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  1. Theres a discord webhook that posts reports, is there also a way to make one with bans and other events? Maybe someone asked this already but i cant find anything. Basically i want to extend the functionality of the existing webhook
  2. Thx for the fast reply. i added all variables. The user doesnt have a password.
  3. Currently self hosting a MySQL Database. Same credentials working on Xpkillers logger. However when i try connecting enabling adkats in procon it says [17:36:38 03] [AdKats] ERROR-7609: [Not DB connection capable yet, complete SQL connection variables.] [17:36:38 04] [AdKats] INFO: Shutting down AdKats. [17:36:38 04] [AdKats] Starting IP API Comm Thread [17:36:38 04] [AdKats] Ending IP API Comm Thread [17:36:38 04] [AdKats] Starting Battlelog Comm Thread [17:36:38 04] [AdKats] Ending Battlelog Comm Thread [17:36:38 06] [AdKats] Ending Database Comm Thread [17:36:38 58] [AdKats] AdKat
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