)
- initial version


If you are having a problem, please follow the steps detailed in this thread

The FULL version of this plugin used to be released on a contribution/payment basis only, but is now available for FREE! That said, donations are still appreciated!  :biggrin:



Attached File  UltimateMapManager-   21.2KB   22 downloads

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#53366 [BF4] Stats webpage for XpKiller's Stats Logger Plugin

Posted by tyger07 on 26 November 2019 - 10:09 PM

No, that would not be correct. What you referred to is some code for determining whether cached stats should be refreshed for that leaderboard. Cached stats are, for example, keeping a cached list of the top 20 players so that every time a person visits the first page within each 3 hour period of time, it doesn't have to find and calculate the top 20 players out of thousands of players. It lowers SQL server load greatly for when people are just browsing the first pages and not really searching through the stats with interest.

What you are looking for is line 31, line 47, line 68, and line 84 (applicable in different circumstances) of /common/leaders/sessions-tab.php


Change "INTERVAL 7 DAY" to "INTERVAL 30 DAY", if you would like.


Basically, it is saying, show me the information for the top 20 players for range of dates of (today through (today - X days)).

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#53263 New Procon Version

Posted by Prophet731 on 15 November 2019 - 05:46 AM

Well nice to know the usage stats work again. :D



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#53239 Sponsorship by Fragnet

Posted by Prophet731 on 12 November 2019 - 11:52 AM





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#53146 Battlefield Hardline Maps

Posted by exemaco on 16 October 2019 - 11:11 PM

try this.

Attached Files

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#52972 OLD BF4.def you distribute

Posted by Timm on 13 August 2019 - 10:57 AM



So many days I couldn’t understand why my Votemap working with error on 1 layer.

it only shows updates to R48 patch and not included new maps like XP5, XP6 and XP7.


I attached last updated BF4.def, please check it and update BF4.def included here https://myrcon.net/topic/2-procon-1x/


Attached Files

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#151 How to run a Procon Layer on Ubuntu (Linux)

Posted by Z1nx on 25 July 2019 - 11:01 AM

Hi there guys, i find this tutorial very userful for those who whiches to host their own Layer on an Ubuntu Server.

This tutorial has been extracted from MyRcon (Old WebSite) and updated by MARL, so all credits goes to him for taking sometime to update and write everything down.


I've gone ahead and updated some of the info.

So lets Begin;


Works with:

Ubuntu 14.04

Ubuntu 16.04

Ubuntu 18.04


First step, make sure you have those installed on your Sys.


  1. mono-2.0-service (mono-complete also works)
  2. libmono-winforms2.0-cil
  3. mono-mcs
  4. supervisor
  5. nano
sudo apt-get install mono-2.0-service ///OR/// sudo apt-get install mono-complete
sudo apt-get install libmono-winforms2.0-cil
sudo apt-get install mono-mcs
sudo apt-get install supervisor
sudo apt-get install nano

After that, we make a new Directory in order to put our Procon Files.

mkdir /home/procon
cd /home/procon

Download Latest Procon Version ( -> http://myrcon.net/topic/2-procon-1x/

Upload the files thru FTP (Filezilla, Winscp) your choise.


After that, 

unzip procon_1.5.1.1.zip

Once we done extracting all files, we need to emulate the Console in order to create the configs file.

mono PRoCon.Console.exe

Press any key to stop the process.


Now go to the “Configs” folder and open the procon.cfg

cd Configs
nano procon.cfg

It will look like this:

// This config will be overwritten by procon.
procon.private.window.position Maximized 388 138 1182 811
procon.private.options.setLanguage "au.loc"
procon.private.options.chatLogging False
procon.private.options.consoleLogging False
procon.private.options.eventsLogging False
procon.private.options.pluginLogging False
procon.private.options.autoCheckDownloadUpdates True
procon.private.options.autoApplyUpdates False
procon.private.options.autoCheckGameConfigsForUpdates True
procon.private.options.showtrayicon True
procon.private.options.minimizetotray False
procon.private.options.closetotray False
procon.private.options.allowanonymoususagedata True
procon.private.options.runPluginsInSandbox True
procon.private.options.allowAllODBCConnections False
procon.private.options.allowAllSmtpConnections False
procon.private.options.adminMoveMessage True
procon.private.options.chatDisplayAdminName True
procon.private.options.EnableAdminReason False
procon.private.options.layerHideLocalPlugins True
procon.private.options.layerHideLocalAccounts True
procon.private.options.ShowRoundTimerConstantly False
procon.private.options.ShowCfmMsgRoundRestartNext True
procon.private.options.ShowDICESpecialOptions False
procon.private.httpWebServer.enable False 27360 ""
procon.private.options.statsLinkNameUrl Metabans http://metabans.com/search/%player_name%
procon.private.options.pluginMaxRuntime 0 59
procon.private.options.UsePluginOldStyleLoad False
procon.private.options.enablePluginDebugging False

At the end of the line, add your BF4 server details:

procon.private.servers.name "BF4 SERVER IP" RCONPORT "Your BF4 Gameserver Name"
procon.private.servers.add "BF4 SERVER IP" RCONPORT "RCON-PWD"

Make sure to change "BF4 SERVER IP" to your Battlefield 4 server Ip Address, Same goes with the Rconport.


