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  1. BF4DB

    There are a few steps to complete before this plugin will be operational. You must first have created an account with us and then claim a server. Once you have a server claimed you will be given an API key. Once you have placed the plugin in your Procon layer, the last step is to set up the plugin with the API key and change any settings you might need. Each of these steps will be outlined below.
    Claiming Server
    To claim a server please log in and click Server Tools under the user menu. On the Server Tools page, you can claim new servers and manage existing ones. You will then see a box that contains a unique code each time this page is visited and an input for your server Battlelog GUID. You must have admin access to your servers to claim them. The next step is to use whatever tool you use to manage your server to include the unique code in your server name. This is just temporary and can be changed once you have claimed the server. You do not need to change the entire server name to just the unique code, it only has to be in it somewhere. Once the name has been changed with the correct code, then place your server Battlelog GUID in the field and press Claim. If everything was correct you will have successfully claimed a server. Repeat this process for any or all servers you need to set up the plugin for!
    Get API Key
    Once you have a server claimed you will be given an API key to be used with our plugin. To get this key visit your Server page under Settings and click on the API Key button next to the server. A box will pop-up with your API key. This key will never expire and can always be accessed here as long as you have the server claimed. This key will only work for the server it was claimed with. Copy the API key for the next step.
    BF4DB reserves the right to revoke any API key generated for any server at any time. If a server is deemed to be a "hacked" server or is openly harboring hackers (abusing the whitelist function), then it's API key will be revoked and account owners will be unable to claim additional servers in the future.
    Setup Plugin
    You must already have a Procon layer setup and running either hosted remotely or locally. Download the plugin using the links below. It will come in a .zip file and contain two files within. Unzip this and place both the included files in the Plugins\BF4 folder on your Procon layer filesystem. Please refer to the Procon manual or your layer provided for file access. After the files are in place restart your layer.
    You will then need to open Procon to enable and configure the plugin. Before enabling please input the given API key and change any settings you may want. When the correct API key for that server is included you may then enable the plugin.
    API Key: You must claim the server on BF4DB.com to receive an API key for this server.
    Enable Auto Bans: When set to Yes, any players banned on BF4DB will be removed from your server. Defaults to Yes.
    Enable Announcements: When set to Yes, player status during verification will be announced in chat. Defaults to Yes.
    Player Whitelist: Place any player names(one per line) to be excluded from BF4DB checks and server removal.
    Debug Level: Mainly for BF4DB developers. If you encounter an issue please set to one of the following levels before submitting a bug report.
    0: Disabled. Not debugging in the console will occur. 1: Only player information will be logged. 2: Player and server information will be logged. 3: Player, server, and PunkBuster information will be logged. Development
    For any support or bug reports please visit our forums or use #plugin-support  in our discord server. Please include as much information or debugging as you can.
    If your procon layer host does not allow uploads of .dll files:
    Rename BF4DB_API.dll to BF4DB_API.cs, then open BF4DB.cs and edit lines 103 and 105 from BF4DB_API.dll to BF4DB_API.cs, save, then proceed to upload the plugin. If you're not sure which line to edit (if your editor doesn't show line numbers), simply search (Ctrl+F) for .dll and change it to .cs. After you upload the plugin, you will need to reboot your Procon layer. License
    BF4DB Server Protection by skulls is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NoDerivatives 4.0 International License.
    Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at https://bf4db.com/tos.


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  2. Advanced In-Game Admin and Ban Enforcer - AdKats


    Admin Toolset with a plethora of features, over 100 available in-game commands, and many customization options. AdKats focuses on making in-game admins more efficient and accurate at their jobs, with flexibility for almost any setup. Includes a cross-server ban enforcer with advanced enforcement features, global admin management, cross-server player messaging, and the BFAdminCP 2.0+ for web-based control has been released. Designed for groups with high-traffic servers and many admins, but will function just as well for small servers.

