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  1. Okay that shouldn’t be to hard you just need to find out if the damagetype is a knife/melee and then if the player has set up a custom message, if not you can just send some default presets to the chat. then you need to add a command like !mykillmessage where the player can write his knife kill message which gets saved in a dict with his soldierName then send a response if it was successful to the player. i think that’s all. Probably you would have to set up some conditions for the message. Like no bad language. Or split the message in parts and check replace ‚player‘ with Victim.SoldierName and ‚knife‘ with damageType. whatever good luck with it
  2. Also the Game for that you want to code
  3. Most events just deliver strings and classes but there are some that deliver things like Kill or CPlayerInfo. You have to look up the files then. Tbh with these 2 files you have already almost everything. The most things are only working on BFBC2. Some of them will work in Venice Unleashed with an extra mod. I.e. textchatmoderation and unlocklists also you should write what Plugin I r going to develop, maybe someone already done it
  4. https://github.com/AdKats/Procon-1/blob/master/src/PRoCon.Core/Kill.cs And https://github.com/AdKats/Procon-1/blob/master/src/PRoCon.Core/Players/CPlayerInfo.cs you can use it like kKillerVictimDetails.Killer.SoldierName
  5. Ye well it depends on the plugins that you are using. But in general you can disable them all. For example: I know that basic ingame info is used by the ingame admin Plugin but it also works without it. So you can disable it.
  6. sorry I never used procon rulz or adkats, but what has procon rulz to do with adkats? are they connected or what? Also AdminSay is just a command to say something as an admin. like "admin.say hello all" would write "hello" in the chat. If you want me to help you with your shop system write me on discord. Bree_Arnold#5117
  7. well cuz it is not mapList.nextLevel and it's also not admin.nextLevel. It is mapList.runNextRound, so I changed it again... Next time check https://wiki.nitrado.net/en/Commands_in_Battlefield or write admin.help to get all commands. Here is the file with mapList.runNextRound Should work now. CAutoRestarter.cs
  8. For me this works fine, using this already a year for bf3. I forgot that you want to load the next level. I always played 1 map only so I used mapList.restartRound instead of mapList.nextLevel. So you can change it by urself or just download this file:
  9. Just use this plugin. It's using a system timer to delay it. So just enable it and set it to 25. Should work fine.
  10. gamed.de always gave me some punkbuster init errors. also a limit of KDR 2 is a joke.
  11. Yes I make a plugin where you can set a matchsize like !2v2 or !3v3 and if a player spawns he will be set as ready for his team. And if his team is full and he spawns he gets autokilled.
  12. I didn't say that it does. I said it deliver Team ID. Inventory is always None. I mean you could add the TeamID to the OnPlayerSpawned
  13. I found one more thing you could add in The OnPlayerSpawned event delivers soldierName and "Inventory" but inventory is not working for BF3. But looking in the procon console I see it delivers the teamID too and not just the soldierName: [player.onSpawn Flash_Hit 2] I think that could be useful. I suggest to implement that in the BF3Client.cs and PRoConAPI.cs. If you want me to do a new thread for that let me know.
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