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  1. Hey man I found the server I was looking for https://battlelog.battlefield.com/bf4/servers/show/pc/3daaeee4-a517-49ba-8143-aa4394ccbe47/1-LOCKER-ONLY-EPS-60Hz-LIMITED-EXPLOSIVES-BEST-REG/ The admin told me that its a self hosted server and they mod the code to limit weapons to make it unusable instead of killing on spawn load out enforcer. so How to get a self hosted server. thanks
  2. Yes I Added user but I missed to add soldier Now its working thanks for the info helped me I have one issue now with xVotemap Not working on Automatic and Manual. any idea ? thanks
  3. hey man, yes I upgraded my server to have MySQL but still can't ban weapons only kill by load out enforcement on spawn ;/
  4. Hello, I am having trouble adding admins, I go to user setting add user change role from default guest to Full admin But still they don't get admins privileges Any help please with basic plugin settings Thanks
  5. I thought something is wrong about this so I contacted my game server host via email I sent: ——- I get this error ] [AdKats] ERROR-7605: [Attempted to connect to database without all variables in place.] after searching online I found that it needs ] PRoCon Chat, GUID and Stats Logger but I cannot enable it I get this [Statslogger]Error: Check you MySQL Server Details:, hostname, port, databasename and your login credentials! [06:03:24 44] PRoCon Chat, GUID and Stats Logger Disabled And this is their reply to me: ———— Hello, you
  6. Hello man, I am sorry to say that I used it and it wasn't what I was looking for . Adkats LRT is killing on spawn with a message : please remove..etc from your loadout ..etc The one I am looking for is that No killing is happening to any player who uses not allowed weapons but Actually Not being able to use them at all. I saw this in operation locker map Shotguns were not allowed but I was already equipped with a shotgun So my soldier spawned without a primary weapon I switched to secondary weapon and pistol was there being able to use it. I tried it with m
  7. I love you , thank you , you just made my day you are genuinely genius really appreciate your respond I was desperate
  8. Hello, I played on a server a while ago I forgot it now but I am positive sure that Not allowed weapons are hidden, for example shotguns were not allowed but I spawned with a shotgun in my load out funny than my primary weapon showing nothing!! I could use only pistol and other load outs. But after I changed to assault it showed up. I am looking everywhere online to find this nice tool for my server, anyone knows about this ? also I have one more question If you be so kind to answer: Do I need MySQL database included on my hosting plan ? Even If I have already Rcon or procon layer?
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