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  1. Have found a work around, i reboot our 4 layers, every 4 hours, been ok for about 4 days now, fingers crossed. @iamadeadpixel thanks
  2. lol its cool, only 2 of us use it But confirmed!
  3. Guys have officially no spectators, i gave out to the clan boss for enabling haha
  4. Thanks guys i think thats it, i disabled adkats and its cleared, i owe you guys a virtual pint, i will donate some more money this month to procon
  5. is this assigned through roles? thanks for all your help, how do i get rid of this?
  6. For that server lol
  7. Can i check in the database? Thanks man
  8. @Hedius So unspectator and he now cannot spectate but public can, any ideas?
  9. Thanks so much, hope this is it haha
  10. Feed the server is disabled but i think have found what i need with the special player. We have gone around the servers and he checked the perks, do i need to do unspectator in game to remove, if i clear it fills back in. Thanks for your help man
  11. This is what the player sees
  12. Please Please can someone help me with this spectator issue, i have been looking at this for weeks and weeks, everytime i think i have it fixed, the issues comes back where public cannot join spectator. Thanks for all the help here, so i send the screenshots. This only happens when adkats is on, when adkats is off, everyone can spectate fine. I have stopped all procons, changed to a fresh database, i have stopped all servers. We had a server that was new, no adkats configuration, it was running for 3 months without adkats, we just enabled adkats and players could not spectate. is there any field in the database i can check to see if there is a rogue player in the database or something, really desperate to get this working, so we can stop hackers! Empty Empty Not Assigned Can i delete these groups maybe to help?
  13. Hello, I have been working on my host with this issue on Connection and Disconnection to the layer. We have had this on a few versions now but not been able to get to the bottom of it. We are running procon via console and also we had it running on a Procon host server and we had the same issue, on the host server it is fine, it is just when we connect, we immediately get disconnected. PC Client (issue) -> Procon Layer (no issue) Server is windows 2012, Client PCs are windows 10 Is there any logs on the client or server that can show the disconnects? Also this only seems to happen when the server is full, ie 40+ players - we use adkats, stats, multibalance, mapmanager, adaptive server slot, battle agency, been like this for a year. Current procon version = Thanks for all your hard work here, hopefully you got our donation
  14. Thanks man, i got it working, i kinda got ahead of myself. I copied all my configs from my old windows servers, copied the plugins, did not like it. My work around was just to install the layer with the default 3 plugins, then they pop up, you can add the configs and plugins again later. So far its working really well, i have 4 layers, map manager is causing me issues and battle agency, still working on them. Might be of use to people I restart all layers at 6am to free memory on my vps, works really well, not had a single drop so far, 2 days in. Crontab, i leave 5 mins to allow adkats to shutdown 0 6 * * * killall mono 5 6 * * * /home/proconhc/start.sh 5 6 * * * /home/proconm/start.sh 5 6 * * * /home/procona/start.sh 5 6 * * * /home/proconr/start.sh to make the shell scripts i had to app-get mono-service also, to create the services Thanks for your response @Checka_Wiemi
  15. all ready did that but cannot get the plugins to load
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