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  1. Originally Posted by tomopcver*: outage again
  2. Originally Posted by Timm*: Hi. I use this script for !rules to show the rules to players in their language #RULES On Say;Text !rules; If %pcountrykey% == 'ru';Exec punkBuster.pb_sv_command pb_sv_load rulru.cfg If %pcountrykey% == 'de';Exec punkBuster.pb_sv_command pb_sv_load rulde.cfg If %pcountrykey% == 'us';Exec punkBuster.pb_sv_command pb_sv_load rulen.cfg If %pcountrykey% == 'fr';Exec punkBuster.pb_sv_command pb_sv_load rulfr.cfg If %pcountrykey% == 'pl';Exec punkBuster.pb_sv_command pb_sv_load rulpl.cfg How can I make it so that everyone who is not in the list of these countries receives the rules in English?
  3. Originally Posted by ColColonCleaner*: I didn't realize hardline still had players. But no, they patched out modifying player counts mid-game a while ago.
  4. Originally Posted by ColColonCleaner*: It probably only looks at the single character after the slash, you'd need to check the entire message or the message up until the next whitespace character. Otherwise the solution is to not have so many voting choices at once, that's what the randomization features in this plugin are for.
  5. Originally Posted by XXX_Exophobias*: I've noticed an issue with mine. If there are over 10 maps, then double-digit votes like /10 or /11 or /12 don't work. I went into the .cs file and fixed it. It allows double-digit numbers for voting, but now whenever someone does /10 or /11 or /12. It picks the wrong map. It doesn't seem to detect or associate those maps with a double digit.
  6. Originally Posted by leibhold*: There is no updates happening to Procon due to the lowering of number of users and very little developers. You have to option of running a copy else where or find a GSP that will ru the version you want.
  7. Originally Posted by celtskavo*: Dose this plugin not work on BFH servers anymore? Thanks
  8. Originally Posted by skepmeister*: Hi, Having problems getting additional weapon names to work. for example the real name for the groza is groza-1. I would like to use the name groza as well. They are a few weapons with funny names but I cant get the any of the new names I use in the keywordlist to work. for Groza-1 I have, GROZA-1{GROZA}
  9. Originally Posted by spatieman*: ya, i know, But Ebassie's solution is more efective, oh wel time for revamping. not much time for working on stuff, got a IRL to now for a while hehe.
  10. Originally Posted by spatieman*: His server is legit, i play often on it, cheers South !, see you around..
  11. Originally Posted by leibhold*: The procon code uses the location of the running program to create and save the xml file. Apart from running it under a system account as a service or some other strange thing, I cant think of a circumstance where the xml file would be created any where except where you unzipped and ran procon from.
  12. Originally Posted by ty_ger07*: Your desktop is part of your Windows user account. This might be causing access restriction problems. Could you try extracting it to a new folder on your C drive which doesn't have user account restrictions?
  13. Originally Posted by ACitySurvivro*: This error happened twice on two different PCs, I'll try reinstalling but I think it will break after a short time
  14. Originally Posted by ACitySurvivro*: I extracted it onto my desktop, it worked for a while but then stopped working on both the PCs I installed it on.
  15. Originally Posted by leibhold*: Unless one extracted the zip file into the windows system32...
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