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Procon running in background


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Im "New" to Procon, I used to own a BF3 server a couple years ago, but we preferred Rconnet.de, and it served us well. My friends and I have just started it back up, but rconnet no longer exists...so we resorted to procon...


WE worked out most of the major kinks, but we have one major mountain to climb...


When Procon is running, the program open and all, all of the plugins work. As soon as I shut down procon (just exit out of the program), all of the plugins, including admin commands, votemap, spambot messages, etc.  no longer function in game. Is there a way to have procon running "in the background" per se, or a way where it will always be communicating with the server? 


In the end, I want to avoid having my PC turned on 24/7, or procon running when my PC is on.


If there is already a thread on this, id love the link! im having trouble navigating the forums, as the majority of them are over 6 years old.



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gameservers.com I know for sure offers the latest procon version as I've been talking to them about the updates. I'm still trying to get in contact with other hosting providers who provide procon hosting about the updates and change of domain.


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