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  1. Added ability to disable the new API check for player country info Updated GeoIP database file Removed usage sending stats Added EZRCON ad banner If you are upgrading then you may need to add these two lines to your existing installation in the file procon.cfg. To enable these options just change False to True. procon.private.options.UseGeoIpFileOnly False procon.private.options.BlockRssFeedNews False
  2. We don't offer any support for a self hosted server the way that person is describing.
  3. You need a mysql database for those two plugins. You can't run those without one.
  4. You can tell it not to enforce on spawn IIRC
  5. What you're looking for is AdKats LRT plugin, that doesn't require a mysql database.
  6. Is it just you or can other people not connect when more than 3 are already connected?
  7. Does it give you any error message?
  8. There shouldn't be a limit of how many clients can be connected.
  9. Prophet731

    procon crash

    [12:40 AM] Prophet: How's the procon performance? It's now on the new server. [12:40 AM] Prophet: @OneManArmy [12:41 AM] OneManArmy: i have the layer open with adkats to all servers, looks :ok_hand: [12:45 AM] Prophet: Ok cool [12:45 AM] Prophet: I'm going to leave it like this overnight [12:45 AM] Prophet: and see how well it preforms [1:03 AM] Prophet: Alright, EU pool is now enabled. Let's see how this goes [1:12 AM] Prophet: How's the performance now @OneManArmy [1:13 AM] OneManArmy: stable, all green and connected without disconnonecting / connecting [1:15 AM] Prophet: perfect. All I did was increase the php-fpm pool [1:15 AM] Prophet: Don't know how that fix it lol [1:15 AM] Prophet: other server was running fine without those changes [1:19 AM] OneManArmy: okay. i can monitor it a bit from work, see if it stay's connected [1:20 AM] Prophet: Awesome. Doing about 2500 queries per second from the API alone. [1:21 AM] Prophet: So let me know if procon lags for more than 5 mins continuously and at what time it started [1:22 AM] Prophet: UTC time Just for context of what I did and what I would like to know.
  10. Prophet731

    procon crash

    I've reverted the change as something else is causing the problem. More updates coming later. Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  11. Prophet731

    procon crash

    Give it a restart. Maybe it glitched out. I've migrated over the API to two web hosts now so now it's failover supported. That could be the cause too as I was just working on it. The two hosts are located in the US and in EU and the requests are routed based on where the layer is at (georegion)
  12. Prophet731

    procon crash

    I restarted the services. It's going to be slow in response times while it catches up. I'll be monitoring it to make sure it stays up
  13. It could be, I'm not 100% sure though.
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