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  1. Well, just in case someone, say @ColColonCleaner, knows an answer, I have to try a different plugin for this. What I was trying to get to work for a tournament: knives only except whitelisted/admins that can use any weapon. If someone not whitelisted uses any other weapon to kill, they get punished. I can't use spawn enforcement since you can't spawn without a gun, etc. Prophet helped to no avail. We just couldn't get it to work. It sounds simple but in the end isn't I guess.
  2. Hi! I'm attempting to run a BF4 knives only contest whereby all players can only use knives except those players on a whitelist (or reserve slot list or admin, whichever is easiest). Whitelisted players can use any weapons. What would be the best way to go about configuring the AdKats and AdKats LRT plugins for this? Thanks all your your help!
  3. OMG, thank you thank you thank you! You've saved my bacon yet again. $$ coming your way!!
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