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  1. Thanks. Flash_Hit. Going to give this a try.
  2. Hi, We're using Nitrado for hosting atm and were wondering if there is an option (maybe plugin/whatever) which shortens the time between "end of the round" and the "next round". The Nitrado Wiki is outdated unfortunately. Thanks for the help in advance.
  3. Oooooh, geeee. I see it now. Yup. Completely my fault for not checking that part. Thanks you so much for pointing me to this. Now we can make it work. 100000000 thanks.
  4. So, this is a shot of the settings we have atm: LRT: Adkats: After the changes we restarted the layer. Can you maybe based on this what we are doing wrong? We can spawn with the loadout and respawn as much as we like without any consequence. I can't find any "trigger" in the debug field. If you need more info pls ask we are willing to share as much as possible, just to get this last piece (hopefully) to work.
  5. Sorry, for slow reply. We're working on it to set it properly. I set LRT Spawn Enforcement Only to TRUE.
  6. Ah, it only triggers on kill. So there is an ON SPAWN settings. Will have a look. A friend-admin of mine also asked on the BF4DB. I'll inform him also.
  7. Ugh., I can't get it to work. I look into it some more and what I'm doing wrong. Seems to be straight forward you would say. But this noob manages it XD I'll keep you posted. Thanks so far.
  8. Hi there. Thanks for the reply and willing to help. I took your settings for LRT and set the NO EXPLOSIVES Limiter to "True" and restarted the Procon Layer. This is my Weapon String in C31 : ROADKILL|Death|_LVG|_HE|_Frag|_XM25|_FLASH|_V40|_M34|_SMK|_FGM148|_SLAM|_NLAW|_RPG7|_Claymore|_FIM92|_M67|_SMAW|_SRAW|_Sa18IGLA|_Tomahawk|_3GL|USAS|MGL|UCAV|PHANTOM This is my Exception String: _Flechette|_Slug|_Dart|_SHG|_C4|_Grenade|_Smoke|_Flashbang Unfortunately I can still use RPG's. Are you willing to share your Weapon string? Thanks again
  9. Hi there. I'm new to the procon-plugin and having a bit of a hard time getting what I'm looking for. I installed AdKats + LRT which has a Weapon Limiter setting, but that doesn't seem to work properly for me. User can still select item that has been blacklisted. But this isn't actually what I was looking for. We're working currently on a No Explosives (C4 + Grenades only) Server and looking for a plugin that check the loadout on spawn and kills the player for having an RPG/mortar whatever in his loadout for example and sends him a message. Or completely removes the ability to use it. I have seen this before and was wondering if there is a plugin available. Thanks for the help in advance.
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