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  1. View File Advanced In-Game Admin and Ban Enforcer - AdKats ADKATS RELEASED! Admin Toolset with a plethora of features, over 100 available in-game commands, and many customization options. AdKats focuses on making in-game admins more efficient and accurate at their jobs, with flexibility for almost any setup. Includes a cross-server ban enforcer with advanced enforcement features, global admin management, cross-server player messaging, and the BFAdminCP 2.0+ for web-based control has been released. Designed for groups with high-traffic servers and man
  2. Running on PHP Version 7 This does not work with any version of the BFACP do not try to run this application on that version. Use the latest stable PHP 5.6. Readme for version 2.0.3. Download Readme for version 2.1-dev. Download Further instructions for version 2.1-dev. Make sure to run the setup.sql script if you are not installing through the command line. Previous versions should not be in the database if you have to manually run the setup.sql script as it will throw an error when it tries to create the tables. Topic placeholder for version 3.0. I'll update this post when version 3
  3. Originally Posted by ty_ger07*: The full featured stats webpage! BF4 Stats Web Page Overview web_stats_index.jpg web_stats_demo.jpg web_stats_banner.jpg Features: - Easy setup. - Individual server or combined server stats. - Country stats. - Map stats. - Player stats. - Weapon stats. - Dog tag stats. - Game server stats. - Live scoreboard. - Top players list / leaderboard. - Player name search. - Top players of the Week. - Suspicious players search. - Server chat log. - Stats signature images. - Gametracker-style server banners. - Battlelog theme.
  4. Originally Posted by bambam*: Donations: none needed - ProconRulz is 100% free software. Please acknowledge any support by clicking the Rate this thread link just above this post, and sharing the rulz you come up with. Thank You. MAJOR UPDATE TO V44. BF4 SUPPORT, PLUS SUPPORT FOR EXTERNAL PROCONRULZ SCRIPT FILES Summary ProconRulz is a general-purpose Procon plugin that allows admin actions to be taken based on events and triggers. The most common usage is for weapon limits, e.g. "On Kill;Weapon SMAW;Kill" (which will limit the SMAW rockets by ki
  5. View File On-Spawn Loadout Enforcer for Infantry/Vehicles - AdKatsLRT Overview All infantry and vehicle loadouts/equipment in Battlefield 4 can be denied on-spawn using this plugin, with customizable messages for each item. Vehicle loadouts and equipment can be enforced on spawn for everyone, or on kill with specific vehicles. Settings allow for enforcement of problem players only, or all players, with per-item gradation of that severity. Basic Enforce every infantry item (any primary, secondary, attachments for either, gadgets, knifes, and gre
  6. VIP Slot Manager [bF3, BF4, BFH, BC2] This FREE Plugin gives you full control over reserved VIP Slots, with many customizations and features. It includes a time management control for each VIP player. This means you can add VIP players for a custom time period, whether it be 30 days, or longer. Expired VIP Slots will be disabled automatically. It is also possible to manage multiple Gameservers with one global list of VIPs or alternatively each Gamerserver separately with his own list of VIPs. The Plugin supports a web-based interface to manage a single Gameserver or ma
  7. Hello Im quite new to using Procon for BF4 and coding pluggins is not really my forte. I want to make a 2 KDR limit with Insane Limit for one of my servers, but the code i have used until now have not been successful. C ode i was trying to use for reference: https://sourceb.in/52b7f153e1 If anyone could help me out with this matter would be greatly appreciated :))
  8. Version


    ADKATS RELEASED! Admin Toolset with a plethora of features, over 100 available in-game commands, and many customization options. AdKats focuses on making in-game admins more efficient and accurate at their jobs, with flexibility for almost any setup. Includes a cross-server ban enforcer with advanced enforcement features, global admin management, cross-server player messaging, and the BFAdminCP 2.0+ for web-based control has been released. Designed for groups with high-traffic servers and many admins, but will function just as well for small servers. REQUIREMENTS: This plugin re
  9. Version


