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  1. Hedius I tried disabling virtual mode, same thing https://ibb.co/18ywtdg
  2. https://ibb.co/S6fP2JH insanelimit settings https://ibb.co/ZMrm2XB
  3. not worked ( Maybe insanelimit itself is not working ( https://ibb.co/L58RWcY https://ibb.co/56pv3Ck
  4. TheTomik, maxdralle thx, I will try As for the first, I think, but proconrulz has values for this weapon, it's like the principle is the same here: Weapons Challenge
  5. Hello guys! I can not figure out proconrulz. How to do 1. Challenge for killing an attack helicopter with Smaw, RPG, MVT LAW, Sraw prize issuing vip status in vipslotmanager 2. Reward anyone with a reserved slot who help start your server Tried through insanelimit, but it does not work ( plugin version of Insane Limits - https://myrcon.net/topic/307-bf4-insane-limits-vip-slot-manager-vip-slot-for-help-server-start-v10/
  6. How to install this bot? what is required for this? thanks
  7. ColColonCleaner you can help me there is an idea but so far it’s not possible to implement it through your plugin. How to find you in a discord?
  8. Hi, is it possible to send a sql request to the myphpadmin database to execute for example a ban player?
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