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  1. Hi all There was a plug-in I saw in many years ago . It's in conquest or conquest large Metro . When a team cap all the flags , Server will claim that this team will win this round if another team can't cap any flag in 5 minutes . Also there's another plug-in , still in conquest map If the tickets diff between 2 teams more than a number , EX 700-400=300 , more than 300 tickets . the team who has 700 tickets will win this round . I don't know where can I find these 2 plug-in . These both are good for avoiding base-rape in conquest map . I have proconRulz tool , but I don't get it how to use it XD I'm just a newbie about procon . Hope someone can potin me a way for these plug-in Thx all Also ... I need help in Procon . Procon > Server Settings > Gameplay > Gamemode Counter I change the game mode counter (%) from 100% to 500% But through the BF3 server brwoser webpage , it's still Team Ticket Count % : 100 What mistake I've made ?
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