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    Timm reacted to Hedius in FailLog []   
    Fail Log
    For BF3, BF4, BFHL, this plugin logs game server crashes, layer disconnects and Blaze dumps.
    The plugin was developed by PapaCharlie9. However, MorpheusX and I (Hedius) modified it.
    Each failure event generates a single log line. The log line is written to plugin.log. Optionally, it may also be written to a file in procon/Logs and/or to a Discord server and/or as an email, controlled by plugin settings (see below). Note that this plugin must be run without restrictions (not in sandbox mode) in order to use either the optional separate log file or web log features. The plugin may be run in sandbox mode if both of the optional logging features are disabled.
    The contents of a log line are divided into fields. The following table describes each of the fields and shows an example:
    Field   Description Example Type   A label that describes the type of failure. The types tracked are game server restarts, Procon disconnects, blaze disconnects, and network congestion to/from Procon. BLAZE_DISCONNECT UTC   UTC time stamp of the plugin's detection of the failure; the actual event might have happened earlier 20130507_01:52:58 Server   Server name per vars.serverName "CTF Noobs welcome!" Map   Friendly map name Noshahr Canals Mode   Friendly mode name TDM Round   Current round/total rounds 1/2 Players   vars.maxPlayers/previous known player count/current player count 64/63/0 Uptime   Uptime of game server as days.hh:mm:ss 6.09:01:35 Details   All of the information you entered in Section 2 of the settings "Game Server Type, Internal Server ID, Short Server Name"  
    Blaze Disconnect Failures
    This plugin uses a heuristic (a guess) to decide if a loss of players indicates a Blaze disconnect failure. The loss of players is calculated on every admin.listPlayers event. These events happen at least once every 30 seconds, but may happen more frequently if you run other plugins. This means that detection of Blaze events is very dependent on your configuration. You may need to adjust the settings of this plugin to detect Blaze disconnects accurately.
    Plugin settings are described in this section.
    Section 1
    General plugin settings.
    Debug Level: Number from 0 to 9, default 2. Sets the amount of debug messages sent to plugin.log. Caught exceptions are logged at 3 or higher. Raw event handling is logged at 8 or higher.
    Enable Log To File: True or False, default False. If False, logging is only to plugin.log. If True, logging is also written to the file specified in Log File.
    Log File: Name of the file to use for logging. Defaults to "fail.log" and is stored in procon/Logs.
    Blaze Disconnect Heuristic Percent: Number from 33 to 100, default 75. Not every sudden drop in players is a Blaze disconnect. Also, sometimes a Blaze disconnect does not disconnect all players or they reconnect before the next listPlayers event happens. This heuristic (guess) percentage accounts for those facts. The percentage is based on the ratio of the count of lost players to the last known count of players. For example, if you set this value to 75, it means any loss of 75% or more players should be treated as a Blaze disconnect. If there were 32 players before and now there are 10 players, (32-10)/32 = 69%, which is not greater than or equal to 75%, so no Blaze failure. If there were 32 players before and now there are no players, (32-0)/32 = 100%, a Blaze failure. If you want to only detect drops to zero players, set this value to 100. If the last known player count was less than 12, no detection is logged, even though a Blaze disconnect may have happened. See also Blaze Disconnect Window Seconds.
    Blaze Disconnect Window Seconds: Number from 30 to 90, default 30. Normally, listPlayers events happen every 30 seconds and that is normally enough time to detect a Blaze disconnect. However, if you have lots of other plugins running, listPlayer events may happen more frequently than every 30 seconds, which may not be enough time to detect a large enough loss of players. Even if the interval between events is 30 seconds, sometimes a Blaze disconnect takes longer than 30 seconds to complete. This setting allows you to adjust the plugin to handle those situations. If you notice loss of players that you suspect are Blaze disconnects but no failure is registered, increase this value. Try 60 at first and if that isn't enough, add 15 seconds and try again, until you get to the max of 90 seconds.
    Enable Restart On Blaze: True or False, default False. If True, the game server will be restarted with an admin.shutDown command when a Blaze disconnect is detected and the remaining number of players is zero. Use with caution!
