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  1. Hedius

    Procon App

    Yep, the Android and IOS apps are rip.
  2. 1. Fork the BFACP repo 2. modify the repo - make a pull request 3. Fork the repo of the docker image https://github.com/jeremejevs/bfacp 4. modify the docker image to use the updated repo 5. profit... Alternative: Use third party hosting or manually set up a webserver with a PHP version >= 7.2 ....
  3. Yeh, G-Portal blocks dll files on their ftp servers
  4. Yes, if you turn time based settings in the 1st section off.
  5. Talking about these values: UMM will only change to a map list if the parameters match.
  6. Well the msg says it. It keeps the current map list, because no map list matches the player count 3.... So the player count window of your map lists needs a minimum <= 3 and a maximum >= 3 (in this case)
  7. Well, remove the value check from the code if you do not like it...
  8. @wizz3 use your own webserver and then you would not have those problems... Decent web space providers like contabo or 1&1 allow you to change all those settings without any problems in their web interface? Just my view: I would not use 3rd party hosting, because GDPR disallows it for me. At least the part with the IP addresses would be a problem for me... (At least for me as an EU citizen)
  9. Has nothing to do with the new releases. Also happens with the old releases. Just reopen PRoCon or reconnect.
  10. UMM keeps the current map list as long as it matches the slot and time window. Furthermore, UMM only switches to a new map list if the old map list no longer matches the slot/time window and if another map list matches the current parameters at round end.
  11. I have a few suggestions for the docker version Do not run procon as root (it is good practise to run applications with an user that does not exist on the host system). This ensures that software that manages to escape the container is not automatically root on the docker host. ARG UID=5000 ARG GID=5000 # account for execution RUN groupadd -r -g $GID procon && \ useradd -r -g procon -u $UID procon && \ chown procon:procon -R /procon # switch user USER procon:procon Your setup does not allow updates of the container. I would use volumes for the config and plugins, because those folders should be persistent over updates. Otherwise you will lose changes between container updates. VOLUME ["/procon/Configs", "/procon/Plugins"] ADD Configs ADD Plugins add both folders to the container, but changes are only saved within the container. So changes to plugin settings will be lost. An option would be: rm Configs && Plugins within the Docker image/Dockerfile mount ./Configs to /procon/Configs mount ./Plugins to /procon/Plugins It would be possibly to mount the volumes so: docker run: -v localPath:RemotePath docker-compose: volumes: - ./Configs:/procon/Configs - ./Plugins:/procon/Plugins Here is an example how I use procon in docker: (P.S.: The procon.zip is stored locally, because well myrcon was down in the past). I use docker volumes. The data is then located at /var/lib/docker/volumes/name/_data/ DockerFile: # Docker PRoCon Image # Creator: H3dius/Hedius [email protected] FROM mono:latest # user and group ID of the account for full read/write access ARG UID=10000 ARG GID=10000 ARG FILE="procon_1.5.1.1.zip" LABEL maintainer="Hedius @ gitlab.com/hedius" \ description="PRoCon Docker image" \ version="1.0" # install unzip RUN apt-get update && apt-get install -y unzip # account for execution RUN groupadd -r -g $GID procon && \ useradd -r -g procon -u $UID procon #Set the workdirectory WORKDIR /opt/procon ADD --chown=procon:procon $FILE . RUN unzip $FILE && \ chown procon:procon -R /opt/procon && \ rm -r Configs Plugins $FILE USER procon:procon VOLUME ["/opt/procon/Configs", "/opt/procon/Plugins"] ENTRYPOINT ["mono", "PRoCon.Console.exe"] docker-compose.yml version: '2.4' services: procon1: container_name: procon1 build: context: . image: hedius/procon:1.0 restart: unless-stopped ports: - "13001:13000" volumes: - type: volume source: config1 target: /opt/procon/Configs - type: volume source: plugin1 target: /opt/procon/Plugins - type: volume source: log1 target: /opt/procon/Logs security_opt: - no-new-privileges tty: true mem_limit: 3G mem_reservation: 2500M volumes: config1: plugin1: log1:
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