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  1. Today
  2. Hello, I have seen in several servers that they are played only with pistol and when you reach 100 kill you can use all the weapons that you have unlocked, what plugin do I need to achieve that? How is it configured? MUCHAS GRACIAS!!!
  3. Hello, I have seen in several servers that they are played only with pistol and when you reach 100 kill you can use all the weapons that you have unlocked, what plugin do I need to achieve that? How is it configured?
  4. hello this server is using some tool that after a round ends there is no waiting time with scoreboard it immediately switches to next round and some extra large code shown as a joke I guess it goes like this for example.. Type zcxzccZcxvcvfbvfdbfdbfdbfdbfgfgdfghjhjhfgjhdfsdvdsvdsvdvdvdvd to cancel next round switch or something like that. https://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/36480b35-5435-4f5b-93f2-05ea64b3c530/EGL-HARDCORE-TDM-CLASSICS-ALL-WEAPONS/ anyone is familiar with this tool or plug in or even just the name of it ? Thanks
  5. Yesterday
  6. Add the kill self command and any other commands you want to use to your full admin role.
  7. Hello can i know why i cant used this or kill or ban player
  8. Last week
  9. im not sure ive tried reinstalling dev multiple times and it does it every time how to i preform a fresh install?
  10. Did you install this over an existing installation? Anything other than 2.1-dev
  11. Not sure on what to do about it its super confusing
  12. I have the latest DEV Version installed it throws this error when i go to use the chat function? It also says this when i click the file location
  13. Earlier
  14. Thanks a lot, @tyger07! I thought the same setting works for both titles. It already works correctly!
  15. May I ask what the point of Continue; is? I get that End closes an ongoing event completely so no other rulz of that event are run in that instant. But what does continue do?
  16. The error message is quite specific: You are trying to use the BF3 stats code for a BF4 server. That won't work. Delete all of the BF3 stats page code from that web server folder, and replace it with the BF4 stats code.
  17. https://kgb.clanservers.com/KGB%20-%20Virgos%20y%20Cornudos:%20Estad%C3%ADsticas/ I had a BF3 server and the web worked correctly. After that we rented a BF4 server and canceled the BF3 server and the page stopped working because I don't know how to configure it to obtain the data from the BF4 server. It is understood?
  18. hi is it possible to edit a player stats using mysql database and edit his details like score kills ..etc Thanks
  19. It should work the same in BF3 as BF4.
  20. Donate! It helps the good work done here!

  21. hello, I am using AdKatsLRT - Loadout Enforcer - recently its not working properly ... I restarted procon layer on nitrado and my Adkats got updated to latest version but am not sure If LRT needs an update or its not compatible with new adkats its not punishing all players and some time its punishing a player with no prohibited item but it treats him like he is using one . can you please help me my players are very frustrated and I . I am using these plugins AdKats - Advanced In-Game Admin - AdKatsLRT - Loadout Enforcer - Basic In
  22. Hello, This Adkats feature Autonuke system is just for BF4 or works too in BF3? Thanks
  23. replace your hello msg with this: ConsoleWrite("OnMaplistList counter: " + lstMaplist.Count.ToString()); i think a public function need a THIS. text part in front of your list. ( this.main_curmaplist = lstMaplist; )
  24. EZRCON can now accept payments with any of the following cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin (BTC) Bitcoin Cash (BCH) Ethereum (ETH) Litecoin (LTC) We use coinbase as our payment gateway so if you have a coinbase account you can pay directly with them.
  25. Without providing any useful information, it is impossible to help. What should I say? Is it plugged in? Is it turned on? Have you tried turning it off and on again? That's about all I can recommend without any useful information. If you try to view it, do you get an error message? If so, what is the error message? If no error message, what DO you see? If you can provide a URL, it would be EXTREMELY helpful for me to be able to see what you are seeing.
  26. Hello how are you? I am having trouble getting WEBSTATS to work. Previously I had a BF3 server which I was able to get working. But I closed it and opened one from BF4 and I am trying to send the data from the DB to the web and I can't. Can anybody help me? The only thing I could see is that the new server I have has the ServerID in "4" and the old one was "1". How is that changed? Thanks in advance.
  27. So I've been trying to develop a basic plugin but one thing that I've noticed while working in the plugin console and normal console is that whenever I type into the Console, the events that I typed in do not respond or at least run the functions it should listen to. I type "maplist.list" into the plugin console, OnMaplistList is supposed to print "Hello" and store the current maplist but I get nothing. Furthermore, if I type "maplist.getMapIndices" OnMaplistGetMapIndices tries to fetch the current map and the next map and errors if it fails, it should run OnMaplistList via the basi
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