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  1. Another idea: Try the old PRoCon release from 2015... Maybe there is a difference?
  2. Hmm, your new PC is not a potato, right? ... My guess is that a certain software/setting on your PC interacts with PRoCon in a bad way... Prophet suggested your AV, but if disabling your AV does not help: A quick solution might be to install VirtualBox with Windows 7, 8, 10... whatever and use PRoCon isolated within a VM....
  3. Does it freeze only when connecting to a procon layer? Or also without a connection? Procon lags a normal, especially when the server is full. It sometimes happens that procon lags for several seconds, but this should be over after a short period....
  4. .......... Use the search function....
  5. Well eh you can keep using adkats thought and ban them manually in punkbuster. (See the manual of the punkbuster server console) Punkbuster also instantly kicks players.
  6. The OnJoin event in Insane limits does not trigger instantly. It triggers as soon as a player finishes loading the game and joins a team. (Correct me if I am wrong) So, AdKats would be faster than insane limits probably Proconrulz triggers the event immediately. Otherwise, you need your own plugin for managing bans... However, PRoConRulz cannot interact with Battlelog (correct me if I am wrong)
  7. Plesk no longer ships a 5.6 module. That's the main problem. I cannot really help you with this, but there's a problem with your database setup and configuration. Either your configuration in the .env. or the setup of your database management system.
  8. The panel works with 7.0 I used it with 7.0 for several years without any modifications. At least on Plesk Linux.
  9. Hedius


    Yeh sorry... Someone has to help you then... I have 0 ideas...
  10. Hedius


    How, about using AdKatsLRT?
  11. Hedius


    bool isInWhitelist(String PlayerName); bool isInPlayerWhitelist(String PlayerName); bool isInClanWhitelist(String PlayerName); bool isInWhiteList(String PlayerName, String list_name); Try: plugin.isInPlayerWhitelist and plugin.isInClanWhitelist instead of plugin.isInWhitelist maybe one of those 2 methods works...
  12. Hedius


    As I said: At the start of the limit
  13. ProconRulz ships a killstreak announcer in a txt file. Read the manual for a guide how to use it. http://www.forsterlewis.com/proconrulz.pdf
  14. Hedius


    What you did is wrong. my 2nd quote includes a if statement.... Use this statement.
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