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  1. version working fine
  2. Hi Sometime i see these error after restart its will be ok for at least 24 hours...
  3. Hi Can You please add more protocol for connection... (i dont know , other option , websocket , https (ssl tcp listner), udp and ..) its stuck in loading sometime... sometime its become green and connect but still stuck in connecting and ...
  4. only 19 mb today its happening again
  5. today i see some time this error.. [01:50:57 50] [AdKats] EXCEPTION-7605-A31,25-D-StartWatchdog-ActionHandling57: [Error logging thread start.][System.OutOfMemoryException: Выдано исключение типа "System.OutOfMemoryException". в System.Threading.Thread.StartInternal(IPrincipal principal, StackCrawlMark& stackMark) в System.Threading.Thread.Start(StackCrawlMark& stackMark) в System.Threading.Thread.Start() в PRoConEvents.AdKats.ThreadManager.StartWatchdog(Thread aThread)]
  6. I was tested this version too , but always see error when running command (php artisan db:seed --force) this time i made a change 1- added these to .env.php file RESPONSE_CACHE_DRIVER=array|redis|memcached CACHE_DRIVER=array 2- enabled memcache and memcached extenstion and everything look fine now... its installed in subdomain too
  7. down there its show version 2.0.2! but i installed 2.0.3
  8. ok i buyed laravel hosting , and its setup fine... and admin login working fine and ... but player list not wokring... as its show in igame
  9. This is install log: log-x1.txt Also the player list is not working..!
  10. ok problem solved ! before open page , i must run your two line code and its ok now ================== when i login its show this error
  11. My adkat and xpkiller stat are in same database... php 5.6 why its not exist ?
  12. Hi Is there anyway to avoid jet spawn or if anyone spawn in jet kill him.. ? (map dawn braker)
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