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  1. My provider is 4netplayers. Layer version is Updating to the latest Version ( has failed. Procon has no Plugins loaded. Unfortunately, due to lack of time, they have no time to investigate this error. My Provider has to do all updates. I have no access (FTP, etc.) to the server. The provider was able to rule out a problem with the DNS. You suspect the bug is on Github's side. On my side, I'm missing the informations too. See Picture.
  2. I have the problem too. What is your provider? My provider says he dont have any Idea what causing this error. I asked my provider to delete the DNS name cache and to use a different DNS. I will report what that brought.
  3. Escape

    Layer version

    I'm only see the version of the BF4 server.
  4. Escape

    Layer version

    Hello, how is ist posible to display the version of the Procon Layer?
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