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  1. BF3 has few players, but there is a real lack of professional Battlefield service providers.
  2. The three intact pages are accessed through VPN, and the abnormal pages are normally accessed, which should be the reason why the Google static resource station is blocked.
  3. I have checked you web page, and the database connection is abnormal. It's an open source and self-built database? Your database has too much data and poor performance, resulting in a BFACP fetch failure. You can clean up the data and install BFACP to solve the problem. I am in China, I have successfully installed version 2.02, and the problem similar to yours appears. It has been resolved at present. However, due to the network blockade, I cannot normally open this BFACP in mainland China. Normal access is only possible through a VPN. Is this because Google static re
  4. I have purchased your BFACP hosting service, but it is still inaccessible. Your BFACP is not suitable for Chinese users?
  5. No explanation. Click Pay to go straight back to the control panel.
  6. I can visit https://ezrcon.com/ The single payment method failed me in my payment. It is a pity.
  7. I mean a page with BFACP installed and I want to know if I can access it properly.
  8. Yes, I just saw it. I'm in China now, and the latency between the networks will cause performance degradation. Please give me a BFACP demo address, I need to experience whether it is feasible.
  9. Does this mean That I can use EZRCON's hosting space to get your help?
  10. May I send you the server information and check it for you?
  11. I mean, why After I deploy the page, I can only see the chat records of the players, but I can't see the player profile and server information of your screenshots.
  12. For several years I still can't figure out how to install this http://op.cn-zl.wang
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