    This plugin requires a MySQL database, and XpKiller's Stat logger plugin to operate. If you do not have an existing database and/or a Procon layer we suggest using Branzone's hosting services. Our group has been with them for years across BF3, BF4, and Hardline; the most performant and reliable host we've found.
    BFACP/Database/Procon Layer Hosting: Portal Home - EZRCON
    Extensive In-Game Commands. Commands for player killing, kicking, punishing, banning, unbanning, moving, joining, whitelisting, messaging, etc, etc... ~100 available in-game commands. Commands can be accessed from in-game, Procon's chat window, database, and from other plugins. Customizable User Roles. Custom user roles can be created for admins and players, with each role given access to only the commands you want them to use. Default guest role is given to all players and can be edited to your desired specs. Roles and powers are automatically synced between servers so you only need to change user information once. Soldiers assigned to users will also keep their powers even if they change their in-game names. Setting sync between servers. All changes to plugin settings are stored in the database and can be automatically synced between your Procon layers. Setting up new layers or switching layers is a breeze as the settings for existing servers are automatically imported on startup. Infraction Tracking System. Punish/forgive players for breaking rules on your servers. Everything is tracked so the more infractions they commit, the worse their punishment automatically gets. Created so all players can be treated equally based on their history, regardless of who is issuing punishments against them. Heavily customizable. Player Reputation System. Based on issued commands from and against players they can form a numeric reputation on the server. Documentation below. A local leaderboard for reputation is provided in the BFAdminCP. Quick Player Report and Admin Call Handling, with Email Support.Notification system and quick handling features for all admin calls and player reports. Reports can be referenced by number for instant action. Automatic PBSS are triggered on reported players. Orchestration and Server List Management. Server reserved slots, spectator slots, autobalance whitelising through MULTIBalancer, ping kick whitelists, and several others can be automatically handled through the AdKats user list, role groups, and orchestration commands. AdKats Ban Enforcer. AdKats can enforce bans across all of your servers and can enforce on all identity metrics at the same time. System will automatically import bans from your servers, consolidating them in one place, and can import existing bans from the BF3 Ban Manager plugin's tables. Full documentation below. Automated Challenge System with Rewards. The challenge system in AdKats is designed to be a multi-server stats-driven way to give players new goals with rewards. You can set up almost any combination of damage types or weapons to be used by players, in multiple tiers. BF3/BF4 "Hacker-Checker" with Whitelist. Battlelog stats can be polled for players in the server, issuing automatic bans for damage mods, aimbots, magic bullet, and several others. The LIVE system can detect damage mods and magic bullet from a single round of play. DPS checks are enabled by default, with others available after a few clicks. Surrender Vote System. When enabled, if players are stuck in their base with no options, they can vote to end the round with the current winning team as winner. Auto-Surrender/Auto-Nuke System. This uses ticket loss rates to detect where teams are on the map, specifically with how many flags are captured. If a team is being base-camped, it can either automatically end the round with current winner, or nuke the team who is causing the base-camp. Optimal values for Metro 2014 and Operation Locker are available, for both surrender and nuke options. Automatic Updates. AdKats automatically updates itself when stable releases are made, only requiring a Procon instance reboot to run updated versions. This can be disabled if desired, but is required if running TEST versions. Ping Enforcer. Automated kick system based on ping, with moving average calculation, modifiers based on time of day and server population, customizable messages, logged kicks, and manual ping options. AFK Manager. Automated kick system based on player AFK time, with manual kick command. Customizable durations, and option to ignore chat messages counting toward active time. Internal SpamBot with Whitelist. SpamBot with options for simultaneous say, yell, and tell. Customizable intervals between each type of message, and ability to whitelist players/admins from seeing spambot messages. Commander Manager. Commanders can cause team imbalance when servers are in low population. This manager can forbid commanders before a certain player count is active. Cross-Server Player Messaging. Private conversations between players can operate not only within the same server, but will work between any online server in the database, and even between any AdKats supported game. Admin Assistants. When fully used this can turn your regular playerbase into a human autoadmin. Trusted players fill the gaps normal autoadmins don't see by utilizing the report system and keeping your server under control even when normal admins are offline. Email Notification System. Email addresses can be added to every user, and once enabled they will receive emails for player reports and admin calls. Fuzzy Player Name Completion. Fully completes partial or misspelled player names. I've been consistently able to find almost any player only a few characters from their name. Can also fetch players who have left the server, are in another server of yours on the same database, or have been in your servers at any point in time. Player Muting. Players can be muted if necessary, giving warnings and kicks if they talk. Automatic mute in specific cases like lanuage can be orchestrated by other plugins like Insane limits. Player Joining. Player's squads can be joined via command, and locked squads can be unlocked for admin entry. Player Locking. Players can be locked from admin commands for a specific timeout, the main purpose is if a certain admin is handling them (checking stats for cheat detection, records, etc.) they shouldn't be interrupted by another admin acting on the player. Player Assist. Player's want to play with their friends, but you don't want to imbalance the teams_ The assist command lets any player join the weak team to help them out and squad up with friends without hurting server balance. Yell/Say Pre-Recording. Use numbers to reference predefined messages. Avoid typing long reasons or messages. e.g. /kill player 3 Server Rule Management. Server rules can be listed, requests for rules logged, rules targeted at other players, and rules can be distributed between servers automatically. External Controller API. AdKats can be controlled from outside the game through systems like the BFAdminCP and through other plugins like Insane Limits. For example, you can issue AdKats punish commands from Insane Limits or ProconRulz and have them logged against the player's profile like any other admin command. Internal Implementation of TeamSwap. Queued move system for servers that are consistently full, players can be queued to move to full teams once a slot opens. Metabans Support. When using ban enforcer all bans can be submitted to metabans and removed if the player is unbanned. Editable In-Game Commands. Command text, logging options, chat access types, and enable options can be edited to suit your needs. Full Logging. All admin activity is tracked via the database per your custom settings for every command, so holding your admins accountable for their actions is quick and painless. If you are using the BFAdminCP nobody but your highest admins will need manual Procon access. Setting Lock. The settings page in AdKats can be locked with a password. This means even admins with access to plugin settings can be blocked from changes using the password. Performance. All actions, messaging, database communications, and command parsing take place on their own threads, minimizing performance impacts.  

