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    you have to change the insanelimits.cs file. search the line: list.Add("procon.protected.send"); and replace the line with: if (!args[0].StartsWith("procon.protected")) { list.Add("procon.protected.send"); } after uploading you can use the following script for insane limit to disable other plugins: plugin.ServerCommand("procon.protected.plugins.enable","MULTIbalancer", "False");
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    Hi All, So I've been thinking about doing something like this for a while but I always talked myself out of it. I want to get some feedback on this idea and how many would think about using it if it was offered. In the past I know how hard it was for some users to get a MySQL database going and running the BFACP (since it's a bit requirement heavy in some cases). What I would be doing is offering to manage both of these for you. If enough interest was shown in something like this I would definitely think about doing it. Of course, I also know the risks I would be taking in something like this, but to list what I would be offering I guess is this. MySQL Hosting Daily backups of the database to a remote site & option to download it yourself. No limit on how big your database can be (within reason). Able to bring over your current database BFACP Hosting (If running AdKats on your layers) This would run the newest version (v3.0) Will still be available to run on your own hardware Will have extra features that are not available for an open source setup (still need to think of good things ) Able to use your own domain name with the proper DNS setup. Free SSL Certificate Both Above Premium Feature Ideas (01/23/2020) Machine Learning of your data to help predict certain events or trends. (Think best time to populate a server based on past data.) TBD... Please let me know what you think of this idea and vote in the poll. Again not confirming anything like this will happen but if I get enough interest from the community for something like this then please let me know. Disclaimer: This will NOT be something affiliated with MyRCON but will be ran through it in terms of a payment processor. EDIT: 01/16/2020 Something I also thought about doing along with this is procon hosting too but would need to figure that part out. EDIT: 01/23/2020 I've added a poll question for how much this service would be priced in. This would help me gauge what would be an appropriate range for this service. I've also added something that could be a premium feature.
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    I did a increase on the limit and pushed it up. You can get the updated minor version here..
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    int winner = (team1.RemainTicketsPercent > team2.RemainTicketsPercent) ? 1 : 2;
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    @C4MQS8 i get the same error msg. maybe this plugin version a beta version. i dont know. but i changed a littlebit the plugin file. now the plugin get loaded. but there is no plugin settings page. the plugin creates a new folder on the layer server with an txt file. before you try it out, make sure you have a backup of your banlist.txt file from your gameserver. CSharedBanlist.zip
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    @C4MQS8 good news! in the old forum i found a backup after searching a while. here is the Shared Banlist plugin:
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    "Remove the comma by the smtp. also from the username and password field. You don't need those." OK and I needed to enable sending e-mail from gmail to external applications. Solved, thank you.
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    Hi All, So @5YRU5 noticed that the email settings no longer worked in the current releases of the BFACP. I forgot I set it up a long time ago to use my mailgun account to send the emails for a less hassle way. I had rolled the key used for authentication for another reason and didn't remember that it was used here. Below is how to change it to use your email server. If you're running any version below 2.1-dev then these are what you need to add to your env.php file. Look at the email settings section at the bottom of this script. Copy and paste that into your env.php file. <?php /** * Array of IP addresses that are allowed to see debug information. To add more separate each entry * by a comma and enclose in double or single quotes. Only IPv4 Addressed supported. * Default: (localhost) * * @var array */ $allowedIps = ['']; if (isset($_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR'])) { // Check for cloudflare use if (isset($_SERVER['HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP'])) { $ip = $_SERVER['HTTP_CF_CONNECTING_IP']; } else { $ip = $_SERVER['REMOTE_ADDR']; } if (in_array($ip, $allowedIps)) { $debug = true; } else { $debug = false; } } else { $debug = false; } /** * If Memcached exists then use that instead for better performance. * Supported: "file", "database", "apc", "memcached", "redis", "array" */ if (class_exists('Memcached')) { $session_driver = 'memcached'; $cache_driver = 'memcached'; } else { $session_driver = 'file'; $cache_driver = 'file'; } return [ /** * Do not change these settings unless * you know what you're doing */ 'APP_ENV' => 'production', 'APP_DEBUG' => $debug, 'IP_WHITELIST' => implode('|', $allowedIps), 'SESSION_DRIVER' => $session_driver, 'CACHE_DRIVER' => $cache_driver, /** * Database Settings */ 'DB_HOST' => 'localhost', 'DB_USER' => 'root', 'DB_PASS' => '', 'DB_NAME' => 'mydatabase', /** * Set your app key here */ 'APP_KEY' => 'YourSecretKey!!!', /** * Set pusher API keys to allow realtime functionality. You will need to create an account. * * See https://pusher.com/docs/javascript_quick_start */ 'PUSHER_APP_ID' => '', 'PUSHER_APP_KEY' => '', 'PUSHER_APP_SECRET' => '', /** * Email Settings */ 'MAIL_DRIVER' => 'smtp', 'MAIL_HOST' => 'smtp.mailtrap.io', 'MAIL_PORT' => 2525, 'MAIL_USERNAME' => '', 'MAIL_PASSWORD' => '', 'MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS' => '', 'MAIL_FROM_NAME' => '', 'MAIL_ENCRYPTION' => 'tls, ]; If you are running version 2.1-dev or higher then you will just need to add these to the bottom of your .env file. MAIL_DRIVER=smtp MAIL_HOST=smtp.mailtrap.io MAIL_PORT=2525 MAIL_USERNAME=null MAIL_PASSWORD=null MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS=null MAIL_FROM_NAME=null MAIL_ENCRYPTION=tls Also, you will need to update the following config file in app/config/mail.php. If you are running < 2.1-dev. <?php return [ /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Mail Driver |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Laravel supports both SMTP and PHP's "mail" function as drivers for the | sending of e-mail. You may specify which one you're using throughout | your application here. By default, Laravel is setup for SMTP mail. | | Supported: "smtp", "sendmail", "mailgun", "ses", | "postmark", "log", "array" | */ 'driver' => getenv('MAIL_DRIVER', 'smtp'), /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | SMTP Host Address |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Here you may provide the host address of the SMTP server used by your | applications. A default option is provided that is compatible with | the Mailgun mail service which will provide reliable deliveries. | */ 'host' => getenv('MAIL_HOST', 'smtp.mailgun.org'), /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | SMTP Host Port |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | This is the SMTP port used by your application to deliver e-mails to | users of the application. Like the host we have set this value to | stay compatible with the Mailgun e-mail application by default. | */ 'port' => getenv('MAIL_PORT', 587), /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Global "From" Address |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | You may wish for all e-mails sent by your application to be sent from | the same address. Here, you may specify a name and address that is | used globally for all e-mails that are sent by your application. | */ 'from' => [ 'address' => getenv('MAIL_FROM_ADDRESS', '[email protected]'), 'name' => getenv('MAIL_FROM_NAME', 'Example'), ], /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | E-Mail Encryption Protocol |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Here you may specify the encryption protocol that should be used when | the application send e-mail messages. A sensible default using the | transport layer security protocol should provide great security. | */ 'encryption' => getenv('MAIL_ENCRYPTION', 'tls'), /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | SMTP Server Username |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | If your SMTP server requires a username for authentication, you should | set it here. This will get used to authenticate with your server on | connection. You may also set the "password" value below this one. | */ 'username' => getenv('MAIL_USERNAME'), 'password' => getenv('MAIL_PASSWORD'), /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Sendmail System Path |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | When using the "sendmail" driver to send e-mails, we will need to know | the path to where Sendmail lives on this server. A default path has | been provided here, which will work well on most of your systems. | */ 'sendmail' => '/usr/sbin/sendmail -bs', /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Mail "Pretend" |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | When this option is enabled, e-mail will not actually be sent over the | web and will instead be written to your application's logs files so | you may inspect the message. This is great for local development. | */ 'pretend' => false, ];
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    you can do with insane limits. // setting for insane limit: evaluation: OnInternalServer - Interval: 60 - first_check: code if (server.PlayerCount < 20) { plugin.PRoConChat("my spam txt abc. do not leave the server!!!"); plugin.SendGlobalMessage("my spam txt abc. do not leave the server!!!"); }
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    Yeh, G-Portal blocks dll files on their ftp servers
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    Well i already fixed it and i added all maps
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    Another little teaser for everyone. Little improvement over the old ban creation for a player.
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    Yes, that's what it's designed for so you shouldn't have any issues.
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    procon priviliges isue ?

