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  1. I updated the server sample file. With the new update something are borked, and the script need to be adjusted. server-sample.zip
  2. Now, lets say you want to use mods. Again, be carefull, not all mods work correctly when u change map. lets apply the mods in the modlist.txt sample working file. InfiniteVehicles VU-Chaos_ultraAEK VU-Chaos_SuperJump VU-Chaos_SuperSpeed VU-Chaos_Gravity VU-Chaos_ultraC4 craterdept NoFlightCeiling night-time-0.3 vu-compass-1.0.6 VU-No-Vignette-main A big load on mods i currently use. copy the file modlist.txt.sample working to modlist.txt (or copy the content in modlist.txt) You need to restart your server for this, close the server, and start the batch
  3. Now. Lets say ,the server is running, and u see a nice console saying server is ready for connection. Start the vu.exe file, you want to test and see it. it can happen that it wil ask for your login credentials, just do it. If you didnt made yet a soldier, yes you can make 4 of them. click your soldier, and select the servers button. Now simply wait, you wil not find your server directly, here is a quicky one. Select the filter. and write a word from your server in the server name section, and click apply filters If u see your server name, click the close button !, and
  4. If all went correct and lets say u install VU on the D drive (content from vu.zip) a path like d:\games\vu <= where your stuff should come in (top directory) a path like d:\games\vu\server1 <- where your working sample server config is (content from server.zip) a path like d:\games\vu\startscript1.bat <- what is working VU server start script you can tinker with. a path like d:\games\vu\vu <-- if unpacked from the vu.zip file a path like d:\games\vu\vubin <-- if unpacked from the vu.zip file a path like d:\games\vu\cacert.pem <-- if unpacked from the vu.zip file
  5. Lets talk VU. At this point i am making a simple HOWTO inc a sample server configuration how to run a VU server on your local machine ,excluded is procon, that is a other story. Yes procon wil run, but not smoot as bf3/4 ,it is not fully compatible, but enough things are running. a stock VU server wil able to work properly with several maps, as what i know, its trail and error to so what mod is crashing a server when running multiple maps and map modes. plugins what run with no isue. basic ingame info Server rules on request. spambot our all favorite, proconrulz. Dont kn
  6. Delete the whole stuff and start over. i know it works, it is running here on 2 servers, but wait. Did u run it from C drive ?, Windows nag to lockdown stuff on C drive, i run mine from D drive, try run it from other drive.
  7. Weard, i connect to a VU server, but it opens here correctly. u should klik on the link, it does not open out it its own. if thst does not happens something else is wrong, it should work as a regular BF3/4 server, but keep in mind, most stuff is mangled and perhaps not working this counts specialy for plugins !
  8. sounds interesting for serious platoons/clan.
  9. got a bit borred here and made this litle snipit for proconrulz. not willing to fill procon with admin ,but giving trusted players some admin privileges ? ,this snipit can help u out. only a procon admin can add special admins. use: /set admin <playername> (or part of it) /remove admin <playername> ,This wil revoke extended commands /read admin <playername> this checks if a player has access enjoy and abuse it for own fun For more information, see the BF4 server documentation how i set this stuff up. # Extended admin commands
  10. silly queston.. is punkbuster disabled ? ,if that is the case, forget it, for the plugin to work properly you need a active punkbuster server. but u can check with phpmyadmin if any other kind of data is stored, like playerdata.
  11. our litle group has a BF3 and a BF4 server. Dont ask me how i messed up, but i let the bfadmincp i had linked to the wrong website bf4admincp, and not bf3admincp, wel, with the comming of the bf4 server i wanted to correct that. for the BF3 server is was easy, cleaning the cache, copying the env.php to its proper location, and done, well, admins needed to login again, but hey. however, for the BF4 server this was a bit harder to do, 1st of all i had to make 3 links in mysql (hosted local on a own server here), ip adres from the procon layer (i dont want unwanted SQL hammering),
  12. hmm, interesting, we had last week a nasty surprice to, ALL 188 bans whe had where gone, vanished.. it is that i made weekly backups, and no, i didnt screw up, they where just gone.
  13. well, it works,,, it still is weard stuff.
  14. ok, this is weard. After i just install battlelogcache ,it eh, fetched the data needed.
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