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  1. Is it possible to update the !join and !pull cmd to add a queue system when the targeted squad is currently full or when it's in the opposed team and the team is currenlty full? Like with !move / !fmove.
  2. Is it possible to add Soldier Camo support and a whitelist system based on adkats roles?
  3. I'm thinking about two new features The first one would be to be able to disable "Aggressive join" based on the time of the day that the server owner would choose For example on my side i would like to disable "Aggressive join" from 00:00 to 08:00 so like that nobody will be kicked from VIP join at night The second feature would be to disable "Aggressive join" if server isnt full (or near full capacity, like if server is under 60 real players on a 64 server "Aggressive join" is disable, if above 60 "Aggressive join" is enable) Because as you know, pretty much all populated pc ser
  4. @maxdralle Are you still up to update/add new functionality to this plugin ?
  5. To be sure, we have to change permissions on "insanelimit .cfg" or "insanelimit .conf" ? Because on your screenshot it's "insanelimit .conf" that we can see.
  6. This code doesn't work anymore with latest procon version int winner = (team1.RemainTicketsPercent > team2.RemainTicketsPercent) _ 1 : 2;
  7. Special character like à é € £ $ etc seem to not be supported anymore too.
  8. Hi, is it possible to enable/disable others plugins with an insane limits script? Because i'm trying to do a script for that and my the script is compilled by insane limits and working but it doesnt disable/enable the plugin plugin.ServerCommand("procon.plugin.enable", "CAdaptiveTicketCount", "false"); When i enter this command directly in the procon console it work, the plugin is desactived, but with my script, nothing happen procon.plugin.enable CAdaptiveTicketCount false
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