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  1. thats a bummer, most of my more advances stuff doesnt work with punkbuster disabled server..
  2. welll, not yet on the layer, on my test server it works,is for later to exam.
  3. i tried the DLL trick. didnt work for me, cant upload over FTP, DLL files are protected. so i changed the script to say its DLC now, but IL still doesnt work here. basicly its the compiled DLL from 1500 procon, hehe
  4. it can be a hoster isue as wel, i now nitrado has some thing not in order, when a mate adds a map on his server (bf4 mostly) , it couses UMM to go whitescreen, and than its game over for umm.
  5. Oh,time based, yes, that worked.. as sayd, as far i understood the read me, it should also work without the time based.
  6. weard, never happend on the stock version here.
  7. at this point ] UltimateMapManager: WARN -> 3 players. No map list is available for this number of players; keeping current map list. i would pull the plugin log, but thats empty.
  8. and thats the problem ,it did matches, as readed the how to, it should also forward on a empty server when round restarter plugin is active, and server rotates next map each 2 minutes for testing, but not forwards next maplist, ugh, settings....
  9. has any one manage to get the UMM work with rotating maplists? lets say maplist 1 has 2 maps, and when all maps where played 1 time, it should forward to maplist 2. for some reason, it does not do that, not sure if it should work like it, but the readme sugest that it can work so,unless i misreaded it.
  10. ok, than i know its not only me..
  11. well, thats a problem. most of the platoon members i play with are unfairfull banned by PB, so PB has be turned off so they could play, and even my own platoon members got unfairfull banned. but that explains a lot. Thank you maxdralle !
  12. The only thing i can think of ,is that i installed adkats (sql that is) after 10 minutes .
  13. screenshot of the settings... worsecase i have to purge all, and start over...
  14. hmky, this is weard. i enabled all the stats options, but i just noticed that there is data collection. session logging works, but no player stats is collected. tbl_playerstats and tbl_server_stats , tbl_weapons_stats keep empty, . any idea ? i think it has to do with the statslogger error i posted in the previous post.
  15. When i connect to the layer, i end up seeying only players - chat - events - lists - server settings - console but when i reconnect again, i also get the parent layer control this not always happen, 7 out of 10 i get all options in sight, anyone else noticed this ?
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