    New Extension! Click below to enforce loadouts on-spawn!


    AdKats Release Notes:

    I hope you enjoy the plugin. While using this plugin, two players, ColColonCleaner, and PhirePhrey will be added to your server's reserved slot list.
    If you have any questions, please comment here.


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  3. Battlefield Agency

    Battlefield Agency - Battlefield Player Insights & BF4 anticheat


    What is Battlefield Agency?
    At battlefield.agency we focus on combating cheaters in BF4 in efficient and sustainable ways. We offer you a free cheater ban list, updated by the hour. While automatic tools assist us, all bans are entirely manually reviewed and we strive for quality using skilled staff.

    What does this plugin do?
    This plugin enforces the ban list(s) managed by us and helps us link cheater accounts.


    Acquire API key
    First, you need to get an API key to use with the plugin. To do so, log in to battlefield.agency using your Discord account. Find your server by using the search feature with "Search for: Servers" selected. Click your server and click "Verify" at the top. Then follow the instructions shown.

    Download the .zip file from this post and extract it. Place BattlefieldAgency.cs in your Plugins/<game> folder, BF4, BF3 or BFH, depending on what you are installing for. Place BattlefieldAgencyAPI.ext in your Plugins/ folder. Installation instructions and layer version support details can also be found at battlefield.agency/servers.

    API key: paste the API key described above here.
    VPN kicks: Specifies if the plugin should kick VPN users.
    Enable toxicity ban list: Specifies if the optional ban list for extremely toxic players should should be enforced. Read the ban policy for more information on this. Cheating bans are always enforced.
    Enable crasher ban list: Specifies if the optional ban list for crashing accounts should should be enforced. Read the ban policy for more information on this. Cheating bans are always enforced.
    Player Whitelist: Place any battlefield.agency player GUIDs (visible in the URL, like https://battlefield.agency/player/<id>) here to be excluded from being kicked.
    Announce enforced bans: Specifies if the plugin should announce enforced bans to global server chat.
    Log kicks to file: Specifies whether to log players kicked by the plugin to an external log file.
    Kick log file path: Specifies the file name that the plugin should write the kick log to. It defaults to Logs/BAKicks.log.
    Debug: Specifies whether to output verbose/debug information to the console or not.

    To get support or report a bug, join our Discord server.
    The plugin is licensed under a full proprietary license, with usage rights granted to server owners. This means that you are free to use the plugin for its intended purpose, but any redistribution or modification is not allowed.


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  4. Insane Limits

    See original topic for support
    Insane Limits ( - 30-MAR-2015) + BFHL - Plugins - MyRCON


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  5. On-Spawn Loadout Enforcer for Infantry/Vehicles - AdKatsLRT

    All infantry and vehicle loadouts/equipment in Battlefield 4 can be denied on-spawn using this plugin, with customizable messages for each item. Vehicle loadouts and equipment can be enforced on spawn for everyone, or on kill with specific vehicles. Settings allow for enforcement of problem players only, or all players, with per-item gradation of that severity.
    Enforce every infantry item (any primary, secondary, attachments for either, gadgets, knifes, and grenades) in the game on-spawn. Enforce every vehicle item (primaries, secondaries, countermeasures, optics, and gunner options) in the game, on-spawn. Map/Mode specific enforcement options for mixed-mode servers are available. Any update made to the game's weapons are automatically imported and made available, so if DICE changes or adds weapons, they are immediately enforceable. Players notified and thanked when they fix their loadouts after being killed. Customizable kill messages for each denied item, with combined messages and details if more than one is spawned in the same loadout. Statistics on enforcement, including percent of players enforced, percent killed for enforcement, percent who fixed their loadouts after kill, and percent who quit the server without fixing their loadouts after kill. With AdKats
    Two levels of enforcement, allowing multiple levels of severity for each item. In-game commands to call more strict loadout enforcement on specific players. Using the reputation system, reputable players are optionally not forced to change their loadouts, as we know they are not going to use them. Admins are optionally whitelisted from spawn enforcement, but still fall under trigger enforcement if marked or punished. Other plugins can call loadout checks and enforcement, so it can enhance your current autoadmin. Development by Daniel J. Gradinjan (ColColonCleaner)
    If you find any bugs, please inform me about them on the MyRCON forums and they will be fixed ASAP.


