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  1. or may need to add IP to remote SQL list ...
  2. The only choices are Allow or Deny on kill or Allow or deny on spawn. So I am guessing there is no way to killing peeps who spawn in the jet yet allows all other activity ?
  3. Limiting Jets. If I set this to Spawn Enforce Jets for any of the primary weapons ( cannons ) on Stealth and Attack Jets it works once ... but then anyone who was in the jet and spawn killed cant spawn back into the game at all. Any way around this ? What is the best possible config to set up limiting Jets ?
  4. nope ... what is link to the above i will just steal it from your site.
  5. did anything ever get resolved on this ? have verified our def file contains everything but still get a ton of adkat errors.
  6. they would have been part of the zip file for the whole site and extracted on the server via cpanel file manager. i suppose i could re-download bf3 and reupload in a test dir to see if it works any differently. EDIT: That did the trick.
  7. something prophet would have to look at as I think it is something to do with several mysql query statements that he edited to get the live scoreboard to work ...
  8. I think that is something that was changed in one of the sql queries to fix the live scoreboard not working ... inspecting the page shows a reference to a query ... I think.
  9. https://www.vq37.org/index.php?pages/vq37_statistics_landing/
  10. getting alot of these today ... anyone else ? [16:27:35 68] [AdKats] ERROR-7604: [Unable to download SQL updates.]
  11. noticed this as a ban reason on a auto admin ban last night have never seen before: Code [8-4]: Dispute Requested
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