    Restart On Blaze Delay: Number, default 0. Time in seconds to wait before invoking the admin.shutDown command after a Blaze disconnect. Use with caution, since most servers get messed up or don't save progress properly after a Blaze disconnect, so instant restarts would be advised. Setting it to 0 instantly executes the command.
    Enable Email On Blaze/Crash: True or False, default False. If True, the plugin will send a notification-email if your server blazes or crashes (see settings below). Make sure to disable the sandbox or allow SMTP-connections and your mailserver + mailserver-port in the trusted hosts.
    Enable Discord Webhook On Blaze/Crash: True or False, default False. If True, the plugin will send a notification to a Discord webhook if your server blazes or crashes (see settings below). Make sure to disable the sandbox.
    Min Online Players For Restart (Crash) Notification: Number from 0 to 64, default 4. The minimum amount of online players to classify a server restart as a server crash.
    Section 2
    These settings fully describe your server for logging purposes. Information that can't be extracted from known data is included. All of this information is optional.
    Game Server Type: Type of game server, defaults to BF4.
    Internal Server ID: Number from 0 to 20, default 1. Your internal server id.
    Short Server Name: A short version of your server's name. E.g.: #1 Locker
    Section 3
    These settings configure the BlazeReport-mail being sent. The following values can be entered as wildcards at the email-subject and email-body and will be replaced: %id%, %gameservertype%, %shortservername%, %servername%, %serverip%, %serverport%, %utc% / %time%, %players%, %map%, %gamemode%, %round%, %uptime%, %type%.
    Email Recipients: List of email-addresses to send the notifications to, one each line.
    Email Sender: Email-Address being displayed in the 'From:' field.
    Email Subject: Subject of the notification-email. You can use the values listed above to add information about the BlazeReport.
    Email Message: Body of the BlazeReport-email, can be fully styled with HTML. You can use the values listed above to add information about the BlazeReport.
    SMTP Hostname: Hostname/IP-Address of the SMTP-server used to send email.
    SMTP Port: Number between 0 and 65535, default 25. Port of the SMTP-Server used to send email.
    SMTP Use SSL: True of False, default true. Toggles the usage of SSL for the connection to your SMTP-server.
    SMTP Username: Username used to identify with your SMTP-server.
    SMTP Password: Password used to identify with your SMTP-server.
    Section 4
    These settings configure the BlazeReport-Discord embed notification being sent. The following values can be entered as wildcards at the Message-subject and Message-content and will be replaced: %id%, %gameservertype%, %shortservername%, %servername%, %serverip%, %serverport%, %utc% / %time%, %players%, %map%, %gamemode%, %round%, %uptime%, %type%.
    Webhook Author: The author of the discord notification, default FailLog.
    Use Custom Webhook Avatar: True or False, default False. Define a custom webhook avatar or use the default avatar.
    Webhook Avatar URL: Full URL for the webhook avatar.
    Webhook Title: Title of the discord notification. You can use the values listed above to add information about the BlazeReport.
    Webhook Colour Code: Number, default 0xff0000 (red). Colour of the discord embed notification.
    Webhook Content: Content of the discord notification. You can use the values listed above to add information about the BlazeReport.
    Discord Webhook URL: Full URL of your Discord webhook.
    This plugin is an open source project hosted on GitLab.com. The repo is located at https://gitlab.com/e4gl/fail-log and the master branch is used for public distributions. See the Tags tab for the latest ZIP distributions. If you would like to offer bug fixes or new features, feel free to fork the repo and submit pull requests.
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    Timm reacted to Hedius in FailLog []   
    Changelog for version
    remove the deprecated web log module add support for Discord webhooks Also send emails and discord notifications for crashes new variables for messages: %type% (Error type), %id%, %shortservername% new update check several minor fixes
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    Timm reacted to Hedius in FailLog []   
    Example for a discord notification:

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    Timm reacted to Hedius in FailLog []   
    This plugin is an open source project hosted on GitLab.com. The repo is located at https://gitlab.com/e4gl/fail-log and the master branch is used for public distributions. See the Tags tab for the latest ZIP distributions. If you would like to offer bug fixes or new features, feel free to fork the repo and submit pull requests.
