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  1. My server hoster updated my Procon layers today so I can't use Insane Limits. As a bonus it seems like they wiped my database while updating the layers.
  2. I would rent the service. Also perfect that it's self hostable as well so everyone should be lucky with it.
  3. Insane Limits is quite important. Hope you can fix it. ?
  4. Hi, is there a way to edit the Discord messages for reports ? I'd like to add links and edit the style of it if posible.
  5. Congratulations to the trial sponsorship
  6. Perfect, it works Big THANKS !
  7. Hi guys, there is an existing name exploit which makes it impossible to ban a player who uses it. The only thing on can do with them is to move them. One guy is annoying us already for a while. He cheats, crashes vehicles and break rules in general. If theres a chance for a small plugin that can move players every 10 seconds please help me (Move every 10 seconds a players whos EA GUID is on the list (trigger on join not to spam all the time?)) Greetings
  8. Hi, I got a problem with stats tracking. Since I added 3 servers into the same database it doesn't tracks stats anymore. Already played around with some settings but no success. Any ideas ?
  9. His site is really worth a try. You'll also find stuff about Venice Unleashed there. (Mods, map editor and more for BF3)
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