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  4. i try to use vehicle kill limit plugin. and this is that announce on spawn and check !airlimit !tanklimit is 100% active. but warning message and kick isnt active... is there any something wrong?? i want to know.. only kill and warning message doesnt work.
  5. i want to do some action if someone kills with a heli or jet this is my code so far. but it never triggers if(kill.Weapon.Contains("Z-11W")){return true;}
  6. Hello I cant figure out why i get this error Warning: require(/var/customers/webs/ni2822243_2/Panel/public/bootstrap/autoload.php): failed to open stream: No such file or directory in /var/customers/webs/ni2822243_2/Panel/public/index.php on line 21 Fatal error: require(): Failed opening required '/var/customers/webs/ni2822243_2/Panel/public/bootstrap/autoload.php' (include_path='.:/usr/share/php/:/usr/share/php5/') in /var/customers/webs/ni2822243_2/Panel/public/index.php on line 21
  7. Hey Been struggeling for many weeks, getting this to work perfect. I want our nuke to fire only on Baserape. I want it to fire only when team is trapped at Base. Anyone have working settings for a 64 player locker only server?
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  9. ups its procon not procom
  10. how can i change the displayed name when sending messages with procom, like it send messages with the account id like this : blibla231:xxxx
  11. It's deifinitely Procon related, and is because of the round start. I'm not sure if it's related to a procon layer hosted offsite (not through your provider) or not. My layer is alongside my server, and after probably 30 seconds of map change and then round start, does Procon, as well as AdKats, catchup. There are also times that Procon decides to lock itself up and take a while to respond. It's random, and I can't really re-produce it though.
  12. hi, i am looking plugins for ban C4, EOD BOT, CLAYMORE, XM25 in METRO can u help me??
  13. Hi, can i get some help? i want to block XM25, EOD BOT, CLAYMORE, C4 in Metro. first kill second kick third perma ban.
  14. hi everyone i have problem . i unzip xVoteMapx and another plugins in folder procon plugins bf4 but i don't see the plugins in procon frostbite setting can someone help me
  15. We are having an issues with lagged commands. Sometimes it takes 3-5 minutes from when we type in an admin command, to when it executes. I think , but dont have enough data points yet, that it might occur at the beginning of a round. Has anyone else experienced this?
  16. Hello, I Got a BF4 Server at G-Portal. I want to Setup up this Plugin. but i'm not sure, if G Portal selfs has a Database or should i buy one. would be fine someone can tell me this. Greetings
  17. i got this trouble ;c 14:40:30 36] [AdKats] ENABLED! Beginning startup sequence... [14:40:31 42] [AdKats] SUCCESS: Fetched 111 BF4 weapon stat definitions. [14:40:31 65] [AdKats] SUCCESS: Fetched reputation definitions. [14:40:31 90] [AdKats] SUCCESS: Fetched weapon information. [14:40:32 12] [AdKats] SUCCESS: Fetched special player group definitions. [14:40:33 17] [AdKats] SUCCESS: Server IP is my ip [14:40:33 32] [AdKats] SUCCESS: Database connection open. [14:40:33 48] [AdKats] INFO: Special players table not found. Attempting to add. [14:40:33 56] [AdKats] SUCCESS: Non-Query suc
  18. Have been fooling around with the auto-surrender/nuke settings. Is it possible to tweak them to ignore other game modes? It's perfect for conquest, however the nuke for some reason keeps popping up for rush. I run a lockers/metro server, and play CQ/Rush on both. Current tickets are 200% - 1600 on CQL, 200 on Rush. I would of guessed that with a 200 ticket cap, Rush would be ignored but that is not the case. Otherwise, is it possible to have it only work on a per-mode basis? I understand it's good only for one mode servers, but I'd like to have it running for my dual-mode as to keep
  19. hey everyone can u say pliz how to fix this? create a group? how? i got default In-game admin
  20. In the "In-Game Commands" section in the GitHub repo, this quote is written. After a few hours searching through the code and the GitHub repo where any of these command access symbols are mentioned and trying other keywords that relate to command access, I haven't found any explanation for them. I would love to get some information on the differences, when to use them, and who can use them.
  21. Hello There, is it Possible to make more than 1 Challenge at the Same time? I want the First Challenge with the GUN Kills 10x10 and the Option to start a Challenge manuel with !challange kill @playername 10 times or something like this. Greetings.
  22. There are not any commands / interfaces for managing the user list. You have to create/delete entries in adkats_users and adkats_usersoldiers
  23. I've combed through the github for adkats and know how to fetch a user list, let's say "donators" for all the players that have been assigned the donator role from my own plugin. I'm wondering if there is a way to interface directly with adkats to add users back into this role. If not, is there at least a way to remove it with adkats directly? If not I suppose I will attempt to mess with the SQL tables for the users but I was hoping to keep everything strictly interfacing with Adkats alone. TLDR; Much like fetchauthorizedsoldiers, is there a function like "giveauthorizedsoldiers", that f
  24. Have you tried starting it and trying again?
  25. Hello, If anyone can help me please !! I have downloaded Procon Frostbite v1.5.3.5 - i have been given the server procon credentials by my server provider (Nitrado) When i try to "Create Connection" i input the information provided but there is a constant error that it cannot connect to it (i have also tried different port numbers including the game server - ive also tried mixing and matching IP address after the inital failure) What about i do wrong?
  26. The size of the maplist.txt is limited afaik
  27. We love to play BF4 having a own G-Portal BF4 Instance with Procon. Our map list is very important to us so we want to have our map cycle complete. So we forked the procon c# code and build ourself a map load and map save. When we load maps into procon this works perfekt with correct rounds, also on g-portal backend the map list and rounds are correct. After restart of the server the map list rounds don't match any more and the 40 maps was reduced to 33. I check the procon code an found a commented line out on the File uscMaplist.cs private void btnMaplistRefresh_Click(o
  28. Forgot to mention, this is for all the players on the server.
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