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    Timm reacted to skulls in BF4DB   
    View File Installation
    There are a few steps to complete before this plugin will be operational. You must first have created an account with us(https://bf4db.com/register) and then claim a server(https://bf4db.com/myservers). Once you have a server claimed you will be given an API key. Once you have placed the plugin in your Procon layer, the last step is to set up the plugin with the API key and change any settings you might need. Each of these steps will be outlined below.
    Claiming Server
    To claim a server please log in and click Server Tools under the user menu. On the Server Tools page, you can claim new servers and manage existing ones. You will then see a box that contains a unique code each time this page is visited and an input for your server Battlelog GUID. You must have admin access to your servers to claim them. The next step is to use whatever tool you use to manage your server to include the unique code in your server name. This is just temporary and can be changed once you have claimed the server. You do not need to change the entire server name to just the unique code, it only has to be in it somewhere. Once the name has been changed with the correct code, then place your server Battlelog GUID in the field and press Claim. If everything was correct you will have successfully claimed a server. Repeat this process for any or all servers you need to set up the plugin for!
    Get API Key
    Once you have a server claimed you will be given an API key to be used with our plugin. To get this key visit your Server page under Settings and click on the API Key button next to the server. A box will pop-up with your API key. This key will never expire and can always be accessed here as long as you have the server claimed. This key will only work for the server it was claimed with. Copy the API key for the next step.
    BF4DB reserves the right to revoke any API key generated for any server at any time. If a server is deemed to be a "hacked" server or is openly harboring hackers (abusing the whitelist function), then it's API key will be revoked and account owners will be unable to claim additional servers in the future.
    Setup Plugin
    You must already have a Procon layer setup and running either hosted remotely or locally. Download the plugin using the links below. It will come in a .zip file and contain two files within. Unzip this and place both the included files in the Plugins\BF4 folder on your Procon layer filesystem. Please refer to the Procon manual or your layer provided for file access. After the files are in place restart your layer.
    You will then need to open Procon to enable and configure the plugin. Before enabling please input the given API key and change any settings you may want. When the correct API key for that server is included you may then enable the plugin.
    API Key: You must claim the server on BF4DB.com to receive an API key for this server.
    Enable VPN Kick: Kicks anybody joining your server that is using a VPN.
    Enable Auto Bans: When set to Yes, any players banned on BF4DB will be removed from your server. Defaults to Yes.
    Enable Announcements: When set to Yes, player status during verification will be announced in chat. Defaults to Yes.
    Player Whitelist: Place any player names(one per line) to be excluded from BF4DB checks and server removal.
    Debug Level: Mainly for BF4DB developers. If you encounter an issue please set to one of the following levels before submitting a bug report.
    0: Disabled. Not debugging in the console will occur. 1: Only player information will be logged. 2: Player and server information will be logged. 3: Player, server, and PunkBuster information will be logged. Development
    For any support or bug reports please visit our forums or use #plugin-support  in our discord server. Please include as much information or debugging as you can.
    BF4DB Server Protection by skulls is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
    Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https://bf4db.com/tos.
    Submitter PMKevinRudd Submitted 12/25/19 Category Plugins  
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    Timm reacted to maxdralle in VIP Slot Manager   
    yes, the adkats population manager should work.
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    Timm reacted to maxdralle in VIP Slot Manager   
    you can change the adkats settings to disable this two commands.
    open adkats in procon and change:
    6. Command List
       - CDE16 - Teamswap Self - Active: Disabled
       - CDE17 - Kill Self - Active: Disabled
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    Timm reacted to Prophet731 in Russia blocked?   
    As far as I know, it's not blocked. Unless some malicious traffic start coming from there and the firewall stopped it.
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    Timm reacted to Prophet731 in Procon Version   
    Yeah, forgot to update that :/ Whoops
    Please let me know if any issues happen. So far I haven't seen any on my testing servers.
