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  1. Something changed the sql_mode on your mysql database. I assume it's been changed to ONLY_FULL_GROUP_BY, it needs to be changed off of that. AdKats wasn't originally written with full group by in mind. It can be changed back to STRICT_TRANS_TABLES. You can contact your database host about this.
  2. Yeah, battlelog can get desynced with a players actual loadout sometimes. No way around it unfortunately. There is a command that can be used on players this is happening to. !iloadout i believe.
  3. If you mark someone it forces their loadout to the highest level of scrutiny that you have configured, it fetches their loadout immediately to check it, and it will fetch again each time they spawn regardless of whether you have the request frequency reduction setting enabled.
  4. Anything's possible, however rare. In the end it comes down to whether you trust this player. If they aren't an issue on your server just unban them but don't whitelist them. Any of the LIVE bans aren't overall stat based so they won't come up again unless it detects something new. If it comes up again with them then look closer.
  5. That portion of the script looks for kills that don't have a valid weapon associated with them, which was the main way we found magic bullet hacks. When they join the server it snapshots their stats on battlelog with all the weapon details, then when rounds end it snapshots them again. This player got 17 kills in that round not associated with a valid weapon so the system banned them. It has special code to handle the fire zones on operation locker, ignoring kills associated with the 'DamageArea' kills caused by those fire pipes. Hope this helps.
  6. LOL whoops. Oversights found years down the line.
  7. Can you see the player's ping in procon on the player list? If procon can't see the player's ping then AdKats won't see it either.
  8. Add the kill self command and any other commands you want to use to your full admin role.
  9. It should work the same in BF3 as BF4.
  10. This is because it's unable to reach github to fetch weapon stats definitions among other things. Contact your layer host and make sure the procon layer can access the following domains. https://github.com/AdKats/AdKats#webrequests
  11. Ah i see. If that uses the same RCON protocols as the normal BF3 servers then AdKats should work.
  12. I'm not sure what VU is, but no changes to AdKats are planned for the future at this time.
  13. I looked at camos but I believe it was a mess categorizing them in a meaningful way in the json download from battlelog. There was some reason i didn't add that functionality but i don't remember why specifically.
  14. Keep in mind the plugin has no knowledge of where the player spawns, only that they spawned somewhere. The 'on kill' option is there for jets because if some random player goes about their business on the ground we don't want the plugin caring about their jet loadout. However, if a player spawns then kills with a jet, it will scrutinize their jet loadout until they change it. It classifies them as a jet player whenever they kill with the jet. There isn't really a way around this either because if you just admin kill a person when they kill with an invalid loadout in a jet, they just spawn in
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