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  2. I've adjusted poll settings to allow for re-votes.
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  4. Enable high request volume. There were issues back in the day where battlelog would IP ban layers for too many loadout requests but those issues seem to have gone away. However, there are some times where battlelog just doesn't have someone's correct loadout and won't provide that info to the plugin and in those cases there is nothing i can do.
  5. I've decided to let the plugin kill players on spawn when using gunner soflam. It is just too disruptive on the map I always run. It works fine, but sometimes a player can still use it (which is not fair, of course). Trying to figure out how and spectating them, I noticed sometimes they are bugged and their loadouts are not showing. But sometimes they are showing. I have enabled backup autoadmin but I doubt it will be able to detect this item (it does not trigger events like killing with a weapon). Any suggestion how to debug/improve?
  6. when it comes to php and linux/ubuntu i know nothing i have had many problems with pear auto installing php 7 and no being able to disable it so for people like me that cant get it running it would be worth paying for
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  8. Where i must put .txt filenames to make them run?
  9. i am currently trying to get it where it will say player has joined from location "on player joining all it says is player joined from " thia is my code On Join; Say %p% has joined the server from %pcountrykey% i have also tried On Join; Say %p% has joined the server from %country%
  10. There is no BF4 without Adkats. ColColenCleaner made our lives easy. Thank you for your great effort and hard work.
  11. Hedius

    Procon App

    Yep, the Android and IOS apps are rip.
  12. Prophet731

    Procon App

    No, there isn't anymore. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  13. otbrave

    Procon App

    Hi everone, can anyone tell me if there is an app for ipad available please?
  14. Ok, thanks. Doing my head in I have written scripts in procon rulz for jets,ill be testing those aswell.. Wish me luck Thanks alot Prophet. Danny.
  15. That looks right. I'm not sure [email protected] has it set up for vehicles. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  16. Hi,thanks for the fast reply. Under Instance Settings,Spawn Enforcement Only is set to False. Under Vehicle Air Jet: 30MM CANNON | Allow on kill? is set to Deny. Thanks.
  17. Make sure the on spawn setting setting isn't enforced for that weapon. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  18. Hi, Been testing for a BF4 no jet kill server. I noticed that if i enforce On Kill weapons for the jet,Ex: 20mm 30mm HS etc, it will kill the pilot if he kills with any of those weapons. But, after the first kill,that pilot will then be unable to spawn on ground or in any other vehicle without being killed for invalid jet loadout. Is there a way to only kill the pilot if he kills with the restricted weapons? Not Kill when they spawn with restricted loadout? Seems to be On Kill only for the first kill then becomes On Spawn. Hope that makes sense Thanks. Danny.
  19. The minimum php version for the new version is 7.3. V3 isn't released yet as stated in the notification box at the top.
  20. sorry. i am new to this. the server i was using didnt support this. i have now switched. is your 3.0 compatible with 7.4.2 php?
  21. Can you be a little more descriptive besides just saying not working? Hard for me to help with vague stuff to go off of. Tell me what you've done so far.
  22. Sorry,was lazy on my research...cannot detect On Spawn unless using AdkatsLRT.
  23. okay so i have my site i have tried setting up a subdomain for it. im way of it in in the aspect of knowledge. im really struggling to get it setup i have changed the reqired things its just not working
  24. @maxdralle your my hero, i did something wrong with copy the file, copied in wrong folder... its working perfect, there no settings page but thats not bad as not working delete unbaned players, sync between the server great
  25. I have seen it but I believe I need to do more research on how to set it up
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