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  1. @Prophet731 hi there, has anything changed on MAILGUN e-mail service? Now when i do password resets it replys back: https://api.mailgun.net/v2/mg.gamerethos.net/messages.mime [status code] 401 [reason phrase] UNAUTHORIZED
  2. Hi there guys, i find this tutorial very userful for those who whiches to host their own Layer on an Ubuntu Server. This tutorial has been extracted from MyRcon (Old WebSite) and updated by MARL, so all credits goes to him for taking sometime to update and write everything down. I've gone ahead and updated some of the info. So lets Begin; Works with: Ubuntu 14.04 Ubuntu 16.04 Ubuntu 18.04 First step, make sure you have those installed on your Sys. mono-2.0-service (mono-complete also works) libmono-winforms2.0-cil mono-mcs supervisor nano sudo apt-get install mono-2.0-service ///OR/// sudo apt-get install mono-complete sudo apt-get install libmono-winforms2.0-cil sudo apt-get install mono-mcs sudo apt-get install supervisor sudo apt-get install nano After that, we make a new Directory in order to put our Procon Files. mkdir /home/procon cd /home/procon Download Latest Procon Version ( -> http://myrcon.net/topic/2-procon-1x/ Upload the files thru FTP (Filezilla, Winscp) your choise. After that, unzip procon_1.5.1.1.zip Once we done extracting all files, we need to emulate the Console in order to create the configs file. mono PRoCon.Console.exe Press any key to stop the process. Now go to the “Configs†folder and open the procon.cfg cd Configs nano procon.cfg It will look like this: ///////////////////////////////////////////// // This config will be overwritten by procon. ///////////////////////////////////////////// procon.private.window.position Maximized 388 138 1182 811 procon.private.options.setLanguage "au.loc" procon.private.options.chatLogging False procon.private.options.consoleLogging False procon.private.options.eventsLogging False procon.private.options.pluginLogging False procon.private.options.autoCheckDownloadUpdates True procon.private.options.autoApplyUpdates False procon.private.options.autoCheckGameConfigsForUpdates True procon.private.options.showtrayicon True procon.private.options.minimizetotray False procon.private.options.closetotray False procon.private.options.allowanonymoususagedata True procon.private.options.runPluginsInSandbox True procon.private.options.allowAllODBCConnections False procon.private.options.allowAllSmtpConnections False procon.private.options.adminMoveMessage True procon.private.options.chatDisplayAdminName True procon.private.options.EnableAdminReason False procon.private.options.layerHideLocalPlugins True procon.private.options.layerHideLocalAccounts True procon.private.options.ShowRoundTimerConstantly False procon.private.options.ShowCfmMsgRoundRestartNext True procon.private.options.ShowDICESpecialOptions False procon.private.httpWebServer.enable False 27360 "" procon.private.options.trustedHostDomainsPorts procon.private.options.statsLinkNameUrl Metabans http://metabans.com/search/%player_name% procon.private.options.pluginMaxRuntime 0 59 procon.private.options.UsePluginOldStyleLoad False procon.private.options.enablePluginDebugging False At the end of the line, add your BF4 server details: procon.private.servers.name "BF4 SERVER IP" RCONPORT "Your BF4 Gameserver Name" procon.private.servers.add "BF4 SERVER IP" RCONPORT "RCON-PWD" Make sure to change "BF4 SERVER IP" to your Battlefield 4 server Ip Address, Same goes with the Rconport. IMPORTANT As of Procon version, you can copy the procon.cfg above (except for the servers details, of course) or change this manually: Set the languges: procon.private.options.setLanguage "au.loc" And set those lines to “False†otherwise it will crash procon.private.options.runPluginsInSandbox False procon.private.options.autoCheckDownloadUpdates False procon.private.options.autoApplyUpdates False procon.private.options.allowanonymoususagedata False Now we need to create the server config file: nano SERVERIP_RCONPORT.cfg Paste the content below: ///////////////////////////////////////////// // This config will be overwritten by procon. ///////////////////////////////////////////// procon.protected.layer.enable True 27260 "" "[%servername%]" procon.protected.playerlist.settings true 1 0.5 0.5 procon.protected.chat.settings False False True 0 0 False False procon.protected.events.captures False 200 False False procon.protected.lists.settings False procon.protected.console.settings True False False True True True procon.protected.timezone_UTCoffset 0 Save! Now we create the username to access the ProCon layer. nano accounts.cfg Paste Bellow: (REMEMBER TO CHANGE THE USERNAME AND PASSWORD) ///////////////////////////////////////////// // This config will be overwritten by procon. ///////////////////////////////////////////// procon.public.accounts.create "User32" "User32-PWD" Save! Now open again the server config file: nano SERVERIP_RCONPORT.cfg Before: procon.protected.layer.enable True 27260 "" "[%servername%]" Add user permission: procon.protected.layer.setPrivileges "User32" 3972679 *Once again, remember to change the user as your own! Config files is done, now we go back to the main directory where your ProCon files are. cd /home/procon Run the Console and try to connect to it: mono ProCon.Console.exe Dont press any key, just try to connect using your Client, once connection is done everything works, we create the start/stop script... If you are not able to connect in this step, means you done the last steps wrong, or have firewall/connection issues on your VPS/node. Now we create a script so you can have a way to restart your ProCon. nano start.sh Place the content: #!/bin/bash cd /home/procon/ mono-service -l:./proconservice.lock PRoCon.Service.exe Save! Make it executable: chmod +rx start.sh Now we make Stop Script: nano stop.sh Place : #!/bin/bash cd /home/procon/ kill `cat ./proconservice.lock` Save! Make it executable: chmod +rx stop.sh ./start.sh for start the layer and ./stop.sh to kill the layer process pid. That’s it. You have to run the stop/start script every time especially when you are adding Plugins. Credits: XpKiller , MARL
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