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  1. This is because it's unable to reach github to fetch weapon stats definitions among other things. Contact your layer host and make sure the procon layer can access the following domains. https://github.com/AdKats/AdKats#webrequests
  2. Ah i see. If that uses the same RCON protocols as the normal BF3 servers then AdKats should work.
  3. I'm not sure what VU is, but no changes to AdKats are planned for the future at this time.
  4. I looked at camos but I believe it was a mess categorizing them in a meaningful way in the json download from battlelog. There was some reason i didn't add that functionality but i don't remember why specifically.
  5. Keep in mind the plugin has no knowledge of where the player spawns, only that they spawned somewhere. The 'on kill' option is there for jets because if some random player goes about their business on the ground we don't want the plugin caring about their jet loadout. However, if a player spawns then kills with a jet, it will scrutinize their jet loadout until they change it. It classifies them as a jet player whenever they kill with the jet. There isn't really a way around this either because if you just admin kill a person when they kill with an invalid loadout in a jet, they just spawn in
  6. Firstly, swapnuke is a VERY aggressive command, i'd take caution when using it. It also doesn't work when the server is full. In general all commands need a source, a target, and a message. so you should include those values. source could be insanelimits, target could be server, and message could be whatever you want to be logged. The protocol is mentioned here: https://github.com/AdKats/AdKats#issuecommand
  7. Not at this time, I've looked into it in the past but haven't made the time to add that support in.
  8. Check your tbl_server table, make sure it has an entry for this server.
  9. I am not planning to add any new features to LRT at this time.
  10. AdKats supports BFHL, LRT does not, they are separate plugins. Proconrulz should be fine on BFHL, it just operates based on the same events BF4 has.
  11. They killed several people with a radio beacon during a round, it's a rare script/hack but it is a thing.
  12. There are no events for shooting or locking on with missiles. Only spawning and killing. So there is no way to do this via the plugin or any other plugin without modifying the actual server code somehow.
  13. There is currently not a setting to control that. However, you could remove the following line from the plugin to stop that from displaying.
  14. You'll likely have a lot of issues running stat logger/adkats on illegal servers. I haven't tested anything on an illegal setup like that.
  15. I would expect procon running AdKats on a full 64 man server to take much more than 19MB of memory, up in the hundreds of MB is standard, where did you get that 19mb number from? (I'm not talking about your client, i'm talking about your procon layer, if you're running it that way.)
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