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  1. Enable high request volume. There were issues back in the day where battlelog would IP ban layers for too many loadout requests but those issues seem to have gone away. However, there are some times where battlelog just doesn't have someone's correct loadout and won't provide that info to the plugin and in those cases there is nothing i can do.
  2. Yes, discord changed the way they identify people and broke the integration with AdKats. It will be broken until i'm able to take the time to fix it.
  3. That code runs when a round changes over. When the server starts and AdKats starts it can't change the factions immediately because there is a round active. A round needs to end and go through the level loading sequence for the new factions to take effect.
  4. It's in the email section. Custom HTML Addition. https://github.com/AdKats/AdKats#8-email-settings
  5. You didn't need to edit the cs file. There is a setting to change what links are sent. I believe i also documented which %variables% are available for you to put in there.
  6. Whether or not the plugin can choose the same random team selections twice in a row. Like USvsRU and then again USvsRU immediately after that.
  7. I'm not sure why we put that limit in there. I'm sure there was a reason but I don't remember at this time. And as hedius said you can always mod the code in the meantime.
  8. With that section disabled, are you able to manually change the factions via procon? There is a team override section I believe. Let me know if those settings work between rounds.
  9. Is that the only thing that you've noticed not working? I could look into that to see why it's stopped, but those events are just like any other.
  10. Contact your database host and layer host and tell them to sync their clocks with a time server. There is not a way to edit that at this time without editing the source code.
  11. There is not a way to do this currently. You can set it up so the restrictions are only active on specific maps, but the restrictions themselves can't change between maps.
  12. The update to .net 4.7 should be enough, i believe it's included in the default libraries now. For .net 3.5 you needed a separate library. I'll look into adding that over the next few weeks. There is another issue right now that will cripple the discord usage until then too. Discord changed people's IDs in the widget.json response to be simple incrementing numbers sorted in alphanumeric order for everyone currently in the server, it doesn't provide their unique ID anymore so I can't actually map anyone to a player by ID currently.
  13. Is there anyone listed in the discord channel members display setting? Did you put anything into the channel names setting? Keep in mind it will only consider someone as in discord if they are active in a voice channel. Also because procon can't use websockets right now I can only update discord player lists every 5 minutes, so there can be a delay on when the discord user list gets updated.
  14. Glad it's working. Was the console message not descriptive enough? The message is: 'Discord Player Perks - Autobalance Whitelist' cannot be enabled when 'Feed MULTIBalancer Whitelist' is disabled. Both settings are described in the documentation and are searchable there: https://github.com/AdKats/AdKats#b29-discord-player-monitor-settings https://github.com/AdKats/AdKats#a16-orchestration-settings
  15. No I think the message you're receiving is that you need to enable the multibalancer whitelist feed. It's in the orchestration settings section. Enable feeding the multibalancer whitelist there and that discord setting should unlock.
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