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  1. Try running the stats logger for at least one entire round.
  2. I don't use it. I want to help but I cannot. I advise you to fiddle around and read all the documentation available, twice! It will solve problems faster than asking here and wait for someone to reply. Then, only if you really cannot solve an issue come back and post in the right topic. There's a separate topic for each plugin, where people may be following new messages.
  3. You did not change any of the role settings, I guess. Adding a user group and assigning the full admin role is all you need. You also added soldiers to the user? There are soldiers listed in the user group? And these players still have no admin rights? Pretty sure it should work that way. Try restarting your layer.
  4. Still crashes on a daily basis. I am trying to run my layer with procon.console.exe now, it gives much better response in my client. But still it decides to just give up on me every now and then. Resource consumption is fairly stable and low. It does produce these messages every few seconds though: How to get rid of those messages? What is it that causes them? Are they just the commands sent by procon I can see in my console log? And is there any option to debug the crashes or better still, to try and prevent them? Thanks for your advice!
  5. Forgot to mention I am running Procon and InnoDB 10.3.16
  6. Hi, I run my own layer on a VM (3 cores, 8GB) and my SQL database is also running on this VM. I also have Ty_ger07's stats page running on another machine. I have some issues with this setup. A few times a day (although some days it runs fine), Procon will crash or start looping. On the VM I find it 'No Longer Works' or it is unresponsive using 98% CPU. It is fine after restart. I also see HD activity spiking 100% for prolonged periods but unable to find the process responsible (I suspect XAMPP MySQL but it does not show in task manager). Nothing else is running on the VM. I am looking
  7. Yes this would be the solution but as posted before, it is not accepted in this version. I fixed it by adding a trigger: delimiter | create trigger fix_datetime before insert on tbl_playerdata for each row begin SET NEW.created_at = NOW(); end | DELIMITER ; Far from ideal but it works. Table is updated properly on creating new playerID's Thanks all for your fine support!!
  8. Well, still problems... When I checked the data, it appears all new players have a created_at value of 0000-00-00 00:00:00. I could not set a default value for the datatype as it is not accepted prior MySQL 5.6. Of course I can set it on the old SQL server (which has 5.6.5) but I will run into the same problems again. Not sure why, but these are the only TIMESTAMP expressions in the DB (all others are DATETIME) so it must be for some reason.... Any suggestions?
  9. I just changed this into `created_at` datetime NOT NULL and the table was defined properly and I got all my data restored. Btw I also had to remove a lot of DEFINER= statements from the dump because my credentials were different on the new SQL server. (I used the cygwin sed utility to do it in one pass: huge dump file). And update the tbl_server to reflect my new IP address and keep all the stats from the existing serverID. That's basically what was needed. Thanks for the support!
  10. Anyone able to help me with this? I am moving my DB contents to another provider. I created a self-extracting dump file that contains the entire structure and data. I used this procedure before against the original tables. But when I try to restore my dump into the new schema it throws an error when creating the tbl_playerdata: ERROR 1293 (HY000) at line 1282: Incorrect table definition; there can be only one TIMESTAMP column with CURRENT_TIMESTAMP in DEFAULT or ON UPDATE clause Version used for the dump: MySQL dump 10.16 Distrib 10.1.41-MariaDB, for debian-linux-gnu (x86_64) My n
  11. I've decided to let the plugin kill players on spawn when using gunner soflam. It is just too disruptive on the map I always run. It works fine, but sometimes a player can still use it (which is not fair, of course). Trying to figure out how and spectating them, I noticed sometimes they are bugged and their loadouts are not showing. But sometimes they are showing. I have enabled backup autoadmin but I doubt it will be able to detect this item (it does not trigger events like killing with a weapon). Any suggestion how to debug/improve?
  12. Neat!!!! Still I cannot find which setting you are referring to, nor the documentation section that describes it. Can you give me one more clue? Thanks!
  13. @CCC: I use the e-mail report function. I get a nice overview of the case with some chatlog and links to websites no longer in service: BF4 Battlelog Profile (which is fine) BF4Stats Profile AntiCheat, INC. Search Metabans Search I changed the adkats.cs to contain the following: CustomHTMLAddition = @"<br><a href='http://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/de/user/%player_name%/'>BF4 Battlelog Profile</a><br> <br><a href='https://battlefield.agency/?search=%player_name%'>Battlefield Agency profile</a><br> <br><
  14. RTFM did help. I wanted to use a server-wide variable and it must be coded %server_knifekills%...
  15. Try something like: On Kill; Map Guilin; Mapmode Deathmatch; Weapon Claymore; Say %p% no Claymore allowed here; Kill (not tested this, see documentation if conditions are not correct) If you want to PREVENT usage of claymore's altogether I suggest to take a look at the loadout enforcer: https://github.com/AdKats/AdKats-LRT
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