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    Timm reacted to Prophet731 in Procon Version   
    This release has been upgraded to the .NET Framework 4.7. You will need to have that version installed in order to run all versions past This will be released next week on Friday (11/22/19). If you are already running version then it should prompt you for this update. Follow this topic to be notified when it's released if you haven't upgraded yet to
    Compiled for .NET Framework 4.7 Added missing BFHL definitions  
    Docker Support
    Also in this version I will hopefully have a docker version available for procon. This is for the more advanced users but I think it would be worth it. This is also my first attempt at building a docker image so expect problems with my noobness.
    You can try out the docker stuff here https://github.com/AdKats/Procon1Docker Needs more documentation but it's there.
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    Timm reacted to Prophet731 in New Procon Version   
    Version is now available for download.
    Download: https://myrcon.net/topic/2-procon-1x/
    Topic: https://myrcon.net/topic/419-procon-version-1530/
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    Timm reacted to exemaco in Battlefield Hardline Maps   
    try this.
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    Timm reacted to Prophet731 in New Procon Version   
    Well nice to know the usage stats work again.

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    Timm reacted to Prophet731 in New Procon Version   
    Hi All,
    I have an updated version of procon and would like people to try it out. I will be doing another release to test the auto-updater next week.
    Fixed auto-updater to point to the new domain name Fixed procon usage stats Updated old links  
    v1.5.2.1.zip   Version Topic Link   https://myrcon.net/topic/419-procon-version-1530/
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    Timm reacted to Prophet731 in Sponsorship by Fragnet   
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    Timm reacted to Prophet731 in Sponsorship by Fragnet   
    Hello All,
    I wanted to make a news topic about this. Recently I've been talking to Fragnet about sponsoring us for game servers to help with development purposes. As of yesterday (11/11/19) we agreed on a 1 month trial for this sponsorship. They provided us with one (1) ten (10) slot server for the following games.
    Battlefield: Bad Company 2 Battlefield 3 Battlefield 4 Battlefield Hardline We are currently having issues with the Battlefield 3 server and Battlefield: Bad Company 2 server which they are addressing, but once they've corrected it you'll be able to find those servers by searching up [myrcon.net] in the server title. All servers are located in the USA. Two (2) in Los Angeles, CA and two (2) in Dallas, TX. 
    I'm grateful for the opportunity they are willing to try this out. If all goes good, then they will become the official sponsor for myrcon.net.  Now, we (myrcon.net) make no money from this sponsorship as fragnet are providing the servers to us for free. I wanted to make this known so as to avoid any issues in the future.
    In addition, I will try to update the procon software (with help from @ColColonCleaner) to be functional with the new domain name. What that means is that the information that was pointing to myrcon.com will be updated to myrcon.net. All references to that domain and to the projects creator will still remain in the software as without them they wouldn't have givin us this must have admin tool.

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    Timm reacted to Z1nx in How to run a Procon Layer on Ubuntu (Linux)   
    Hi there guys, i find this tutorial very userful for those who whiches to host their own Layer on an Ubuntu Server.
    This tutorial has been extracted from MyRcon (Old WebSite) and updated by MARL, so all credits goes to him for taking sometime to update and write everything down.
    I've gone ahead and updated some of the info.
    So lets Begin;
    Works with:
    Ubuntu 14.04
    Ubuntu 16.04
    Ubuntu 18.04
    First step, make sure you have those installed on your Sys.
    mono-2.0-service (mono-complete also works) libmono-winforms2.0-cil mono-mcs supervisor nano sudo apt-get install mono-2.0-service ///OR/// sudo apt-get install mono-complete sudo apt-get install libmono-winforms2.0-cil sudo apt-get install mono-mcs sudo apt-get install supervisor sudo apt-get install nano After that, we make a new Directory in order to put our Procon Files.
    mkdir /home/procon cd /home/procon Download Latest Procon Version ( -> http://myrcon.net/topic/2-procon-1x/
    Upload the files thru FTP (Filezilla, Winscp) your choise.
    After that, 
    unzip procon_1.5.1.1.zip Once we done extracting all files, we need to emulate the Console in order to create the configs file.
    mono PRoCon.Console.exe Press any key to stop the process.
