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  1. The Error Msg says it. You did not fill out all SQL connection variables in the settings.
  2. Disable the update check.
  3. Because mycron.com no longer exists. If you have totally forgotten that.
  4. Do not expose the address of your server next time. SeCuRiTy
  5. Censoring: is useless. Just saying. Localhost... Uff... TBH: you do not run official bf4 servers. Kind of cracked. I will therfore not debug your cracked bf4 servers. This problem is probably not caused by procon.
  6. Thank you. I know what I have written. No need to tell me that twice
  7. He runs private bf4 servers. Without battlelog.
  8. Enabling plugin debugging is also a good thing to do. So you can see if a plugin is throwing exceptions. If the layer is crashing, then there should be a crash dump in the root directory of the procon layer. It should tell you where the exception that kills the layer was thrown.
  9. Enable event logging on your procon layer. procon.cfg & restart your layer. Make sure that the layer is able to connect to the bf4 server.
  10. Procon is totally fine. Procon only needs a connection to the bf server and nothing else to work. Also github worked totally fine yesterday afaik. Do you all use the same hoster for your layer? Seems like a problem on their site. My layers that run on my server infrastructure run totally fine. 0 errors.
  11. You still need multibalancer. The orchestration options only define which group will be automatically added to the multibalancer lists. (As stated in the manual of AdKats)
  12. set reservedSlotsList.aggressiveJoin true
  13. Bei deinem Battlefield-Hoster, wenn der Procon für dich anbietet.
  14. Du musst Plugins per FTP auf dem Layer bei deinem Hoster hochladen und den dann restarten.
  15. About the installation: just put this on a webserver with php support and configure the database of the stats logger plugin in the config.php About banners: not a thing in bf4 on pc. Console only.
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