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  1. Is it possible to fetch a player's ea_guid by victim? By target? If I have the following line to check a player's server stats across multiple accounts or name changes: On Say;Text !money;TargetPlayer;TargetAction Set %server_holder% %ea_guid%;Say %t% has %ini_hr_money[%server_holder%]%. It would fetch the caller's ea guid, not the target's or the victim's (TargetPlayer %v%).
  2. So I've been creating another Ultimate map manager type plugin specifically suited for our server's needs and i've been hitting a roadblock where whenever I add a new maplist or map, the variables just disappear. Does anyone have any idea as to why plugin variables might disappear?
  3. I tried figuring this out by myself to no avail. Sorry for taking so long but how.
  4. I'm simply wondering if there are any procon test layers I can access to run prototypes of my plugins. Currently, I have to do it on the server I run and that takes a while and requires that the server be empty so I don't obliterate the rules or enforcement systems.
  5. So I created a simple shop rulz and coin system which I really like. But it doesnt work unfortunately, at least not the shop items because i'm using Adkats wrong I think. One of the rulz is "!shop vip" which spews out an AdminSay /reserve 30 %p% Adkats does not seem to respond at all. Furthermore, how does Proconrulz determine what an Admin is? Does it do it like the Ingame admin plugin?
  6. For some reason the plugin doesn't work anymore. For bf4 it appears to be Admin.nextLevel, no? I check the console tab and I don't see a call for admin.nextLevel.
  7. I'm trying to make a rulz file that skips the round over screen after 25 seconds. Skipping the roundover screen seems to be easy (On RoundOver; Exec maplist.nextlevel) or something like that, but delaying the skip to skip after 25 seconds of waiting? I can't seem to figure that out. If it's possible with insane limits i'd be down to get the plugin too.
  8. Worked. Thanks! That probably means there was an issue with the modified CS files i was trying to upload...
  9. So my discord is running a primarily rush server. I've been using xVotemap but it doesn't quite fit our needs so I edited the source code. I uploaded it via fragnet and before, the edited code would be reflected in the Procon interface (I added Squad Obliteration and changed the display of gamemode names), but now it doesn't show up. If the DLL is not there, the plugin doesn't appear. If the DLL is there, the plugin is restored to its default for whatever reason and I can't figure out how to get around this. I don't know how I got it working before either.
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