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  1. Wow, this looks very familiar to something that I have seen before.
  2. I'm glad that re-downloading the files fixed the issue. I love simple solutions.
  3. I do not think that editing any query will cause all of your PHP files to echo out a 3 at their beginning. Something is up with the web server.
  4. As I suspected, I see that the first character at the beginning of the image headers is "3". I have no idea where the 3 is coming from, but its all over your web page. Have you modified any of the source code? Because the image headers are corrupted by the 3, none of those images are displayed. The "3" seems to be created at the beginning of your web server's PHP files. Some sort of debugger output or something? It's really weird. Fix the 3's, and I am pretty sure that the images will be fixed too.
  5. All over that stats webpage I see "3". At the beginning of almost every section, "3" is just sitting there. I wonder why. And I wonder if that has something to do with corrupting the image headers. I won't have access to my computer for quite a while, so my abilities/will to snoop are limited at the moment.
  6. Is there a link for me to view, poke and prod, and think about? That would be very helpful.
  7. XpKiller's plugin requires punkbuster to keep track of players. If his plugin doesn't store data to the database, my stats page can't display that data. Punkbuster is integral to Xpkiller's plugin to keep track of unique players across name changes, location changes, IP address changes, etcetera. Without punkbuster, it can't determine players' identities.
  8. It's hard for me to be sure why your players do not seem to be being saved to your database. I would start first by asking whether you are using the following settings in XpKiller's stats logger plugin settings: "Enable Statslogging?" : Yes "Enable Weaponstats?" : Yes "Enable Livescoreboard in DB?" : Yes "tableSuffix" : None "MapStats ON?" : Yes "Session ON?" : Yes "Save Sessiondata to DB?" : Yes "Log playerdata only (no playerstats)?" : No ... Oh, and, is the server ranked and is punkbuster enabled? Those are required by xpkiller's stats logger plugin in order to record players and player stats.
  9. No, that would not be correct. What you referred to is some code for determining whether cached stats should be refreshed for that leaderboard. Cached stats are, for example, keeping a cached list of the top 20 players so that every time a person visits the first page within each 3 hour period of time, it doesn't have to find and calculate the top 20 players out of thousands of players. It lowers SQL server load greatly for when people are just browsing the first pages and not really searching through the stats with interest. What you are looking for is line 31, line 47, line 68, and line 84 (applicable in different circumstances) of /common/leaders/sessions-tab.php ... BETWEEN CURDATE() - INTERVAL 7 DAY AND CURDATE() ... Change "INTERVAL 7 DAY" to "INTERVAL 30 DAY", if you would like. Basically, it is saying, show me the information for the top 20 players for range of dates of (today through (today - X days)).
  10. The full-featured stats webpage! BF4 Stats Web Page Overview Features: Easy setup. Individual server or combined server stats. Country stats. Map stats. Player stats. Weapon stats. Dog tag stats. Game server stats. Live scoreboard. Top players list/leaderboard. Player name search. Top players of the Week. Suspicious players search. Server chat log. Stats signature images. Gametracker-style server banners. Battlelog theme. Demo https://egc-la.evga.com/battlefield/index.php Prerequisites This webpage code requires the use of a stats database which is created by XpKiller's BF4 Chat, GUID, Stats and Mapstats Logger Plugin version or newer. If you need help with XpKiller's stats logging plugin, you must seek assistance in XpKiller's thread. For best compatibility with this code, use the following settings in XpKiller's PRoCon logging plugin: "Enable Statslogging_" : Yes "Enable Weaponstats_" : Yes "Enable Livescoreboard in DB_" : Yes "tableSuffix" : None (empty) "MapStats ON_" : Yes "Session ON_" : Yes "Save Sessiondata to DB_" : Yes "Log playerdata only (no playerstats)_" : No This webpage code also requires that you have access to a web server running a modern version of PHP and that you have permission to modify files on the web server. Additional Info GitHub: http://tyger07.github.io/BF4-Server-Stats Installation Steps: Download the following file: https://github.com/tyger07/BF4-Server-Stats/zipball/master Extract the files. You may change the appearance of the page by modifying the stats.css file in the common folder. Fill in the required parameters before using this code. You must place the necessary data between the following single quotation marks (''). Note: You may not include single quotation marks (') in the following fields. For instance, you may not call your clan 'Ty_ger07's Clan' as it will create a PHP compilation error. For example, this would not work: // CLAN NAME $clan_name = 'Ty_ger07's Clan'; // your gaming clan or organization name You must use a PHP delimiter if you wish to use single quotes within the following fields. For example, this would work: // CLAN NAME $clan_name = 'Ty_ger07's Clan'; // your gaming clan or organization name You must fill in the following information in the config.php file found in the config folder 1) Input your stats database host, stats database user name, stats database password, and stats database name. // DATABASE INFORMATION DEFINE('HOST', ''); // database host address DEFINE('PORT', '3306'); // database port - default is 3306 DEFINE('NAME', ''); // database name DEFINE('USER', ''); // database user name - sometimes the same as the database name DEFINE('PASS', ''); // database password For example: // DATABASE INFORMATION DEFINE('HOST', '100.200.300.400'); // database host address DEFINE('PORT', '3306'); // database port - default is 3306 DEFINE('NAME', 'database'); // database name DEFINE('USER', 'user'); // database user name - sometimes the same as the database name DEFINE('PASS', 'pass'); // database password Note: Some web server providers (such as GoDaddy) use the same value for database name and database user name. 2) Input your clan name as you would like it to appear in the stats pages. // CLAN NAME $clan_name = ''; // your gaming clan or organization name For example: // CLAN NAME $clan_name = 'MyClan'; // your gaming clan or organization name 3) Input your desired banner image URL if you want one other than the default to be displayed. // PAGE BANNER $banner_image = './images/bf4-logo.png'; // your desired page banner 4) Enter the URL which you would like users to redirect to if they click your banner image. // BANNER LINK $banner_url = 'http://tyger07.github.io/BF4-Server-Stats/'; // where clicking the banner will take you Enjoy! (if you want to donate, ask me how) Changelog: Refer to: https://github.com/tyger07/BF4-Server-Stats/commits/master
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