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  1. If you're willing could you DM me the RCON info for this server? Just need an active server to connect another AdKats instance so i can see kills happening. Several people are starting to have issues with hardline weapons now and i'm not sure why, need to add some debug around this. Could you also include in the DM your updated def file?
  2. The better option is to add those missing weapons and send the updated def file so we can make that official looks like they added more weapons after we stopped updating things. Although 'Death' should be in there because that's always been a weapon.
  3. Those errors are because they actually had outdated def files. AdKats will throw an error in the console whenever a player uses a weapon it doesn't know about. If that wasn't happening for you then your file was correct. I'm not sure why yard got banned then. Unless he wasn't actually using a sniper rifle, but that's starting to go down the witch hunt trail.
  4. Notice that config 'LIVE System includes mass murder and aimbot checks' setting. Having that enabled like you do makes the plugin issue HSK/KPM bans based on live round data while they are playing, hence its name. The normal HSK system which you have disabled uses overall stats and acts when a player enters the server. This is mentioned in the docs. https://github.com/AdKats/AdKats#anticheat-system-with-whitelist If you don't want the LIVE system to issue HSK/KPM based bans then please turn that toggle i mentioned above off.
  5. @maddog Please check the actual contents of your file for U_M82, not just the 'last updated' title. The last few times that file was updated they didn't modify the timestamp header on it.
  6. Yep just looks like a code is missing, thanks @Hedius. That admin should unban you and update their BFHL.def file to the latest version so the weapon you used is properly categorized as a sniper rifle. https://raw.githubusercontent.com/AdKats/Procon-1/master/src/Resources/Configs/BFHL.def
  7. Hello Yard. I see the admin running that server has AdKats enabled with the LIVE anti-cheat checks also enabled. I see you had a 91% headshot rate over 28 kills with non-sniper weapons. That ban does not trigger on either sniper rifle or DMR kills since it's expected those weapons would have higher headshot rates. So you had that 91% headshot rate with other weapons, not snipers, during the session you were banned. Since this is a LIVE system ban and not a global stats ban it will only affect that one server, not other servers. If the admin is alright with the stats as I've described them above they can unban you. EDIT: The only way i could see this being a true false positive is if the weapon you used wasn't recorded in procon as a sniper rifle but in game it was. Perhaps the admin has an out of date BFHL.def file on their layer, which doesn't have your weapon loaded properly and assigned to the sniper/dmr category. I know some of the BFHL stuff is out of date, so i'd check with the admin about that. Let them know the specific weapon you used, probably just look at your battlereport for that match, and they can check the def file for it to make sure it's set as a sniper.
  8. On my local instance it appears to be functional, but that could be because of the permissions. My permissions dialog on win10 is very different from the one you are seeing. Is it just g-portal that have made this restriction or have other providers done it too?
  9. You can also just use proconrulz to send a hidden message to AdKats to punish people for using whatever you don't want. Just have proconrulz make an admin say containing: /punish playername reason the / makes the admin say message invisible but AdKats can still detect it. There is a setting in the command settings section that can disable this functionality because admins with access to admin say can abuse it. But you have the chat logs of who was doing it so its easy to locate the abuser.
  10. Also, the ban_sync column is completely useless and an artifact of the first iteration of the ban system. That column and its contents can be completely ignored, it doesn't affect anything.
  11. The issue is you have your servers on separate server groups. Make them all the same server group and the bans will be across all servers. This is in the tbl_server table, the server_group column i believe. Shut down all of your layers, edit the database table to make them all the same server group, then reboot the layers. Right now a player can only be banned on one server group at a time. This was an oversight when we originally made the ban system because the people we tested it with had only 1 server group. In future please do not post public IP addresses of players. Thanks @Prophet731 for handling that.
  12. I'll commit saturday afternoon to look into this.
  13. You can use the "Death" weapon code as an example in your file.
  14. Weapon stat definitions are different. Those are the damage stats of each weapon and they come from the AdKats github repo. I would suggest checking if proconrulz or similar plugins are able to limit things. For example if you make proconrulz admin kill players for using damage type ProjectileExplosive that should trigger when people use one of the different RPGs in the game. If that works properly then it's AdKats fault, if that doesn't work then there is a larger problem and procon doesn't know the weapon damage types either. Hodor, the def file you attached doesn't contain a line for FreeFall. You'll need to add it.
  15. Hmm. Disable adkats, make sure the auto-enable is off, then reboot your layer. Wait for everything to come online again, then boot up AdKats. Do you see any errors in the plugin console before these messages about the missing definitions?
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