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Plugin API Documentation?

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I'm trying to develop a plugin, but I can't seem to find documentation on many data types, specifically: 

public virtual void OnPlayerKilled(Kill kKillerVictimDetails) { }

What does a Kill consist of? What kind of things are stored in a Kill object? Where can I find documentation on the events like OnPlayerKilled?

I can read the code for the C# in the PRoCon github, but is there documentation anywhere? 

Sorry if this is answered other places, I can't seem to find them.

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Just now, Flash_Hit said:

Thanks for the point in the right direction, but many API's have documentation regarding how some datatypes are/should be used: https://discord.com/developers/docs/resources/user#user-object


Is there anything like this for plugin development?

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Most events just deliver strings and classes but there are some that deliver things like Kill or CPlayerInfo. You have to look up the files then. Tbh with these 2 files you have already almost everything. The most things are only working on BFBC2. Some of them will work in Venice Unleashed with an extra mod. I.e. textchatmoderation and unlocklists


also you should write what Plugin I r going to develop, maybe someone already done it

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Battlefield 4. 

It's a plugin for a server I'm helping develop to do custom things based on kills. I want to be able to set custom melee kill messages, with a future feature being players can set their own custom knife messages. Like a battlecry when people join the server.

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Okay that shouldn’t be to hard

you just need to find out if the damagetype is a knife/melee and then if the player has set up a custom message, if not you can just send some default presets to the chat.

then you need to add a command like !mykillmessage where the player can write his knife kill message which gets saved in a dict with his soldierName 
then send a response if it was successful to the player.

i think that’s all. Probably you would have to set up some conditions for the message. Like no bad language. Or split the message in parts and check replace ‚player‘ with Victim.SoldierName and ‚knife‘ with damageType.

whatever good luck with it

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