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  1. Have you tried starting it and trying again?
  2. If you're getting that message on both instances they perhaps it's the player on battlelog not being found. Have you tried searching for them?
  3. So you set the proxy URL in Adkats and AdKats LRT and enabled in both of them to use the proxy service. Have you restart the layer yet to make sure it's not an old cache setting not being recognized?
  4. As @Hedius just said, could just be a provider issue that's causing the issue your seeing. Seen that numerus times from people. You can try out EZRCON (Procon or MySQL) to see if you still see the issues.
  5. You running any JS blocker addons or anything? Did you modify the install from github in any way?
  6. Nope, their procon layer doesn't after any other procon layer. As long as it can connect to your game server you should be good.
  7. Ezrcon procon layer management has a file browser along with a sftp server to connect to your layer with. You can try it out for free for a month by clicking on get free trial on the homepage
  8. And that's where ezrcon comes in.
  9. Not in the latest public version. Version 3 (still in development) fixes this limitation. Which version are you running? Nginx Rules for the BFAdminCP · AdKats/BFACP Wiki (github.com)
  10. That's called a round robin feature and we won't add that to AdKats because that's not it's job to do. That would be more development work than that's needed. You're trying to a create a database where you don't have access to do. That's a permission problem at Nitrado that you'll need to solve.
  11. Only one URL is supported as your proxy should be the one to route to the different endpoints you want transparently.
  12. Sounds like it's not compiling. If you have access to the file browser for your instance then delete the AdKats.dll if it exists.
  13. Maybe, but that's outside of Procon area if that happens
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