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  1. Hi any help ? i got big problem banned player join spectator they keep insult every one
  2. Hello guys , is there any idea how make list for spectator , i mean not all player can join
  3. its already 15 second but it work 10 second
  4. the winning team hold all flags it same not work !nuke it work but for 10 second cant make it 15 or i dont know how
  5. B7ackhawk


    Hello after i update the procon i got this problem !wnuke give this !tbanday not work i give to all admin full in role setting
  6. Hi sir after i update the procon some comander on adkats not work i try !wnuke not work i try !tbanday not work
  7. same i have still not found the fixes
  8. B7ackhawk

    procon crash

    that reason give me after crash
  9. B7ackhawk

    procon crash

    my second server work
  10. B7ackhawk

    procon crash

    nothing work , i use procon v1.5.3.0
  11. B7ackhawk

    procon crash

    Hello . i had this problem today i cant kill or move any one . some plgun work and some not
  12. I know that I caused the inconvenience, but the English language I have a weak, which is why I do not understand easily i use google now anyway thank you so much
  13. now it worked . thank for help
  14. i run tow map metro and locker i was off the autonuke is that what you mean ? sorry for weak english
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