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  1. cant find you , or maybe i don't know how i search you
  2. btw i dont know what you mean via ONEPLUS A5010 using Tapatalk
  3. I finally did it just changed killed for warning
  4. Unfortunately I have tried more than once I could not do it
  5. please can someone help me ! need change killed for warning , in chat says player got killed i need change it for warning in the screen it show player die but he not . i need make it in chat say player name your warning for use explosive
  6. any script not work . me too use old procon all work without problem
  7. insane-limits not work 100% with new version i test many time !
  8. i got i problem , on locker map there is no warning only kicked ! after he back to server must warning be zero but still got kick
  9. Thank for help sir , i will look what i do with global message , bcz it spam in chat and all player watch it
  10. can i make the global message to my procon ?
  11. well . sorry my bad now work only warning but in chat says killed for use explosive and the player still live thank you a lot bro
  12. still player die when the killing someone with explosive
  13. bro i need warning warning 1 warning 2 warning 3 warning 4 last warning before kick player got kick for reason
  14. well it work but got killed by admin . i need warning 5 in the 6 kicked
  15. [04:57:59 53] [Insane Limits] Compiling Limit #5 - no rpg - OnKill well let me see if work or not wait me please
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