    Download for Procon 1.X for BFC2, BF3, BF4, MoH & BFH Attached to this post, you can find the latest downloads of Procon 1.X and everything attached to it. To download the latest version available, simply click the big LATEST VERSION link. In order to be able to run Procon You can find the changelogs for all patches in this thread: TBD If you're interested in some of the older versions of Procon 1.X, please follow this link: TBD Starting with version, we will not include the media files (maps, kill icons, etc.) for Battlefield: Bad Company 2 and Med
  10. Added ability to disable the new API check for player country info Updated GeoIP database file Removed usage sending stats Added EZRCON ad banner If you are upgrading then you may need to add these two lines to your existing installation in the file procon.cfg. To enable these options just change False to True. procon.private.options.UseGeoIpFileOnly False procon.private.options.BlockRssFeedNews False
  11. My last thread had some errors so i will post fixed version with every script working + some extra ones I made or rewrote for bf4/updated it. The thread I rewrote for bf4 is: old anticheat script for bf3 1. Set tickets on round end (Do not add the tickrate), I am not sure if it will work without thread sleep since I have spotted issues with tickrate & tickets change on end OnRoundOver Code int tickets = 100; int health = 100; int delay = 100; int bleed = 100; plugin.ServerCommand("vars.soldierHealth", health.ToString()); plugin.ServerCommand("vars.vehicleSpawnDelay", delay.
  12. Hello after i update the procon i got this problem !wnuke give this !tbanday not work i give to all admin full in role setting
  13. got a bit borred here and made this litle snipit for proconrulz. not willing to fill procon with admin ,but giving trusted players some admin privileges ? ,this snipit can help u out. only a procon admin can add special admins. use: /set admin <playername> (or part of it) /remove admin <playername> ,This wil revoke extended commands /read admin <playername> this checks if a player has access enjoy and abuse it for own fun For more information, see the BF4 server documentation how i set this stuff up. # Extended admin commands
  14. our litle group has a BF3 and a BF4 server. Dont ask me how i messed up, but i let the bfadmincp i had linked to the wrong website bf4admincp, and not bf3admincp, wel, with the comming of the bf4 server i wanted to correct that. for the BF3 server is was easy, cleaning the cache, copying the env.php to its proper location, and done, well, admins needed to login again, but hey. however, for the BF4 server this was a bit harder to do, 1st of all i had to make 3 links in mysql (hosted local on a own server here), ip adres from the procon layer (i dont want unwanted SQL hammering),
  15. I'm having issues with permanent bans disappearing from the ban list. They are not being manually removed and it is not happening on a consistent basis, some bans stick and some don't. It happens for bans input by some admins but not others. It appears as though all of the admins that this happens to are using the latest version and they all have the same admin powers. Anyone had this happen?
  16. so, i am seting up a database for testing before we move it. After a while i noticed the message below, tought, write permission ? ,but chatlogger and other stuff is working. in short, it refuses to write the tbl_server data becouse it is mowning about some weardness,, now i am not a guru in this,,,but any sugestion what is going on here. [15:44:19 31] [Statslogger]Error: Error in Startstreaming: [15:44:19 31] Message: Cannot add or update a child row: a foreign key constraint fails (`ukfbf4server`.`tbl_server_player`, CONSTRAINT `fk_tbl_server_player_tbl_server` FOREIGN KE
  17. I'm trying to make a rulz file that skips the round over screen after 25 seconds. Skipping the roundover screen seems to be easy (On RoundOver; Exec maplist.nextlevel) or something like that, but delaying the skip to skip after 25 seconds of waiting? I can't seem to figure that out. If it's possible with insane limits i'd be down to get the plugin too.
  18. Hi all where we can to download the plugin for BF4 servers?
  19. B7ackhawk

    procon crash

    Hello . i had this problem today i cant kill or move any one . some plgun work and some not
  20. So I've been creating another Ultimate map manager type plugin specifically suited for our server's needs and i've been hitting a roadblock where whenever I add a new maplist or map, the variables just disappear. Does anyone have any idea as to why plugin variables might disappear?
  21. I am facing a problem on my server BF4. KD limit does not work in the Insane Limits plugin, the rest of the limits work properly. In previous versions, for example and earlier, everything works fine. Please check this information and correct it if possible.
  22. Custom settings on round over This allows you to use custom tickrate/tickets per game mode or per map, the code has all in one to see examples first check - Code evaluation - OnRoundOver int tickets = 100; int health = 100; int delay = 100; int bleed = 100; int tickrate = 40; plugin.ServerCommand ("vars.soldierHealth", health.ToString ()); plugin.ServerCommand ("vars.vehicleSpawnDelay", delay.ToString ()); plugin.ServerCommand ("vars.ticketBleedRate", bleed.ToString ()); plugin.PRoConChat ("^bRestarted values"); plugin.ConsoleWrite ("^bRestarted values"); Thread scriptdela
  23. Version 1.0.2


    Battlefield Agency - Battlefield Player Insights & BF4 anticheat About What is Battlefield Agency? At battlefield.agency we focus on combating cheaters in BF4 in efficient and sustainable ways. We offer you a free cheater ban list, updated by the hour. While automatic tools assist us, all bans are entirely manually reviewed and we strive for quality using skilled staff. What does this plugin do? This plugin enforces the ban list(s) managed by us and helps us link cheater accounts. Setup Acquire API key First, you need to get an API key to use with t
  24. I'm simply wondering if there are any procon test layers I can access to run prototypes of my plugins. Currently, I have to do it on the server I run and that takes a while and requires that the server be empty so I don't obliterate the rules or enforcement systems.
  25. The in-built HTTP server provides super-simple JSON responses right now. There is one for /players which executes the rcon admin.listplayers command. I'd love to see one such as /pbplayers which executes the punkbuster pb_sv_plist command, which provides a different sort of player listing. Maybe down the road, a simple command editor which allows someone to map an HTTP request (such as /players) to a specific rcon/punkbuster command easily, without having to rely on a revision to procon.
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