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  1. Timm


    In same time layers still working without a problem on same machine
  2. Timm


    Few days ago we are started update all our layers, but today we got problem with this Why this can happen? Sometimes it disappears, then reappears On we never got this.
  3. in 2.0.0 version database data is registered in app/config/database.php and he looks like this <?php return array( /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | PDO Fetch Style |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | By default, database results will be returned as instances of the PHP | stdClass object; however, you may desire to retrieve records in an | array format for simplicity. Here you can tweak the fetch style. | */ 'fetch' => PDO::FETCH_CLASS, /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Default Database Connection Name |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Here you may specify which of the database connections below you wish | to use as your default connection for all database work. Of course | you may use many connections at once using the Database library. | */ 'default' => 'mysql', /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Database Connections |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Here are each of the database connections setup for your application. | Of course, examples of configuring each database platform that is | supported by Laravel is shown below to make development simple. | | | All database work in Laravel is done through the PHP PDO facilities | so make sure you have the driver for your particular database of | choice installed on your machine before you begin development. | */ 'connections' => array( 'mysql' => array( 'driver' => 'mysql', // Do NOT change 'host' => 'localhost', // Enter Database Host Address 'database' => 'database', // Enter Database Name 'username' => 'username', // Enter Database User Name 'password' => 'passwd', // Enter Database Password 'charset' => 'utf8', // Do NOT change 'collation' => 'utf8_unicode_ci', // Do NOT change 'prefix' => '', // Do NOT change ) ), /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Migration Repository Table |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | This table keeps track of all the migrations that have already run for | your application. Using this information, we can determine which of | the migrations on disk haven't actually been run in the database. | */ 'migrations' => 'bfadmincp_migrations', /* |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | Redis Databases |-------------------------------------------------------------------------- | | Redis is an open source, fast, and advanced key-value store that also | provides a richer set of commands than a typical key-value systems | such as APC or Memcached. Laravel makes it easy to dig right in. | */ 'redis' => array( 'cluster' => false, 'default' => array( 'host' => '', 'port' => 6379, 'database' => 0, ), ), ); if i add the changes that you specified, then this does not work and the site stops working
  4. Where is located env.php in 2.0.0 version? I not found that file.
  5. Hello. I am have v2.0.0-rc.1 of BFACP and today found next problem, users can't register on website, can't recover passwrd, also i can't change registered users passwrd.
  6. https://github.com/AdKats/AdKats/archive/master.zip https://codeload.github.com/AdKats/AdKats/zip/master are down 500: Internal Server Error Adkats can't start because of this. Now adkats not working for all who started plugin after that websites go down.
  7. No, punkbuster kicks after 30 seconds. Only official server Balist.txt helps, but looks like it is impossible to automate it and auto kick all impossible stars players automatically while they join/loading.
  8. Hi, it is possible to make script for IL or ProconRULZ to ban players with such stats https://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf3/en/user/Tuudde/ after 30 seconds when "OnJoin" event occurs in the procon events, server crashed If player in the official server Banlist.txt, he kicked while joining\loading in to game, and server not crashed, but if you use Adkats ban enforcer, and player banned in adkats - server crashed while this player loading, because adkats kicked after 30 seconds. Thus, we need to exclude such players, up to 30 seconds.
  9. We can open a site from Russia again, Hurray!
  10. Timm

    VIP Slot Manager

    LOL, as far as I know, this setting exists there for a long time. So, now i can use Adkats's original Populator moniotor and it must work right?
  11. Timm

    VIP Slot Manager

    as i understand, in Adkats plugin Send Reserverd slots to VIP SLOT MANAGER must be enabled? https://prnt.sc/qwfdoi
  12. Timm

    VIP Slot Manager

    Sorry, yes, i mean !killme or !lead. When VIP's use this commant, they got message about Guest role from adkats. But yes, commands working through Vip slot manager plugin. thank you very much.
  13. Timm

    VIP Slot Manager

    Hi, when players put !VIP in chat, they recive message about remain days of VIP. But Adkats also say "You role is GUEST", it is possible to remove this message (You role is GUUEST)? Also Adkats have Populatot manager, how can i use it with this plugin?
  14. added the lists, and it started working. I did not think that the custom lists needs to be added for ReserverSlotlists.txt players too
  15. Reserved slots kicking by this scripts bool PutReservedSlotsInWhitelist = true; enabled
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