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  2. neutron

    Battlefield Agency

    View File Battlefield Agency Battlefield Agency - Battlefield Player Insights & BF4 anticheat About What is Battlefield Agency? At battlefield.agency we focus on combating cheaters in BF4 in efficient and sustainable ways. We offer you a free cheater ban list, updated by the hour. While automatic tools assist us, all bans are entirely manually reviewed and we strive for quality using skilled staff. What does this plugin do? This plugin enforces the ban list(s) managed by us and helps us link cheater accounts. Setup Acqu
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  3. masterjj

    Procon Client

    Hi Can You please add more protocol for connection... (i dont know , other option , websocket , https (ssl tcp listner), udp and ..) its stuck in loading sometime... sometime its become green and connect but still stuck in connecting and ...
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