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Procon running in background

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Im "New" to Procon, I used to own a BF3 server a couple years ago, but we preferred Rconnet.de, and it served us well. My friends and I have just started it back up, but rconnet no longer exists...so we resorted to procon...


WE worked out most of the major kinks, but we have one major mountain to climb...


When Procon is running, the program open and all, all of the plugins work. As soon as I shut down procon (just exit out of the program), all of the plugins, including admin commands, votemap, spambot messages, etc.  no longer function in game. Is there a way to have procon running "in the background" per se, or a way where it will always be communicating with the server? 


In the end, I want to avoid having my PC turned on 24/7, or procon running when my PC is on.


If there is already a thread on this, id love the link! im having trouble navigating the forums, as the majority of them are over 6 years old.



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Rconnet was a websolution. You had to rent an account. For using procon 24/7 you have to rent a procon layer server and connect your client to this. The most game server providers also offer procon layer.



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gameservers.com I know for sure offers the latest procon version as I've been talking to them about the updates. I'm still trying to get in contact with other hosting providers who provide procon hosting about the updates and change of domain.


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For BFACP support please post in the BFACP topic linked above.

Do not contact me via PM on the forums for help with procon. Please make a topic for it. Only PM's I will accept will revolve around any website issues.

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    • Hello everyone,

      @maxdralle had a friend of his look into the bug and they submitted a fix for the Insane Limits issue. I will be doing a release candidate on Thursday 5/14/2020 to have a couple more testers try it out and report back any new problems. He reports that all plugins still work with that modification. I will reply to this topic with the RC zip. After about a week, if no issues are reported I will offically push this as the lastest version.

      Related thread below.

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    • Hi All!

      MyRCON now has an official Battlefield 2 server. If you have Battlefield 2 then join up on our server and enjoy the classic battlefield. This server is located on the east coast in Canada.

      Server runs all the maps that were in the game as of the final patch.

      If you want to get in on the fun you'll need to use BF2Hub. You can find out how to get it from here. https://www.bf2hub.com/home/players.php

      Here is a link to the server page.


      To download the two patches, I have uploaded them to our download section.

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    • Hi All,

      So I've been thinking about doing something like this for a while but I always talked myself out of it. I want to get some feedback on this idea and how many would think about using it if it was offered.

      In the past I know how hard it was for some users to get a MySQL database going and running the BFACP (since it's a bit requirement heavy in some cases). What I would be doing is offering to manage both of these for you.

      If enough interest was shown in something like this I would definitely think about doing it. Of course, I also know the risks I would be taking in something like this, but to list what I would be offering I guess is this.

      MySQL Hosting

      Daily backups of the database to a remote site & option to download it yourself.

      No limit on how big your database can be (within reason).

      BFACP Hosting (If running AdKats on your layers)

      This would run the newest version (v3.0)

      Will still be available to run on your own hardware

      Will have extra features that are not available for an open source setup (still need to think of good things )

      Able to use your own domain name with the proper DNS setup.

      Both Above

      Please let me know what you think of this idea and vote in the poll. Again not confirming anything like this will happen but if I get enough interest from the community for something like this then please let me know.

      Disclaimer: This will NOT be something affiliated with MyRCON but will be ran through it in terms of a payment processor.
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