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  1. @ColColonCleaner I've changed my SQL server to mariaDB and was wondering which sql modes I need to have for "optimal" use of adkats, statslogger etc.? So for now I got the following: STRICT_TRANS_TABLES,NO_AUTO_CREATE_USER,NO_ENGINE_SUBSTITUTION Is there anything missing?
  2. Is it somehow possible to log the plugin console outputs from AdKats and other plugins (see attachment)? The procon own options like "events logging", "console logging" and "plugin logging" doesn't log the whole output.
  3. Thanks for this advice. So as I am the hoster of my database I'Ve now changed it in the config and disabled FULL_GROUP_BY and hope it works better now. Is it possible that my layer crashes are caused by this issue? In the past I had lots of problems with layer crashes and as I also hosted some of them on my own server I often saw this after a crash: Unbehandelte Ausnahme: System.NullReferenceException: Der Objektverweis wurde nicht auf eine Objektinstanz festgelegt. bei PRoConEvents.CChatGUIDStatsLogger.DisplayMySqlErrorCollection(MySqlException myException) bei P
  4. Ok, I saw that is now on all of my servers. So is it possible that it has something to do with the Battlelog issue?
  5. Hi guys, got quite huge problems with my procon layers cuz some of them crash very often. But that's not the main topic atm. I saw a problem on one of my servers: [AdKats] EXCEPTION-7609-A0,33-D-GetPopulatingPlayers-AccessFetching43: [Error while fetching populating players][MySql.Data.MySqlClient.MySqlException (0x80004005): Expression #2 of SELECT list is not in GROUP BY clause and contains nonaggregated column DBNAMESENSORED.adkats_records_main.target_name' which is not functionally dependent on columns in GROUP BY clause; this is incompatible with sql_mode=only_full_group_by
  6. Hey guys. Since the latest Procon update (and also from time to time before but not that high frequency) some of my procon layers just get stucked and go offline. My hoster sent me this (I know it is in german but I hope you also understand it ^^) Exception caught at: C:\Users\andre\source\repos\AdKats\Procon-1\src\PRoCon.Core\Remote\Layer\LayerInstance.cs Line 315 Method ListenIncommingLayerConnections DateTime: Montag, 13. Juli 2020 10:01:25 Version: Packet: ListenIncommingLayerConnections Additional: catch (Exception e) Auf das verworfene Objek
  7. Hey, I got a problem on a procon layer using Statslogger there is always the same message coming again and again: [Statslogger]Error: CreateSession: System.ArgumentOutOfRangeException: Value to add was out of range. Parameter name: value at System.DateTime.Add (System.Double value, System.Int32 scale) [0x0003f] in <a1ae6166591d4020b810288d19af38d4>:0 at System.DateTime.AddHours (System.Double value) [0x00000] in <a1ae6166591d4020b810288d19af38d4>:0 at PRoConEvents.CStats+myDateTime.get_Now () [0x00006] in <4ac787d65ba4475eb113d4c0e56e2856>
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