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    ImportBot got a reaction from Sajid30k in Notify Me! - Notifications and alerts (v1.0.0.2)   
    Originally Posted by sajid30k*:
    can anyone plz explain to me how its work,can i use my gmail id
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    ImportBot got a reaction from Sparky1290 in Server Rules on Request ( - 2015-03-031)   
    Originally Posted by Phil_K*:
    Server Rules on Request provides an in-game command which allowes the players to request the server rules. You define the text to be displayed in the plugin settings. The in-game command is also registered with the BasicInGameInfo plugin and can be requested by using the help command of that plugin.
    The option for a welcome message is 1:1 conversion.
    It is left in for compatibility reasons and will be droped in a later version. You may test if it fits your needs but I advice you to use for example the onSpawn message of my Admin Announcer & onSpawn Message* plugin.
    The method here is a bit unsecure because if a player does not spawn during the time period you set with the delay he does not see the message.
    This plugin checks for admin status.
    A user is an admin if his playername can be matched against a procon account name and this account has any privilege. The smallest possible privilege is to be able to login to the layer.
    If a player is detected as admin (see above) using the rules command with the global command scope the output is send to all users.
    Installation Instructions
    Please refer to the download section down below.
    The settings should be self explaining.
    Data done in the abandoned plugin* should be noticed and used by this plugin automatically.
    With the plugin is able to respond to a request of a dedicated rule. To support your users it is a good idea to
    prefix your rules with numbers like
    If you use a first line like in the example above set the "Ignore first line" to Yes. If a user requests rule number 3 he will get the one prefixed with [3] otherwise it would be rule number [2]. 
    Technical Support
    If you experience any issues with this plugin, please report here.

    added Battlefield Hardline compatibility (2014-01-03)

    fixed yell display time for BF4 (2012-06-18)

    added option to trigger rules by using Procon chat tab added keyword for chat tab trigger. Default: !show_rules fixed no delay between rules using say. Yell needs to wait until display time is over. (2012-05-22)

    fixed check for admin, now an account needs the privilege to access the remote layer if nothing else is defined added option to catch and use privilege value of an existing procon account added plugin action output to event tab for loging who has requested the rules for whom added ability to request only one rule (2012-05-06)

    Plugin released. nearly 1:1 conversion of RulesOnRequest by Lorax74 because the original plugin seems to be abandoned in support rules command is now included in the list of commands viewable by using help provided by the BasicInGameInfo plugin changed plugin structure to use the up to date plugin api made yell option BF3 compatible Download
    You can use the package tab on the Procon start page.
    Please have patience. Sometimes an update of the packages page takes a while.
    - nothing to do. or wait for feedback
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    ImportBot got a reaction from TheTomik in Insane Limits Requests   
    Originally Posted by xloneshadowx*:
    Can someone tell me why this is not working for the map Flood Zone and the little bird
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    ImportBot got a reaction from B7ackhawk in Insane Limits - Examples   
    Originally Posted by PapaCharlie9*:
    On TDM max players is 24, so 23 vs 1. Even that seems a bit impossible, so how about starting with 2 zombies that can rez each other?  
    Also, I'd turn friendly fire on and set to ultra hard core so that 2 shots with a pistol will kill.
    Human players would have to agree to do no rezzing or med packs (no way to enforce automatically).
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    ImportBot got a reaction from g67g676 in Insane Limits - Examples   
    Originally Posted by micovery*:
    If you need help with writing or using an Insane Limit, or you are looking for a limit, please post your request in the Insane Limits Requests* thread.
    Most of these limits are outdated and may not work with the current 0.9 versions of Insane Limits. Most will not work with BF4.

    I have created this thread solely for the purpose of showcasing uses of the Insane Limits plugin. The first post will always contain the index of examples with links to each example. You may contribute your own examples by replying to this thread. As more examples are added, the index will grow.
    If you want to ask questions, or discuss on how to expand, or point out a problem with an example, please do so in the ...* for the Insane Limits plugin. Replies in this thread that do not conform to Limit examples might get removed.
    For full documentation, and download link, see the original post here*
    Video Demo

    type="application/x-shockwave-flash" wmode="transparent"
    width="425" height="355">

    How to submit or use the examples

    Each example is a description of the structure of a limit definition. Examples should be in the following format:
    Set limit evaluation to EventName, Set action to ActionName
    Set first_check to Expression/Code:
    ( sample expression #1)Set second_check to Expression/Code: 
    ( sample expression #2)And that's it. Not all limits require two expressions, some may require you to set only first_check. 
    Examples Index

    Simple Rank Limit* Smart Rank Limit* Simple Country Kicker* Battlelog KDR Kicker* Battlelog Excessive Recon/Sniper Kicker* Admin Request Notification* Excessive Kill Rate Kicker* Simple Weapon Kill Spree* Weapon Multi-Kill achievement* Melee/Knife death shame* Team First Blood* Server First Blood* Round Kpm Kicker* Multi-Message Kill Spree* Multi-Message Death Spree* Knife Only Server* Pistol Only Server* Battlelog Spm Kicker* Bad Words Kicker (Regular Expressions Optional)* Suicide Jumper Shame* No RPG/M320 Kicker* Disable Vehicles Based on Player Count* Disable Vehicles Based on Current Map* Simple Welcome Message* Welcome Message Based on Country* Warning/Kick for RPG/M320/SMAW Suicides* Admin Welcome Messages * Good Morning Message (Time Dependent)* First Kill of the Year* Nuke/Knife Cheat Catcher* Multi-Action Bad Word Filter* Next Gamemode Ticket Changer* Announce Top Scoring Clan* Take PunkBuster Screenshot at Specified K/D Ratio* Warning for Excessive Use of Uppercase in Chat* Multi-Warning/Kick for Excessive Use of Uppercase in Chat* Basic @nextmap Say In-Game Command* In-Game Per-Weapon Headshots Percentage Kicker * Rules On Request* Clan-Tag Kicker (Using Custom List)* Unreal Tournament Style Kill-Spree Messages (with End-Spree Messages) * Multi-Action 1st Kill, 2nd Kick, 3rd Ban for RPG/SMAW/M320* Vote-Kick* Vote-Ban* Anti-Stack Winning Team (Ticket Dependent)* Kick Players Without Battlelog Account* Custom Admin Announcer & In-Game Admin List* Player-Specific Welcome Messages* Switch Hardcore/Softcore Mode Based on Player Count* Basic Next-Map Say Command* Killers & Victims Tracker* In-Game Top Killers & Victims Command * In-Game Player versus Player Command* Announce Next mode (works fine with Ultimate Map Manager)* ...* Player Count Tracker* Bad Player Name Kicker* Melee/Knife Death Shame From Message List (Round-Robin or Random) * Chat Message Spambot * Coding Patterns/Templates for Examples

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