    Now go to the “Configs†folder and open the procon.cfg
    cd Configs nano procon.cfg It will look like this:
    ///////////////////////////////////////////// // This config will be overwritten by procon. ///////////////////////////////////////////// procon.private.window.position Maximized 388 138 1182 811 procon.private.options.setLanguage "au.loc" procon.private.options.chatLogging False procon.private.options.consoleLogging False procon.private.options.eventsLogging False procon.private.options.pluginLogging False procon.private.options.autoCheckDownloadUpdates True procon.private.options.autoApplyUpdates False procon.private.options.autoCheckGameConfigsForUpdates True procon.private.options.showtrayicon True procon.private.options.minimizetotray False procon.private.options.closetotray False procon.private.options.allowanonymoususagedata True procon.private.options.runPluginsInSandbox True procon.private.options.allowAllODBCConnections False procon.private.options.allowAllSmtpConnections False procon.private.options.adminMoveMessage True procon.private.options.chatDisplayAdminName True procon.private.options.EnableAdminReason False procon.private.options.layerHideLocalPlugins True procon.private.options.layerHideLocalAccounts True procon.private.options.ShowRoundTimerConstantly False procon.private.options.ShowCfmMsgRoundRestartNext True procon.private.options.ShowDICESpecialOptions False procon.private.httpWebServer.enable False 27360 "" procon.private.options.trustedHostDomainsPorts procon.private.options.statsLinkNameUrl Metabans http://metabans.com/search/%player_name% procon.private.options.pluginMaxRuntime 0 59 procon.private.options.UsePluginOldStyleLoad False procon.private.options.enablePluginDebugging False At the end of the line, add your BF4 server details:
    procon.private.servers.name "BF4 SERVER IP" RCONPORT "Your BF4 Gameserver Name" procon.private.servers.add "BF4 SERVER IP" RCONPORT "RCON-PWD" Make sure to change "BF4 SERVER IP" to your Battlefield 4 server Ip Address, Same goes with the Rconport.
    IMPORTANT As of Procon version, you can copy the procon.cfg above (except for the servers details, of course)   or change this manually:   Set the languges: procon.private.options.setLanguage "au.loc" And set those lines to “False†otherwise it will crash
    procon.private.options.runPluginsInSandbox False procon.private.options.autoCheckDownloadUpdates False procon.private.options.autoApplyUpdates False procon.private.options.allowanonymoususagedata False Now we need to create the server config file:
    nano SERVERIP_RCONPORT.cfg Paste the content below:
    ///////////////////////////////////////////// // This config will be overwritten by procon. ///////////////////////////////////////////// procon.protected.layer.enable True 27260 "" "[%servername%]" procon.protected.playerlist.settings true 1 0.5 0.5 procon.protected.chat.settings False False True 0 0 False False procon.protected.events.captures False 200 False False procon.protected.lists.settings False procon.protected.console.settings True False False True True True procon.protected.timezone_UTCoffset 0 Save!
    Now we create the username to access the ProCon layer.
    nano accounts.cfg Paste Bellow: (REMEMBER TO CHANGE THE USERNAME AND PASSWORD)
    ///////////////////////////////////////////// // This config will be overwritten by procon. ///////////////////////////////////////////// procon.public.accounts.create "User32" "User32-PWD" Save!
    Now open again the server config file:
    nano SERVERIP_RCONPORT.cfg Before:
    procon.protected.layer.enable True 27260 "" "[%servername%]" Add user permission:
    procon.protected.layer.setPrivileges "User32" 3972679 *Once again, remember to change the user as your own!
    Config files is done, now we go back to the main directory where your ProCon files are.
    cd /home/procon Run the Console and try to connect to it:
    mono ProCon.Console.exe Dont press any key, just try to connect using your Client, once connection is done everything works, we create the start/stop script...
    If you are not able to connect in this step, means you done the last steps wrong, or have firewall/connection issues on your VPS/node.
    Now we create a script so you can have a way to restart your ProCon.
    nano start.sh Place the content:
    #!/bin/bash cd /home/procon/ mono-service -l:./proconservice.lock PRoCon.Service.exe Save!