As of Procon version, you can copy the procon.cfg above (except for the servers details, of course)
or change this manually:
Set the languges:
procon.private.options.setLanguage "au.loc"

And set those lines to “False” otherwise it will crash

procon.private.options.runPluginsInSandbox False
procon.private.options.autoCheckDownloadUpdates False
procon.private.options.autoApplyUpdates False
procon.private.options.allowanonymoususagedata False

Now we need to create the server config file:


Paste the content below:

// This config will be overwritten by procon.
procon.protected.layer.enable True 27260 "" "[%servername%]"
procon.protected.playerlist.settings true 1 0.5 0.5
procon.protected.chat.settings False False True 0 0 False False
procon.protected.events.captures False 200 False False
procon.protected.lists.settings False
procon.protected.console.settings True False False True True True
procon.protected.timezone_UTCoffset 0



Now we create the username to access the ProCon layer.

nano accounts.cfg


// This config will be overwritten by procon.
procon.public.accounts.create "User32" "User32-PWD"



Now open again the server config file:



procon.protected.layer.enable True 27260 "" "[%servername%]"

Add user permission:

procon.protected.layer.setPrivileges "User32" 3972679

*Once again, remember to change the user as your own!

Config files is done, now we go back to the main directory where your ProCon files are.

cd /home/procon

Run the Console and try to connect to it:

mono ProCon.Console.exe

Dont press any key, just try to connect using your Client, once connection is done everything works, we create the start/stop script...

If you are not able to connect in this step, means you done the last steps wrong, or have firewall/connection issues on your VPS/node.



Now we create a script so you can have a way to restart your ProCon.

nano start.sh

Place the content:

cd /home/procon/
mono-service -l:./proconservice.lock PRoCon.Service.exe



Make it executable:

chmod +rx start.sh

Now we make Stop Script:

nano stop.sh

Place :

cd /home/procon/
kill `cat ./proconservice.lock`


Make it executable:

chmod +rx stop.sh

./start.sh for start the layer and ./stop.sh to kill the layer process pid.

That’s it. You have to run the stop/start script every time especially when you are adding Plugins.



XpKiller , MARL


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#121 Looking for BattlelogCache setup script

Posted by maxdralle on 20 July 2019 - 04:12 AM

try this

  `personaId` varchar(50) COLLATE utf8_bin NOT NULL,
  `playerName` varchar(32) COLLATE utf8_bin NOT NULL,
  `clanTag` varchar(8) COLLATE utf8_bin DEFAULT NULL,
  `overviewStats` longtext COLLATE utf8_bin,
  `weaponStats` longtext COLLATE utf8_bin,
  `vehicleStats` longtext COLLATE utf8_bin,
  `generalStatus` text COLLATE utf8_bin,
  `overviewStatsError` text COLLATE utf8_bin,
  `weaponStatsError` text COLLATE utf8_bin,
  `vehicleStatsError` text COLLATE utf8_bin,
  `timestampOverview` timestamp NULL DEFAULT NULL,
  `timestampWeapon` timestamp NULL DEFAULT NULL,
  `timestampVehicle` timestamp NULL DEFAULT NULL,
  `timestampClanTag` timestamp NULL DEFAULT NULL,
  PRIMARY KEY (`personaId`),
  UNIQUE KEY `playerName` (`playerName`)

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#114 Battlefield Hardline Maps

Posted by ColColonCleaner on 15 July 2019 - 09:30 AM

If we have an updated def file i'll include it with the next procon patch. Been super busy the past week and cherishing time to myself when it happens.

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#59 I found some plugins' links in old days

Posted by Timm on 09 July 2019 - 11:59 PM

That forum is my forum.

All of those threads copied from old myrcon.com before closing, and before creating this new forums, and most of thread translated to russian for helping russian admins.


You can be sure that they were downloaded from the original site, except for Russian translations. 


I want to say that we do not claim for authorship, but only helped the Russian-speaking admins, as well as to preserve the original posts so that it would help someone else after closing myrcon.com.

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#53401 Inccorrect Password

Posted by Prophet731 on 02 December 2019 - 12:26 AM

You have a running procon layer instance already, you need to connect to that instead it seems.


Also the password would be the RCON password provided by g-portal. For connecting to a procon layer you will need a username and password.

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#53202 Battlefield Admin Control Panel for AdKats [BFACP]

Posted by Prophet731 on 28 October 2019 - 07:17 AM

To those that would like a quick preview of the GUI changes, here is the screenshot of the theme that'll be for Version 3.0. You will be able to customize the theme in a config file (change the page layout, color, etc...) to your liking.



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#105 [FREE] Advanced In-Game Admin and Ban Enforcer - AdKats []

Posted by Prophet731 on 14 July 2019 - 09:25 AM

The only issues you should run into are around infraction points. If the backup is basically a bunch of insert statements you're going to have double the infraction/forgive points on people because of how i calculate that table. There are triggers on the main records table that automatically updates the infraction points table when punishments/forgives are added/removed.
So basically do the backup/restore and check the values in that infractions table between databases. If they look the same then you're golden.


If I remember correctly, if you dump the database with export triggers and such, it will add those at the end of the script so it wouldn't run. I'm not 100% sure though. I know i've done it quite a few times and the infraction points always seem to be correct.

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Posted by ColColonCleaner on 13 July 2019 - 06:57 PM

Somehow settings are locked and it’s asking me for a AdKats password??


As sixpax said, someone set the password.
If you don't know the password, shut down your layers, go to the adkats.cfg file on your layer and remove the password line (or change it to what you want it to be), then start up your layers again.

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