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  1. Latest version is now. As for the ban duration, are you doing EA bans or punkbuster bans?
  2. Any issues/feedback just post them on the forums here.
  3. Welcome my Weeboo friend!



    1. Revolving DCON

      Revolving DCON

      This is the worst day of my life

  4. Don't know what that's from. Does it stop your layer? Sent from my ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  5. Edit your database tables and change the fields created_at and updated_at from timestamp type to datetime type. Then re-dump the tables and import again. See if that fixes it.
  6. I will be doing some server maintenance which will take the site offline for a couple hours.
  7. Do not worry, the site going down and up is me tinkering with settings. Gotta optimize :)

  8. Can you post a screenshot of what you see?
  9. You just need to copy the Config folder over to the new one. You should be able to do a drop in replacement usually. All you're doing is overwriting files.
  10. Sorry misread it. Any particular reason it needs to be in on player spawn? Are you developing a plugin that would use that?
  11. BF3 doesn't deliver player inventory. Last game to do that as bad company 2.
  12. https://myrcon.net/topic/162-chat-guid-stats-and-mapstats-logger-1003/
  13. Hello everyone, @maxdralle had a friend of his look into the bug and they submitted a fix for the Insane Limits issue. I will be doing a release candidate on Thursday 5/14/2020 to have a couple more testers try it out and report back any new problems. He reports that all plugins still work with that modification. I will reply to this topic with the RC zip. After about a week, if no issues are reported I will offically push this as the lastest version. Related thread below. Edit: 5/14/2020 I have published this version and procon should automatically download the update. Please report any bugs with this as well as if the insane limits issue has been resolved.
  14. @neutron You can submit a pull request to the procon repo (https://github.com/AdKats/Procon-1) to correct it in the procon source code.
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