    Make it executable:
    chmod +rx start.sh Now we make Stop Script:
    nano stop.sh Place :
    #!/bin/bash cd /home/procon/ kill `cat ./proconservice.lock` Save!
    Make it executable:
    chmod +rx stop.sh ./start.sh for start the layer and ./stop.sh to kill the layer process pid.
    That’s it. You have to run the stop/start script every time especially when you are adding Plugins.
    XpKiller , MARL
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    Timm reacted to ColColonCleaner in Battlefield Hardline Maps   
    If we have an updated def file i'll include it with the next procon patch. Been super busy the past week and cherishing time to myself when it happens.
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    Timm reacted to ColColonCleaner in Chat, GUID, Stats and Mapstats Logger []   
    This plugin is used to log player chat, player GUID's, player Stats, Weaponstats and Mapstats.
    This includes: Chat, PBGUID, EAGUID, IP, Stats, Weaponstats, Dogtags, Killstreaks, Country, ClanTag to be continued.. ;-)
    Please post errors if get some.
    You can adjust the debug level to a lower value to get less Console Spam. High -> Low (Trace, Info, Warning, Error).
    Error only will show critical errors.
    Feel free to post feedback and suggestions.

    The plugin Sandbox needs to be disabled!!! if you are not using PRoCon or later
    Access to a MySQL database that accepts remote connections is required so you need to create a user and database if not exists.
    It requires the use of a MySQL database with INNODB engine that allows remote connections.(MYSQL Version 5.1 or greater is required!!!)
    No ODBC Driver is needed!!!.

    Pleases also read the changelog

    Extract the content of Zipfile into plugin directory.
    Set DB Server Settings and the Plugin Settings
    Add the machine running the plugin to the remote mysql access host list.
    Will throw a permissions error if not done
    Enter the correct details for your database connection in the plugin settings tab. You don't need to create tables, the plugin will do that.
    The Standard MySQL Port is 3306.

    Supported Games:

    Battlefield 4 Battlefield 3 Battlefield Bad Comany 2 + Vietnam MOH MOHW
    Whats new:
    New Databasedesign only one Set of tables needed for multiply gameserver even with different games. Stats are not mixed up!! The new Databasedesign allows easy deletion of playerentries. Some Code improvements. one table for all Weaponstats You can create Servergroups
    Guidlogging Statslogging Chatlogging Weaponstatslogging Autotable creation Ingame commands Welcomestats Ingame commands for Dogtags merged stats from all Server
    May Working:
    Ingame Weaponstats
    Not Working:
    ClanTag coz the server don't deliver it to PRoCon thx EA/DICE!!!. Stats for tanks and other vehicles. thx EA/DICE!!!.
    Ticketcount for ServerLiveView
    Join/Leave History Bugfixes(always :-))
    Code improvements


    Fixed or Implemented:
    Deprecated Trace messages: Missing columns for AdKats tbl_playerdata: column GameID has no default value Feature request: Error prefix Duplicate Weapon entry Feature request: Simple Stats CountryCode too long for column Weaponname too long for Fullname column Feature Request: Option to disabled weaponstats Current Version:


    Many thanks to Tyger.
    Line 462 through 545: Added additional weapon keywords.
    Line 4367: Fixed error in query which caused !top10 weapons query to fail.
    Line 5489: Fixed null primary key problem which caused incompatibility with MySQL version 5.7.3 m13 and up.
    Bugfixes for column errors.
    Bugfixes for the sessions streaming bug
    Weaponstats working again.
    Bugfix for Identifier name is too long.
    Bugfixes for value too long for column errors.
    Bugfixes for some other bugs
    Changed deprecated Tracemessages
    Added an error prefix in pluginlog
    New feature: Tickets/teamscores are now tracked in tbl_teamscores
    New feature: Simple Stats (collects playerdata only)
    New feature: Switch for disabling weaponstats
    First Release
    extended Keywordlist(BF3):
    Chat, GUID, Stats and Mapstats Logger
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