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  1. How much longer to wait? I can not wait
  2. Thank you very much! @Prophet731 @ColColonCleaner maybe update plugin with that fix?
  3. No, but @tomopcver probably found solution, but i dont use anymore, back to Do you know how to fix that bug with Exec command? Any edits for InsaneLimits.cs to fix it?
  4. How to execute command from IL? It wont work: ExecuteCommand("procon.plugin.enable", "MULTIbalancer", "false"); return; i got this error: [04:55:33 84] [Insane Limits] Compiling Limit #1 - Name1 - OnIntervalServer [04:55:33 87] [Insane Limits] ERROR: 2 errors compiling Code [04:55:33 87] [Insane Limits] ERROR: (CS0103, line: 27, column: 13): The name 'ExecuteCommand' does not exist in the current context [04:55:33 87] [Insane Limits] ERROR: (CS0126, line: 28, column: 13): An object of a type convertible to 'bool' is required
  5. I cant find that value in the code, can you help?
  6. @ColColonCleaner [AdKats] ERROR-7603: [Minimum seconds between nukes cannot be longer than 120 seconds.] Whyyyy??? I want put 5 mins
  7. I fixed it with offset -3
  8. In database in what table i can change timezone?
  9. Doesnt work, time still incorrect
  10. What you meant? I dont understand.
  11. No it doesnt help and in logger plugin i have this: http://prntscr.com/qmk2pn What i should do with it to get correct timezone for the server?
  12. "Feed Statlogger settings false" right now
  13. Look, my timezone is correct at my Windows, but not correct at my admin page. https://prnt.sc/qmju12 https://prnt.sc/qmju5i
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