    Procon, and optionally AdKats. Basic functions only require Procon, however, for advanced functions, it requires AdKats or later to be installed and running. Separated Layer IPs. This is a battlelog intensive plugin, do not run it on more than one battlefield server from the same Procon layer IP address. If you have multiple servers to enforce, you must run the plugin from different Procon layer IP addresses. If you do not heed this warning, your layers run the risk of being temporarily IP banned from battlelog.
    Optionally Install AdKats. AdKatsLRT can run independently from the AdKats base plugin, but certain advanced functions cannot be used as a result. To install the latest version of AdKats, view the AdKats Install Instructions. After install make sure you are running version or later. Download and install AdKatsLRT. The plugin is installed like any other procon plugin. Enable AdKatsLRT. AdKatsLRT will start and fetch required information, then wait for the first player list response from either AdKats or the server. Once that comes through, it will complete startup and loadout enforcement will be online. Enjoy your new admin tool! If you have any problems installing AdKatsLRT please let me know on the MyRCON forums and I'll respond promptly. All instances of AdKatsLRT are tracked once installed.

    Item Library
    Every infantry/Vehicle item in the game (about 3500 items), can be enforced here. The settings are split into several sections; Weapons, Weapon Accessories, Gadgets, and Vehicle Weapons/Unlocks, in that order.
    Loadout Processing
    Deciding Enforcement Type
    The gist of it for infantry: Deny on trigger denies that weapon/accessory for problem players and players you've manually marked, deny on spawn denies that weapon for everyone except admins and reputable players.
    The gist of it for vehicles: By default, enforcement is on kill with specific vehicles. This is important because not everyone uses vehicles, so only those players using restricted vehicles should have their loadouts enforced for those vehicles. Optionally you can enforce on spawn for vehicle loadouts, regardless, which is not advised but is available as an option.
    Details for infantry: Loadouts have several reasons for being checked; A player spawns, gets reported, gets punished, gets marked, or has more than X (configurable) infraction points. Any of these instances will call a loadout check, and the reason for checking them changes the way the enforcement works.
    When running loadout enforcement for a specific player, the reason, and action if invalid, is first decided. The following are results for specific reasons, in order of priority:
    If a player was marked they are set under trigger enforcement and will be slain for invalid loadout of any kind. If a player is punished they are set under trigger enforcement and will be slain for invalid loadout of any kind. If a player was reported and their reputation is non-positive they are set under trigger enforcement and will be slain for invalid loadout of any kind. If they are slain due to a report that report is automatically accepted. If a player has more than X (configurable) infraction points they are set under trigger enforcement and will be slain for invalid loadout of any kind. If none of the above checks are hit, are not reputable, and are not an admin, they are set under spawn enforcement. Secondary checks are customizable. Informing and Acting
    If a player is about to be slain for loadout enforcement, regardless of enforcement type, they are shown two messages. The first is a generic message containing all denied weapons they have in their loadout "playername please remove [denied weapons] from your loadout". This messages is sent using private SAY. After that, the specific messages written by the admin for each denied item is displayed. These customizable messages are found in setting sections 8A and 8B, once denied items are selected. These messages are sent using private TELL.
    Immediately after informing the player of denied items in their loadout, they are admin killed. If they are under manual trigger enforcement, admins are notified of their demise, all other messages are private.
    Thank you messages are given to players who fix their loadouts. If a player is under trigger enforcement, admins are notified that they fixed their loadout.
    Debug Messages
    Setting your debug level to at least 2 will display statistics in the console when stats change. The stats available are percent under loadout enforcement (should be nearly 100%), percent killed for loadout enforcement, percent who fixed their loadouts after kill, and percent who quit the server without fixing after being killed.

