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  1. @COREHQ Network interessting, but the game provider g-portal does not allow to change the file permission. it is everytime the fix value 666.
  2. i am out... use adkats for vips or vsm for vips. only one of them can manage it.
  3. yes, the adkats population manager should work.
  4. when you the following proconrulz script (VERSION 2 -modified for VIP Slot Manager) and the vip slot manager plugin, then the expired vip get removed automatically.
  5. nice, i see it the first time. it must be a new setting in the adkats orchestration. it looks realy sexy. as far as i understand, you have to set "Feed Server Reserved Slots: False" and "Send new reserved slots to VIP Slot Manager: True". let me know if everything works...
  6. you can change the adkats settings to disable this two commands. open adkats in procon and change: 6. Command List - CDE16 - Teamswap Self - Active: Disabled - CDE17 - Kill Self - Active: Disabled
  7. the !VIP command is not from adkats. so i dont know why adkats is sending a response. are you sure about the !VIP command or do you mean !KILLME or !LEAD ? adkats population is not compatible with the vip slot manager plugin. only the "adkats challenge system" can add a vips via vip slot manager plugin. but not the other vip stuff from adkats. maybe you can take a look to this insane limits script: https://myrcon.net/topic/307-bf4-insane-limits-vip-slot-manager-vip-slot-for-help-server-start-v10/?do=findComment&comment=52282
  8. yes, in proconrulz is no command to get the current name of the day. you can change the plugin source to add the cmd or you do it with a fix list of all dates of sundays... On Spawn; ServerFirst; Set %server_day_list% "2020_02_02,2020_02_09,2020_02_26,"; If %server_day_list% contains %ymd%; Set %server_day_sunday% 1 On Kill; If %server_day_sunday% == 1; PlayerSay you triggered the sunday rule...
  9. on my site it works. there is a little delay, but the plugin do something... screen record: https://gofile.io/?c=AXNlHx
  10. int winner = (team1.RemainTicketsPercent > team2.RemainTicketsPercent) ? 1 : 2;
  11. @C4MQS8 i get the same error msg. maybe this plugin version a beta version. i dont know. but i changed a littlebit the plugin file. now the plugin get loaded. but there is no plugin settings page. the plugin creates a new folder on the layer server with an txt file. before you try it out, make sure you have a backup of your banlist.txt file from your gameserver. CSharedBanlist.zip
  12. @C4MQS8 good news! in the old forum i found a backup after searching a while. here is the Shared Banlist plugin:
  13. your best chance is to ask few other bc2 server owner. maybe they have the plugin file for you. or try an other plugin. maybe the plugin "Ban Manager" is working, i dont know: https://myrcon.net/topic/130-ban-manager-v1031rework-of-cremotebanlist-v-10011/?tab=comments#comment-29430
  14. sorry, this plugin is very old. the original download link (http://phogue.net/procon/packages/download.php?uid=CSharedBanlist) is not working anymore.
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