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  1. Hedius

    Layer version

    Well no idea tbh... Showing up for me on a PRoCon client.
  2. Hedius

    Layer version

    PRoCon shows it in the top bar. Next to the server version / uptime.
  3. 1. Make sure that punkbuster is running. 2. Check your settings. Make sure that everything is enabled and that log playerdata only is set to False. 3. You have to wait a full round for the first data to appear.
  4. No as far as I know you can send them to the server. However, the server does not send those letters to procon. Procon should fully support them.
  5. It's download link is in the procon rulz thread.... Search function ftw https://myrcon.net/topic/85-proconrulz-v44j1-weapon-limits-and-other-event-triggered-admin-actions/
  6. AdKats's report feature sends reports to Discord if that's what you need.
  7. This plugin is not really needed, because AdKats offers all or most of its features. Anyways, yes it works. Why should ot not work? SMTP is still SMTP...
  8. About the error: The plugin tries to update or add a tuple to tbl_server_player. tbl_server_player has a foreign key that references tbl_server. The data manipulation query fails because the given server ID does not exist in tbl_server... At least it looks so... Try restarting the plugin... restart procon... Check the tables. If this does not help: Apply a working backup of your database Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`ukfbf4server`.`tbl_server_player`, CONSTRAINT `fk_tbl_server_player_tbl_server` FOREIGN KEY (`ServerID`) REFERENCES `tbl_server` (`ServerID`) ON DELETE CASCADE ON UPDATE NO ACTION)
  9. Now this one is strange. The entry of the server in tbl_server is correct?
  10. You mean cyrillic letters? No. RCON only supports ASCII encodings as far as I know.
  11. Just use the same database. Stats logger will automatically give the server ID 2 (or the next unused ID).
  12. The panel is only for BF4 servers. Make sure that stats logger logs to the same database.
  13. 1. buy a domain 2. Use your own server to run a webserver (e.g: apache or nginx) Otherwise, rent a webspace at a hoster... e.g: Godaddy, 1&1, strato, nitrado, contabo, hetzner, OVH, AWS, Azure, digitalOcean, Google Cloud
  14. By extracting them to your webserver / root directory of your domain on a webserver.
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