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  1. Google Translator API Plugin & Procon SANDBOX not working for me .... [14:42:55 07] Creating and configuring compiler.. [14:42:55 11] Running with native .Net.. [14:42:55 11] Building sandbox.. [14:42:55 12] Configuring sandbox.. [14:42:55 14] Beim Überschreiben des Members "PRoCon.Core.Plugin.CPRoConPluginLoaderFactory.InitializeLifetimeService()" wurden die Vererbungssicherheitsregeln verletzt. Der Sicherheitszugriff der überschreibenden Methode muss mit dem Sicherheitszugriff der überschriebenen Methode übereinstimmen.
  2. Logfiles not correctly created. When a plugin brings plugin manager (or procon) to crash all after this crash is not logged. Just (maybe) printed out in the log window inside procon. Is there a way to get a full logfile of plugin crashes anyway ? btw. this is not mine, seems to be a old codesnippet of a function C:\Users\andre\Source\Repos\AdKats\Procon-1\src\PRoCon.Core\Plugin\PluginManager.cs its from the Plugin InsanePunisher & InsanePunisher_BC2 (plugins not activated, just in plugins folder) One crash example: ) bei PRoCon.Core.Plugin.CPRoC
  3. maybe remove or replace BFBCS Statsphile In-Game API - website is no longer active, and service seems also to be inactive maybe host stats alternatively on (all this sites are familiar to BF games): http://www.bf-games.net/ https://myrcon.net https://www.xlrstats.com/ https://bf2statistics.com/ https://www.bf2hub.com http://333networks.com/ https://unitygamers.net
  4. I see that this is still compatible to BC2 GameIdEnum { BFBC2, MoH, BF3, BF4 } But it missly use all BF4 related stuff as WORKING directory etc. while enabling it for BC2. Seems there for also issues with some features. you can easily check this by enabling debugging mode in procon and check the logfiles all working stuff is related to BF4 instead of BC2
  5. Ok ill post my feedback here. Would be nice when you guys can tweak the standard procon integrated plugins, remove broken links/donation buttons etc. The standard HPK - High Ping Kick (Ping Kicker) should set to a real count and not 400 in standard, i mean BFBC2 is checking client - server - client - server so the ping is doubled not tribbled or 4x a ping over 200 should get kicked as standard to keep a servers performance, this is still a client ping of 100. For smooth and fairplay or competitive it should not be more than 60-80 (so 120-160 in BC2) Its hard to find working pl
  6. Options Stats-Links metabans.com is no longer active. But maybe you can add this instead: https://www.pbbans.com/mpi/results.php?srchtype=GUID&srchdata=%player_PBguid%&game_id=36 https://www.ggc-stream.net/search/server/guid/game/3/gid/%player_PBguid%
  7. Should we report issues & feedback to https://github.com/AdKats/Procon-1/issues ? Or where ? In general ? btw. its called BFBC2 not BFC2 But its great to hear that u guys still working on it
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