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  1. To be sure, we have to change permissions on "insanelimit .cfg" or "insanelimit .conf" ? Because on your screenshot it's "insanelimit .conf" that we can see.
  2. This code doesn't work anymore with latest procon version int winner = (team1.RemainTicketsPercent > team2.RemainTicketsPercent) _ 1 : 2;
  3. Special character like à é € £ $ etc seem to not be supported anymore too.
  4. Hi, is it possible to enable/disable others plugins with an insane limits script? Because i'm trying to do a script for that and my the script is compilled by insane limits and working but it doesnt disable/enable the plugin plugin.ServerCommand("procon.plugin.enable", "CAdaptiveTicketCount", "false"); When i enter this command directly in the procon console it work, the plugin is desactived, but with my script, nothing happen procon.plugin.enable CAdaptiveTicketCount false
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