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  1. By the way punkbuster and fairfight are always enabled on ranked servers. Does not matter if it is set to false in the config.
  2. Punkbuster is no longer trustable for many bans. It is a dead company and punkbuster triggers without actually cheating. Happened several times. Therefore, I also refuse to use GGC or PBbans, because they are based on only this. Please provide proof for your claims. This is a procon forum about procon. How, about contacting BF4DB... Or talking with them. BF4DB accepts pb violations only as supporting proof. Many people, including me would like to turn punkbuster totally off if possible. However, it is not.
  3. No, only your gameserver hoster is able to analyze the traffic to the server. Customers must not have access to the server files. Only to RCON and the startup.txt. Changing the battlelog code won't fix this.
  4. No. The game controls which weapons a player has. They have to unlock weapons.
  5. For BF4: No, DICE changed that... the max Server Slots can only be set at the server start. However, you set the max slot count to 0 and then add maps with lower default player counts to end of the rotation. e.g: Domination. The server will then have the slot count of the map with the lowest default slot count. A switch back to all slots is possible by removing the map.
  6. That means that PRoCon is unable to assign the IP to a country.
  7. Also: Just click the player in PRoCon's player list. It should show the country's name.
  8. Yeah... a screenshot would be cool.... https://flagpedia.net/index There is not a country with that flag
  9. There is no possibility to do that in BF4. There is only the squad voice chat and you can only access it with the game.
  10. No AdKats cannot control this. The external commands are just for the !help command. It displays them if you type !help... Does the votekick plugin support smth like: require reserved slot? Otherwise, there is not any possibility to do this without changing the code of the votekick plugin.
  11. Yes, verbose is assigned through roles. Set the spectator whitelist to ignore for all groups. (4-2)
  12. and the verbose display?
  13. You just have to make sure that the special player display list for spectators is empty and that the verbose special player display list is empty... Also make sure that perks like teamspeak, populating the server... etc give them a slot...
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