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  1. You think narrowly. If a person is going to be the head of this community and they are responsible for procon and its work, they should fix the problems immediately. I have knowledge in programming, why should I spend time solving problems with someone else's program instead of doing my job, I should also do your job? Are you an idiot?
  2. Do not get out of your cave until you are called
  3. I just remember how long it took to solve the problem with the IL plugin and believe that the new version will be even in 2040
  4. I just can't understand why people like you and Hedius so much like to get involved in someone else's conversation with "real life, real job, real mom, real father, real kid, REAL REAL REAL", I asked and communicated not with you, do not get out of your cave until you are called..
  5. And all you do is spam on the forum "real life, real job, real dick" - I think you have some problems with IRL, sofa critic.
  6. I knew that we wouldn't see 3.0 this year P.S why you make all the time spam advertisement, post screenshots about your new CP 3.0 when you needs years for it?!
  7. Version 3.0 will be released when BF4 is going to die?
  8. You are very mistaken
  9. You will if this player will join on your BF3 server: http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/soldier/NinjaahHD/stats/392828806/pc/
  10. @maxdralle Help me :)))) He @icecold dont understand that IL will not have time to throw a player with abnormal statistics from the server - the server will crash. @icecold Man, your code will work - yes, but OnJoin is triggered after the player starts loading the level! Level loading = server crashed
  11. You probably not understand what i want and what will be useful for other BF3 admins. Player could not be in "kicks server crashes" list in BA. And it is also possible BA will not have time to kick such a player and your server will crash.
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