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  1. The name of the mode is "Obliteration" not "obliteration" important. Yeah setting the roundTime to 200% is correct.
  2. Würde da den Support von Nitrado kontaktieren, weil die BF Server & Procon Layer betreiben. Wichtig: Weiß nicht wie das bei denen aussieht. Aber die IP des Procon Layers angeben. (nicht die vom BF server)
  3. @Hockster edited the limit again. Made it easier to change. It will send settings now after each round, but that's totally fine. Just add a game mode in a new else if condition if you want to have special settings for it.
  4. No problem Just ask here if you need further help Happy to be able to help
  5. Script had a mistake. should work now Chainlink: 200% CQ small: 150% all other modes: 100%
  6. @Hockster pls ask questions here.... So to add conquest small: example: // Round End - Server Ticket Changer // settings for insane limits: limit_evaluation: OnRoundOver , limit_first_check: Code if (server.NextGamemode == "Chainlink0") { // chainlink plugin.ServerCommand("vars.gameModeCounter", "200"); plugin.ServerCommand("vars.roundTimeLimit", "200"); plugin.ConsoleWrite("Set 200% ticket count for next round (" + server.NextGamemode + ")"); } else if (server.NextGamemode == "ConquestSmall0") { // cq small plugin.ServerCommand("vars.gameModeCounter", "150"); plugin.ServerCommand("vars.roundTimeLimit", "150"); plugin.ConsoleWrite("Set 150% ticket count for next round (" + server.NextGamemode + ")"); } else { // all other modes plugin.ServerCommand("vars.gameModeCounter", "100"); plugin.ServerCommand("vars.roundTimeLimit", "100"); plugin.ConsoleWrite("Set 100% ticket count for next round (" + server.NextGamemode + ")"); }
  7. I've tested the script on my test server. It changes the counter correctly. The problem is probably that his server is empty. Would just wait for a full round. Shoutout to @maxdralle for the script :)
  8. Important: You need a BF4DB key (optional) and Battlefield Agency API key! This panel addon has been developed for the old panel! (laravel 4) Upgrade guide: https://gitlab.com/e4gl/bfacp/-/wikis/BF4DB-and-Battlefield-Agency-Integration Support: Please answer here, or open an issue on GitLab Leave the BF4DB key setting empty if you do not have a key!
  9. How did you get a hosting license from EA, or is this a cracked server?
  10. Ask you bf hoster... It's their problem... Check your firewall settings
  11. Oh Maybe your hoster blocks pings?
  12. Kick them. They are hiding pings on purpose usually.
  13. Yeah, the quoted documentation is part of that plugin. Suggestion: use AdKats. Handles everything as it should.
  14. 1. Add the plugin to the plugins folder. 2. Connect directly to the gameserver without a procon layer. 3. : IP:Port of the battlefield server's rcon port. 4. Username = empty 5. Password = rcon password More information in the manual: https://myrcon.net/topic/4-procon-manual/
  15. Please follow the install instructions: https://github.com/AdKats/AdKats Especially step 1, because you ignored that step. Quote: GO BACK TO STEP 1 AND INSTALL STAT LOGGER. Far too many people have posted issues because they refuse to follow instructions. DO NOT attempt to install AdKats until stat logger is running without issue.
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