    Has nothing to do with the new releases. Also happens with the old releases. Just reopen PRoCon or reconnect.
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    We are aware of an issue with insane limits running on the latest procon version. The plugin doesn't work on the new .NET framework for some reason and we are still trying to figure it out. We have no timeframe on when this can be fixed due to IRL taking priority. @ColColonCleaner and I will try to figure out a solution. The issue is being discussed in the topic linked below. If you have any suggestions or a way to fix the problem please post it there.
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    We are aware of an issue with insane limits running on the latest procon version. The plugin doesn't work on the new .NET framework for some reason and we are still trying to figure it out. We have no timeframe on when this can be fixed due to IRL taking priority. @ColColonCleaner and I will try to figure out a solution. The issue is being discussed in the topic linked below. If you have any suggestions or a way to fix the problem please post it there. View full article
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    Help about BF4

    Should be able too.
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    Help about BF4

    Did you make sure it's not cached with the old version? That code doesn't have any kill events in it so.
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    The update to .net 4.7 should be enough, i believe it's included in the default libraries now. For .net 3.5 you needed a separate library. I'll look into adding that over the next few weeks. There is another issue right now that will cripple the discord usage until then too. Discord changed people's IDs in the widget.json response to be simple incrementing numbers sorted in alphanumeric order for everyone currently in the server, it doesn't provide their unique ID anymore so I can't actually map anyone to a player by ID currently.
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    Remove the URL and paste in the numeric id from that URL.
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    Russia blocked?

    As far as I know, it's not blocked. Unless some malicious traffic start coming from there and the firewall stopped it.
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    I doubt it. These are old posts from the old myrcon forum. Don't you have AdKats installed? If so, I know it has a nuke option somewhere in the settings. Maybe give that a try.
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    Some procon plugins

    Thanks @Martian. I'm just now seeing this. My bad
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    Insane Limits Requests

    Originally Posted by xloneshadowx*: Can someone tell me why this is not working for the map Flood Zone and the little bird
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    It'll be announced when it's close to a release state. I'll have a alpha version for those to try it out before declaring a full release.
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