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  1. Exactly i am searching for some ProconRulz Code or Insane Limits Code I will appreciate every kind of help
  2. Well i tried to restart ProCon and it is now working as it should be
  3. I got Problem after installing new ProCon Insane Limits is working but it doesn't do something What i can do?
  4. Got the same problem now i tried to install scripts on new ProCon to my new second server all scripts are not WORKING! I checked all words everything evaluation What i can do?
  5. Can i ask last thing?Is this ID right?I played with my Community and one VIP joined and someone one of us get kicked VIP Kick Whitelist is True now i am just asking if ID should be like this.I will appreciate every help
  6. Yes Thanks a lot I will next time check documentation before i will send stupid question there...
  7. I will try just second... It is working now Thanks a lot for help Finally it is working for me after 2 days of trying to set it to True Thanks a lot i appreciate that
  8. When i want unlock Autobalance Whitelist it is showing messages i need to unlock whitelist in MULTIBalancer plugins where i have whitelist enabled I am sending also all settings that i have now
  9. Well i tried it is still showing False
  10. Exactly i want able VIP Kick Whitelist and Autobalance Whitelist but i am not able to unlock it and i don't get how i can unlock it As always i appreciate every kind of help
  11. I will appreciate every help
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