    Certain commands in AdKats are modified by this plugin. The changes to those commands are listed below.
    Command Default Text Changes Punish Player punish Punish works as normal, but also initiates trigger level enforcement on the target player for the duration the plugin is online. Mark Player mark Instead of marking a player for leave notification only, it also initiates trigger level enforcement on the target player for the duration the plugin is online. Report Player report Reports initiate trigger level enforcement on targeted players with non-positive reputation. If the reported player has invalid items in their loadout, the report is automatically accepted, and admins notified of such. Call Admin admin Same changes as Report Player.
    0. Instance Settings:
    'Integrate with AdKats' - Whether to integrate functions with AdKats. When enabled this unlocks more setting options. 'Spawn Enforce Admins' - Viewable when integrating with AdKats. Adds admins to spawn enforcement. 'Spawn Enforce Reputable Players' - Viewable when integrating with AdKats. Adds reputable players (> 15 rep) to spawn enforcement. 'Trigger Enforce Minimum Infraction Points' - Viewable when integrating with AdKats. Sets the minimum infraction point count to automatically add problem players to trigger level enforcement. 1. Display Settings:
    'Display Preset Settings' - When enabled, the 'Preset Settings' section will be displayed. 'Display Map/Mode Settings' - When enabled, the 'Map/Mode Settings' section will be displayed. 'Display Weapon Settings' - When enabled, the 'Weapons' section will be displayed. 'Display Weapon Accessory Settings' - When enabled, the 'Weapon Accessories' section will be displayed. 'Display Gadget Settings' - When enabled, the 'Gadgets' section will be displayed. 'Display Vehicle Settings' - When enabled, the 'Vehicle Weapons/Unlocks' section will be displayed. 2. Preset Settings:
    'Coming Soon' - This setting block will soon contain settings for presets, like 'No Frag Rounds', or 'No Explosives'. 3. Map/Mode Settings:
    'Enforce on Specific Maps/Modes Only' - When enabled, the Map/Mode selection settings are displayed. Loadout enforcement will only be enabled on the selected maps. '*MapModeIdentifier Enforce?' - When enabled, the selected Map/Mode will be included in loadout enforcement. 4. Weapons:
    '*WeaponIdentifier Allow on trigger?' - Viewable when integrating with AdKats. Whether this item should be allowed/denied when a player is under trigger level enforcement. '*WeaponIdentifier Allow on spawn?' - Appears when a weapon is denied under trigger enforcement, or not using AdKats integration. Whether this item should be allowed/denied when a player is under spawn level enforcement. 5. Weapon Accessories:
    '*AccessoryIdentifier Allow on trigger?' - Viewable when integrating with AdKats. Whether this item should be allowed/denied when a player is under trigger level enforcement. '*AccessoryIdentifier Allow on spawn?' - Appears when a weapon is denied under trigger enforcement, or not using AdKats integration. Whether this item should be allowed/denied when a player is under spawn level enforcement. 6. Gadgets:
    '*GadgetIdentifier Allow on trigger?' - Viewable when integrating with AdKats. Whether this item should be allowed/denied when a player is under trigger level enforcement. '*GadgetIdentifier Allow on spawn?' - Appears when a weapon is denied under trigger enforcement, or not using AdKats integration. Whether this item should be allowed/denied when a player is under spawn level enforcement. 7. Vehicle Weapons/Unlocks:
    'Spawn Enforce all Vehicles' - When enabled, if any player spawns with a vehicle loadout that is invalid it will slay them. When disabled, it will wait for them to use the vehicle before slaying them. '*VehicleIdentifier Allow on kill?' - Whether this item should be allowed/denied when a player kills with the specified vehicle. '*VehicleIdentifier Allow on spawn?' - Appears when the 'Spawn Enforce all Vehicles' setting is enabled. Whether this item should be allowed/denied when a player spawns, regardless of where they are. 8A. Denied Item Kill Messages:
    '*ItemIdentifier Kill Message' - The specific message sent to players when they are slain for having this item in their loadout. 8B. Denied Item Accessory Kill Messages:
    '*AccessoryIdentifier Kill Message' - The specific message sent to players when they are slain for having this accessory in their current loadout. 8C. Denied Vehicle Item Kill Messages:
    '*VehicleItemIdentifier Kill Message' - The specific message sent to players when they are slain for having this item in their vehicle loadout. D99. Debug Settings:
    'Debug level' - Indicates how much debug-output is printed to the plugin-console. 0 turns off debug messages (just shows important warnings/exceptions/success), 1 includes kill notifications, 2 includes stats, 3 includes queue information, 4 includes each player's full loadout, and 5 is overly detailed.


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