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  1. Ah makes perfect sense, thank you!
  2. Where in the SQL database do you see the report list from any user? !reportlist ingame times out the actual list eventually but it has to be recorded in the database somewhere and I just can't find it for the life of me. I can see that the command id is 18 for the !report command but can't find where it goes in its own list if a user issues the command.
  3. I would definitely use this if anything to have a host for ProCon. Sometimes my network times out for 5 seconds and I need to log back in, sometimes if I leave my computer on all night ProCon closes by itself leaving no plugins, and the fact I do have to leave my personal comp on 24/7 so yes please! I don't have the $ for an NAS/cheapo laptop atm so I gotta do what I gotta do, don't want to invest in a VPS just yet. Since VPS is pretty cheap the fact that you'll be providing yours specifically for us server owners I'd pay around $10 to start, probably even more to be honest. Don't really need it for MYSQL since my server host gives that to me, BFACP is a maybe from me, so maybe different prices for different packages?
  4. That's a shame but thanks for clarifying. Might there be anyway to set separate permissions so the radar missiles stay on spawn enforced, while the heat seekers can be on kill?
  5. I guess adding to the above couple posts... I need to specifically enforce Heat Seekers as soon as a player presses their shoot button after locking on & so the rocket never gets registered and hits, not just on kill or even in spawn, is that possible with this plugin at all? I've been using it to enforce in spawn for the passive/active radars which works perfectly, but I can not do that on Heat Seekers, new players will get stuck in spawn with no way of leaving because well, there's nothing else to equip. And I can't use on kill because missiles don't automatically kill you so that's kind of useless, I don't even want them locking onto me or anyone else in my server, and again I fear new jet players will get stuck in spawn asking to remove Heat Seekers if I set on kill. Even if that doesn't happen and they do leave spawn, hell why not just use the weapon as soon as you get a lock and now you hit a guy for 60 damage and finish him off? For some clarification I run an air superiority only server, so it's jets only & want to enforce guns (cannons) only.
  6. Sorry if this has been asked before but I searched around and found no results. I just opened my first server just for the air superiority game mode, and while everyone who has been joining don't use either of these anyway, I'd rather get them whitelisted just in case. I looked in the code from the .cs file from this thread - - and found literally every other grenade, rifle, gadget, vehicle, (lol medbag), rather than either of the radars. Maybe it's just called something different in the file? "U_passive", "U_Passiveradar", "U_WillRage" tried to just ctrl+f and can't find them, maybe some random series of letters and numbers, I'm just not sure. I tried looking for another plugin to disable them but google is useless. Thanks for any help, again seems like folks don't use anything but heatseekers anyway so it isn't a major issue.
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