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  1. Hi, I went to check on my procon and it had said my password was incorrect. It was reset back to blank no password needed. lots of people on my ban list have been removed also. There is another ex clan member who was using who now has a grudge against us all. Is he able to bypass the password I put on it?
  2. Hey, We run one procon for one battlefield 4 server, but wondering will all server settings and bans be reset if we use more than one procon? We want to set up more than one so we can have all the admin (other procon users) able to change map and invoke or revoke bans. We dont want to have to want to make all the procons setup the same. like adding the same maps in same order, adding banned players, ticket count etc. It would take ages. We just want the other admin to be able to control the server. Thanks.
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