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  1. Does Adkats need the MULTIBalance external plugin or is it enough to enable MULTIBalance in orchestration?
  2. "Remove the comma by the smtp. also from the username and password field. You don't need those." OK and I needed to enable sending e-mail from gmail to external applications. Solved, thank you.
  3. I made the change, but the following error occurs: Fatal System Error! Driver [smtp,] not supported. **************************** MAIL_DRIVER=smtp, MAIL_HOST=smtp.gmail.com MAIL_PORT=587 [email protected], MAIL_PASSWORD=XXXX, MAIL_ENCRYPTION=tls Do i need to install anything?
  4. Ok, no problem, understood. i will use via adkats. Thank you very much !
  5. "As for the ban list, bans are done on the players profile. The ban list is used for editing or deleting." = OK
  6. now coming back to the same problem, i can't add or remove special players or ban list.
  7. Sorry, everything went well, I was typing wrong. Thank you and good work.
  8. It worked, thank you , but I had to remove all tables, but forgot to make users bakcup lol. Shouldn't you create a default user (username: admin, password: password)? It was not generated in the table nor generating the seeds.
  9. Not generating bfacp tables, can generate manually?
  10. Ubuntu, yes i do, but i am using mysql server and not memcache, Is there any difference in the installation?
  11. Yes, i do. I put on log when i was installing. LOG_BFACP.txt
  12. https://stats.clanbr.com.br/info.php 5.6 Install a new version, but encounter another problem trying to log in: 'adkats.bfacp_user_role' does not exist, maybe I will delete the bfacp tables if I need to install from scratch.
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