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  1. Hello maxdralle, my server is running at Gamed! they put on the new Procon version today and I also use the new Procon version. I deleted the file on my Server PluginCache.xml and a new PluginCache.xml file was created. Unfortunately, the commands still don't work. Here is an example:
  2. Hello iamadeadpixel, Punkbuster is active. when i activate the plugin i only get these messages. [13:40:28 17] [Insane Limits] Battlelog Cache plugin will be used for stats fetching! [13:40:28 37] [Insane Limits] Thread (activator): Waiting for privacy_policy_agreement value [13:40:28 37] [Insane Limits] Thread (activator): Agreement received, activating plugin now! [13:40:31 35] [Insane Limits] Thread (settings): Version = [13:40:34 41] [Insane Limits] Thread (fetch): DONE inserting 1 new players, 0 still in queue, took a total of 2 secs
  3. Hello maxdralle, the Insane Limit plugin does not execute any commands or commands. can you give me an example that works 100%? Thanks a lot.
  4. Hi, Do the commands still work? if so there is the possibility to create a Battlelog KDR Kicker with a KDR 2.0. Please help. thank you
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