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  1. Nothing you can do. If the layer is having issues resolving those web requests then it's on their end somehow. Either DNS not cached right or being blocked.
  2. We'll be performing some maintenance on the database servers to improve stability. During the maintenance, the database servers will be shut down. As a result, the MyRCON Forums will be offline. The maintenance shouldn't last more than 1 hour but we'll be setting a 2-hour window to account for any issues that may happen. The maintenance window is scheduled for January 17th, 2021 10 PM to 12 AM PST.
  3. If that's the RCON port then yes.
  4. So did you set the rcon password under Site Management > Servers? Also have you made sure that the web host allows an outgoing connection to the port that your game server uses on your web host? Usually it's 47000 TCP. I checked by going to it and clicking on the 500 error requests and see that it's one of these two options. The things you've said so far you were saying was an issue with your database, from the original error you posted.
  5. I'm confused on what you're asking? Connecting to the database and adding a server are totally separate things.
  6. So you made sure that the creds you provided to the BFACP are correct right? Wiping the database doesn't solve a connection issue with connecting to the database.
  7. If you're getting that error then check if your MySQL creds are correct. It's telling you what the error is.
  8. Hi All, So seeing as Venice Unleased is released, I'm looking into if I should offer game hosting for it. I would like some feedback on this subject. VU - Experience Battlefield 3 like never before! (veniceunleashed.net)
  9. So as the topic title says, should EZRCON offer general web hosting services?
  10. In your .env, change memcached to file
  11. What does the error log say in the `storage/logs`. That'll tell you what's wrong.
  12. That's because you already set it up for the database.
  13. https://myrcon.net/applications/core/interface/file/attachment.php?id=10
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