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  1. Originally Posted by Timm*: Hi. I use this script for !rules to show the rules to players in their language #RULES On Say;Text !rules; If %pcountrykey% == 'ru';Exec punkBuster.pb_sv_command pb_sv_load rulru.cfg If %pcountrykey% == 'de';Exec punkBuster.pb_sv_command pb_sv_load rulde.cfg If %pcountrykey% == 'us';Exec punkBuster.pb_sv_command pb_sv_load rulen.cfg If %pcountrykey% == 'fr';Exec punkBuster.pb_sv_command pb_sv_load rulfr.cfg If %pcountrykey% == 'pl';Exec punkBuster.pb_sv_command pb_sv_load rulpl.cfg How can I make it so that everyone who is not in the list of
  2. Originally Posted by ColColonCleaner*: I didn't realize hardline still had players. But no, they patched out modifying player counts mid-game a while ago.
  3. Originally Posted by ColColonCleaner*: It probably only looks at the single character after the slash, you'd need to check the entire message or the message up until the next whitespace character. Otherwise the solution is to not have so many voting choices at once, that's what the randomization features in this plugin are for.
  4. Originally Posted by XXX_Exophobias*: I've noticed an issue with mine. If there are over 10 maps, then double-digit votes like /10 or /11 or /12 don't work. I went into the .cs file and fixed it. It allows double-digit numbers for voting, but now whenever someone does /10 or /11 or /12. It picks the wrong map. It doesn't seem to detect or associate those maps with a double digit.
  5. Originally Posted by celtskavo*: Dose this plugin not work on BFH servers anymore? Thanks
  6. Originally Posted by skepmeister*: Hi, Having problems getting additional weapon names to work. for example the real name for the groza is groza-1. I would like to use the name groza as well. They are a few weapons with funny names but I cant get the any of the new names I use in the keywordlist to work. for Groza-1 I have, GROZA-1{GROZA}
  7. Originally Posted by spatieman*: ya, i know, But Ebassie's solution is more efective, oh wel time for revamping. not much time for working on stuff, got a IRL to now for a while hehe.
  8. Originally Posted by leibhold*: They be having issues with both Adkats and inserting images here ) ENGINE=InnoDB DEFAULT CHARSET=utf8 COLLATE=utf8_unicode_ci COMMENT='AdKats - Connection of groups to roles' [20:21:03 42] [AdKats] ERROR- 7500: [Non-Query failed. [Adding AdKats role groups table]: MySql.Data.MySqiClient. MySqlException: Cannot add foreign key constraint bei PRoConEvents.AdKats.SafeExecuteNonQuery(MySqiComma nd command) bei PRoConEvents.AdKats.SendNonQuery(String desc, String nonQuery, Boolean verbose)] [20:21:03 42] [AdKats}] ALTER TABLE adkats_settings MODIFY se
  9. Originally Posted by xloneshadowx*: What do you need to know? Install or just some of the features?
  10. Originally Posted by ColColonCleaner*: Please follow the install instructions, here: https://github.com/AdKats/AdKats#install
  11. Originally Posted by jose0120*: can you help me how to work with adkats? https://myrcon.net/recovered/img/145204_nn893g.html
  12. Originally Posted by Prophet731*: See myrcon.net/...battlefield-admin-control-panel-for-adkats#entry52560
  13. Originally Posted by Checka_Wiemi*: Damn, you're totally right. Had no thought on that point. But that was the problem. Thanks for your help!
  14. Originally Posted by ColColonCleaner*: Check your adkats user list, see if someone has this player assigned to them there with the 'default guest' role.
  15. Originally Posted by Checka_Wiemi*: 7 servers and 7 layers are connected to my database at the moment.They are rebooting every 20h if the server is empty (sometimes it isn't rebooting for some days because the server is running). And to specify my second problem with "AdKats > Say > Playerxyz > You have been assigned the authorized role Default Guest." -> it is always the same player that appears in chat and I just deleted this one in AdKats but there are still this entries o.O
  16. Originally Posted by ColColonCleaner*: Reserved slots through AdKats are automatically added across all servers. I would suggest using another plugin for reserved slot management if you don't want that to happen. I haven't made a setting for it yet.
  17. Originally Posted by ColColonCleaner*: Look in section 4-2 for anything that's causing a verbose spectator slot. The spectator slot list must be empty for everyone to be allowed in. If anyone is in the spectator slot list then only those people are allowed. Once you empty the list in AdKats then everyone is allowed.
  18. Originally Posted by xloneshadowx*: In the latest updated Adkats version, he made it possible for adkats to work with the plugin VIP Slot Manager that might be something you want to check out works great
  19. Originally Posted by xloneshadowx*: That might be on your procon layer under server settings config. make sure the box public spectators is checked
  20. Originally Posted by yulinyuzhu*: Another question is that, how to add VIPs if I turn on Feed Reserved slot lists? I tried straightly add them in procon but deleted by adk. Also I dont want vips added to other servers which are adk-on and using the same database. Thank you
  21. Originally Posted by yulinyuzhu*: Why default guests can't spectate my server while I don't turn on Feed spectator? How to fix it?
  22. Originally Posted by ColColonCleaner*: That's the player loading query. Is it always the discord-specific one that they report is happening "too often"? How often are your layers rebooting? How many layers do you have connected to the same database? There is a heavy up-front cost loading players into AdKats, but after that it should be quite low. Once a discord ID is checked against the database it's not checked again unless something changes, so that cost should be low overall as well, just a large cost up front.
  23. Originally Posted by Checka_Wiemi*: Hey guys, I got a huge problem on my mySQL database. My hoster wrote me the x.th time that my database is causing lot of traffic. For expample they said that the following query is causing trouble: -------% SELECT `tbl_playerdata`.`PlayerID` as `player_id`, `tbl_playerdata`.`SoldierName` as `player_name`, `tbl_playerdata`.`EAGUID` as `player_guid`, `tbl_playerdata`.`PBGUID` as `player_pbguid`,
  24. Originally Posted by keb2*: no.I gave an example.many such messages about different players.what may cause these messages?
  25. Originally Posted by ColColonCleaner*: When a player is spawned in without being in the player list that means they cannot be acted on by commands. Is it only these two players that are causing issues?
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