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Lets talk VU Venise Unleashed Server ,shall we ?

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Lets talk VU.
At this point i am  making a simple HOWTO inc a sample server configuration how to run a VU server on your local machine ,excluded is  procon, that is a other story.
Yes procon wil run, but not smoot as bf3/4 ,it is not fully compatible, but enough things are running.

a stock VU server wil able to work properly with several maps, as what i know, its trail and error to so what mod is crashing a server when running multiple maps and map modes.
plugins what run with no isue.
basic ingame info
Server rules on request.
our all favorite, proconrulz.
Dont know how Team VU did it, but basic ingame info's !loc command works,
Procon chat guid and stats logger, well, u need a sql database for it.
asuming u have that.

u can log all the thing we did on a regular BF3 server with a enabled punkbuster system
(Stats logging doesnt work when punkbuster is disabled on bf3)
(as this also count for basic ingame info, it needs punkbuster)
As it comes to adkats, didnt test it yet, that is becouse i have made a small admin script for proconrulz that basicly does what adkats do ,if it comes to commands that is.
inc some extended commands that are not adkats, hehe.
oh, and yes, perhaps most commands are working, but the anti-cheat system is pretty useless with VU, imho that is.

A VU server need 3 ports, lets say procon runs tempory local, u need to open 2 ports in your router.
Defaulted is the gameserver port, what is in the config 25200
the second port is a Mharmony port (aka zeus backend) ,this is on default 7948 ,both are UDP ports !
the amount on servers u run is depending on the power of the machine, here i have 3 servers running, ok, 18 slots each, stil it works pretty good.
if u have, or had a bf3 server, you proberly have some startup.txt somewhere.
for most part u can use that,
There is however a tweak u need to make on these 2 vars settings , vars.3dSpotting false and vars.3pCam false  ,this enable spotting on the VU server ! ,while on BF3 this will disable ! spotting.
as for server directory.
i placed the server directory in the same directory where vu is installed.
in my case d:\games\vu <-- here is vu, what i unpacked from the zip file.

Server start script:
This is the start script i use for server1
So basicly your whole server instance is located in server1 directory.

@echo off
set INSTANCEDIRECTORY=d:\games\vu\server1
set IP=
set GAMEPORT=25200
set RCONPORT=47200
start vu.exe -server -dedicated -high60 -listen %IP%:%GAMEPORT% -RemoteAdminPort %IP%:%RCONPORT% -mHarmonyPort %HARMONYPORT% -serverInstancePath "%INSTANCEDIRECTORY%"
as for multiple server, adjust the batch file with server1 to server2 (eh, as example)
adjust all 3 ports, and forward the gameport and harmonyport in your router.
and yes, dont forgot to set the rcon password in your startup.txt if you tinker with procon.
this is basicly the whole basic server how to..
cheers, have fun..

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If all went correct
and lets say u install VU on the D drive (content from vu.zip)
a path like d:\games\vu <= where your stuff should come in (top directory)
a path like d:\games\vu\server1 <- where your working sample server config is (content from server.zip)
a path like d:\games\vu\startscript1.bat <- what is working VU server start script you can tinker with.
a path like d:\games\vu\vu <-- if unpacked from the vu.zip file
a path like d:\games\vu\vubin <-- if unpacked from the vu.zip file
a path like d:\games\vu\cacert.pem <-- if unpacked from the vu.zip file
a path like d:\games\vu\vu.com <-- if unpacked from the vu.zip file
a path like d:\games\vu\vu.exe <-- if unpacked from the vu.zip file

your server.key ,what u made on the venise unleashed website is placed in server1 directory



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Lets say ,the server is running, and u see a nice console saying server is ready for connection.
Start the vu.exe file, you want to test and see it.
it can happen that it wil ask for your login credentials, just do it.
If you didnt made yet a soldier, yes you can make 4 of them.

click your soldier, and select the servers button.
Now simply wait, you wil not find your server directly, here is a quicky one.
Select the filter.
and write a word from your server in the server name section, and click apply filters
If u see your server name, click the close button !, and click your server.
Happy testing..


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Now, lets say you want to use mods.
Again, be carefull, not all mods work correctly when u change map.

lets apply the mods in the modlist.txt sample working file.

A big load on mods i currently use.
copy the file modlist.txt.sample working to modlist.txt (or copy the content in modlist.txt)

You need to restart your server for this, close the server, and start the batch file and wait.
Happy fragging with the mods on kaisar railroad.

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