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  1. At one point we were 3 admins connected, and the 4th only had the message of "connecting" and could never enter. Then I disconnected myself, and just there he was able to enter the console. But then I couldn't get in until someone else logged out. So I thought that I could have a limit of users connected simultaneously.
  2. Not! It just stays with the "connecting" message indefinitely and never connects.
  3. I'm having trouble connecting to Procon with other admins. There are 5 of us and 3 can connect and then it no longer connects. It is in a kind of standby
  4. Hi! A few days ago I rented a server from Procon and now I have a problem. Add 5 administrators and my question is if there is any limit of simultaneous connections. Since I couldn't get in and 3 are currently connected to the console.
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