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  1. I got this from a friend i tried to get help from on Discord
  2. Will do. I got the original code from this: https://sourceb.in/52b7f153e1
  3. To specify, the code i added and modified for Insane Limit wont work or activate. I dont know if i have made any errors during the modification of the code. My setup is as shown in Screenshot 1 and the code is built up like this: ////////////////////////////// // ingame kd farm limit ////////////////////////////// // SETTINGS: // set max intern KDR int maxKDR = 2; int maxKPM = 2; // set min kills int minKills = 40; // set max warn messages before kick int warnPlayer = 0; double playerKdr = Math.Round (player.KillsRound / player.DeathsRound, 2, MidpointRounding.AwayFromZero); double
  4. Hello Im quite new to using Procon for BF4 and coding pluggins is not really my forte. I want to make a 2 KDR limit with Insane Limit for one of my servers, but the code i have used until now have not been successful. C ode i was trying to use for reference: https://sourceb.in/52b7f153e1 If anyone could help me out with this matter would be greatly appreciated :))
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