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  1. im not sure ive tried reinstalling dev multiple times and it does it every time how to i preform a fresh install?
  2. Not sure on what to do about it its super confusing
  3. I have the latest DEV Version installed it throws this error when i go to use the chat function? It also says this when i click the file location
  4. Fixed their end didnt have the port open jesus rediculous lol
  5. Seems as if they dont have the port open. Trying to get it open currently
  6. outgoing connection to the port that my game server uses on my web host? so 22100?
  7. Check the attached image.
  8. and another thing, if it cannot connect to my database? why the hell is it letting me login and shit and get to live scoreboard? doesnt make any sense
  9. so what im saying is that the live scoreboard isnt working the only issue i could find is it cannot connect to my database.. i have checked the creds i have no clue why it cannot connect ill check a third time
  10. Yes i made sure how to i clear like the cache for the servers listed and start over with a new connection to a DB? i dont see a add server button or anything im confused does it set it up with the SQL setup script?
  11. so i checked that and talked to my website hoster about if its connectable from my webserver in which it is it still throws that error how do i wipe out my servers list on the website and add aa brand new one?
  12. I cannot for the life of me get the live scoreboard to work i updated my web server to include memcached now and wiped my whole fkin database and live scoreboard still is not working im stumped says it cannot connect to the database im not sure what to do not sure if this would be of any help? i removed my DB pass for security lol
  13. live scoreboard doesnt work even after changing rcon pass
  14. live scoreboard wont work after changing password for rcon
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