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  1. wenn der procon layer server beim provider läuft (bei gportal, nitrado etc. so üblich), dann schau dort nach den logindaten für procon. das sind IP, PORT, USER, PW.
  2. clarification: the problem was a disabled function in the php configuration. we did a bypass by editing the "api.php" file from the website. we replaced the "mb_substr" to "substr" in line 83,86,88.
  3. there are many free providers. eg: https://www.lima-city.de/webhosting/webspace-kostenlos
  4. you can use the statslogger and adkats database. you dont need a extra db just for the for the vip plugin. you have a existing database?
  5. i am sure you will find a proconrulz script there: https://myrcon.net/topic/85-proconrulz-v44j1-weapon-limits-and-other-event-triggered-admin-actions/page/204/?tab=comments#comment-55126 otherwise use this plugin: https://myrcon.net/topic/249-simple-weapon-limiter-v1000/
  6. check this out, it works for jets also... https://myrcon.net/topic/598-attack-chopper-kill-limit-proconrulz/?tab=comments#comment-55092
  7. replace all parts of this: %VehicleAir_AH6/AH6_Littlebird,Z11W/Z-11w,Z11W/spec/Z-11w_CH,AH1Z/AH1Z,Mi28/Mi28,Z-10w_kills% with this: %server_global_airkills[%p%]% it would also good to change "== 51" into ">= 51" to enforce the rule when they rejoin...
  8. maxdralle

    Layer version

    enter the command "procon.version" in the console. it shows the running version on the layer server
  9. all important settings are looking right. when you set the "debug level" to 6 in IL, then you see the msg with battlelog stuff. it should look like the screenshot if someone is joining... you dont use the plugin battlelog cache for bf4 or???
  10. i would do it with the plugin INSANE LIMITS. i am not sure how it is being handle with UMM and ATT plugin. // Round End - Server Ticket Changer // settings for insane limits: limit_evaluation: OnRoundOver , limit_first_check: Code if ((server.NextGamemode == "Chainlink0") && (server.GameModeCounter != 200)) { plugin.ServerCommand("vars.gameModeCounter", "200"); plugin.ServerCommand("vars.roundTimeLimit", "200"); plugin.ConsoleWrite("Set 200% ticket count for next round (" + server.NextGamemode + ")"); } else if ((server.NextGamemode != "Chainlink0") && (serve
  11. - which procon version is running on your layer server? - punkbuster must be enabled (IL need it) - is your server running in RANKED mode? (no kick etc. on official mode) - set the IL plugin setting "Virtual Mode = False"
  12. wait wait, i found the bug. replace all " %challenge% " with " %_server_challenge% " and it should work
  13. maybe the trigger "on round;" is buggy. why you dont put it in the "on spawn; serverfirst;" part?
  14. i think it has something to do with his plugin settings. maybe too much maps or something like this. and this map file names does not exist in bf4...
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