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    iamadeadpixel reacted to ColColonCleaner in On-Spawn Loadout Enforcer for Infantry/Vehicles - AdKatsLRT   
    I looked at camos but I believe it was a mess categorizing them in a meaningful way in the json download from battlelog. There was some reason i didn't add that functionality but i don't remember why specifically.
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    iamadeadpixel reacted to ColColonCleaner in On-Spawn Loadout Enforcer for Infantry/Vehicles - AdKatsLRT   
    Keep in mind the plugin has no knowledge of where the player spawns, only that they spawned somewhere. The 'on kill' option is there for jets because if some random player goes about their business on the ground we don't want the plugin caring about their jet loadout. However, if a player spawns then kills with a jet, it will scrutinize their jet loadout until they change it. It classifies them as a jet player whenever they kill with the jet.
    There isn't really a way around this either because if you just admin kill a person when they kill with an invalid loadout in a jet, they just spawn in the jet again and kill with the invalid loadout again. Admin kills don't give deaths on player stats so there isn't a punishment there.
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    iamadeadpixel got a reaction from IRAQIGHOST in Any one help me please   
    setting a password is not gonna work on a RANKED server.
    the only think what u can do ,is installing insane limits and work with a access list for players who are in that lists.
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    iamadeadpixel reacted to Prophet731 in Procon Version Released   
    I have pushed out a new minor release which updates the geodata pull (flags in the playerlisting). This should be way more accurate now. As always, please let me know if any problems show up.
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    iamadeadpixel reacted to Angry_Cuban13 in Battlefield Admin Control Panel - BFACP   
    What spam advertisement? You mean showing people what he is working on?
    If you don't like the timeline in which things are being developed by ONE developer with a real life and a real job, how about you start developing? All you do is spam the forums with your "I want, I want" like a fucking neckbeard asking for chicken tenders.
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    iamadeadpixel reacted to Prophet731 in Battlefield Admin Control Panel - BFACP   
    Goal is before the end of this year, hopefully sooner. So unless battlefield dies before that.. Remember, I'm the only one doing it so whatever time I have to work on it I do. Don't have the luxury like I use too.
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    iamadeadpixel got a reaction from maddog in Procon Client Connects and then Disconnects   
    your welcome.
    clearly its a combo on plugins,  i run one layer at home, i guess there are are,as i see 2 heavy load plugins, one it adkats ,the other proconrulz, while the last contains over 800 rule sets
    the layer i run at home only contains the backup statslogger and adkats, what is only running when needed.(i case we hostage the SQL server again, hehe)
    its memory using i guess and than gets unstable, so a reboot will clear it.
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    iamadeadpixel reacted to Prophet731 in Procon   
    Hello everyone,
    @maxdralle had a friend of his look into the bug and they submitted a fix for the Insane Limits issue. I will be doing a release candidate on Thursday 5/14/2020 to have a couple more testers try it out and report back any new problems. He reports that all plugins still work with that modification. I will reply to this topic with the RC zip. After about a week, if no issues are reported I will offically push this as the lastest version.
    Related thread below.
    Edit: 5/14/2020
    I have published this version and procon should automatically download the update. Please report any bugs with this as well as if the insane limits issue has been resolved.
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    iamadeadpixel reacted to Hodor in Issue with Insane Limits with Procon Version (>=   
    And how the hell then use Insane Limits on G-Portal hosting? Procon becomes useless! Why have you still not fixed the problem? @Prophet731
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    iamadeadpixel reacted to Hedius in Issue with Insane Limits with Procon Version (>=   
    All of us have a real life. This is not a company. We are doing this during our free time. I started with debugging, but well: I have not done anything for 3 weeks and I also cannot share anything useful. I just do not have the time at the moment.... Same applies to many other members of this forum...
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    iamadeadpixel reacted to TheTomik in I need help with Ultimate Map Manager by adding missing DLC Maps   
    Well i already fixed it and i added all maps 
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