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  2. PRoCon.Service worked until, but it seems to have broken in Since I'm running PRoCon.Console with NSSM instead which works fine.
  3. That's sad! But still seeing alot of server using things like that are they using other plugins? Thanks for your help!
  4. "Service cannot be started. System.MissingMethodException: Method not found: 'Void PRoCon.Core.Options.OptionsSettings.set_AllowAnonymousUsageData(Boolean)'. at PRoCon.Service.PRoConService.OnStart(String[] args) at System.ServiceProcess.ServiceBase.ServiceQueuedMainCallback(Object state) and "Service cannot be started. The service process could not connect to the service controller
  5. What does the error log say in Windows or the debug log for procon?
  6. Hello All, I wanted to give an update to how EZRCON is doing. As of today we have 56 active customers using the services offered. I'm glad its doing so well and it hasn't been 1 year yet. To those that have services with EZRCON, I hope the service is doing well and if not please let us know so that we can improve it where possible. We've done quite a few changes behind the scenes to improve the performance hopefully. We'll be launching a new location for hosting procon layers in either Los Angeles, USA or Chicago, IL. Still being decided on where the placement should be but these tw
  7. Yesterday
  8. Sounds like official. Admin actions are only available on ranked servers.
  9. Hi there, quite new to this. Setup a new server yesterday and was playing with friends this evening. The server reached max capacity and we started to get players joining with very high ping and others we suspected of cheating so we decided to use procon to kick. Unfortunately the say commands seem to be working properly but none of the actual kick/kill/ban commands work. The same for trying to move players into different teams. It seems to tell the player that the admin has taken the action, but doesn't actually do anything in game. I can see in the procon console after the command it writes
  10. I said above "This is not possible anymore in BF4. DICE removed the ability to set the slot count during rounds. You have to set the slot count during startup. " This plugin does not work anymore! You cannot change the slot count after the server started!
  11. Thanks I got it. Maximum server size is 64 on procon is this a problem? Unfortunately Im getting no joins on the server at all... I get: AdaptiveServerSize: IDLE -> 1 players online. 0 players joining. Server size set to 32. Round started at 64. AdaptiveServerSize: WORK -> 0 players online. 0 players joining. Server size set to 31. Round started at 64.
  12. vars.maxPlayers 32 sets the player count of the server during startup to 32 until the next server restart... when it reads the config again
  13. How can i manipulate this on startup? Do I have to config startup.txt or am I missing some configurations for the plugin in Procon?? And thanks for the fast reply
  14. fixed by $permissions = $this->request->get('admin.perm.list'); if (! $this->isLoggedIn || ! $this->user->ability(null, 'admin.scoreboard.say')) { throw new AccessDeniedHttpException('Not Authorized for viewing scoreboard.'); }
  15. Last week
  16. This is not possible anymore in BF4. DICE removed the ability to set the slot count during rounds. You have to set the slot count during startup.
  17. What does changing the slot size do to make it work? I don't get it to work aswell trying with different slot counts and game modes but it never changes anything. My Settings: Enable adaptive server size : Yes On startup, assume round started at max server size : No (But I tried with Yes aswell) Display welcome... : No Maximum server size : 64 Size w/ 0 players : 31 Size w/ 1 players : 32 Size w/ 2 players : 33 ... Debug Output works I get the right message in the console: [18:35:10 04] AdaptiveServerSize: WORK -> 0 players online. 0 players joining. Se
  18. Hi , for several weeks now I have been unable to run Procon ? on a BF4 server . I am running Windows 10 Home 20H2 , it has been running ok previously , but now just freezing in less than 2 minuets . I have done full reinstall of windows and Myrcon v1.5.3.5 to no avail , is this down to windows ? With thanks
  19. Sorry, Just to be clear. I will need to run multiple Procon apps with a server on each? Danny.
  20. You need to separate each server to it's own layer for the best performance.
  21. Does each server have its own procon layer or you using one layer for all your servers?
  22. We are running a few servers on Procon. As each server fills with players the response time of Procon becomes slower (opening plugins,switching tabs,scrolling chat etc) The system has plenty of ram, storage and cpu power. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Danny.
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  24. @ColColonCleaner I've changed my SQL server to mariaDB and was wondering which sql modes I need to have for "optimal" use of adkats, statslogger etc.? So for now I got the following: STRICT_TRANS_TABLES,NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION Is there anything missing?
  25. https://github.com/AdKats/BFACP/commits/dev-laravel5 if i remove any bf from sql redo cd /path/to/bfacp git clone https://github.com/Prophet731/BFAdminCP.git . git checkout dev-laravel5 composer install --no-scripts chmod -R 0777 storage chmod -R 0777 public/js/builds cp .env.example .env php artisan migrate --force php artisan db:seed --force count -> is_countble and remove operator from compact and BROADCAST_DRIVER=file CACHE_DRIVER=array QUEUE_CONNECTION=sync SESSION_DRIVER=file SESSION_LIFETIME=120 php PHP 7.3.12
  26. Which version are you running?
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