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simple extended admin adding and demo commands

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got a bit borred here and made this litle snipit for proconrulz.

not willing to fill procon with admin ,but giving trusted players some admin privileges ? ,this snipit can help u out.

only a procon admin can add special admins.


/set admin <playername> (or part of it)

/remove admin <playername>  ,This wil revoke extended commands

/read admin <playername>  this checks if a player has access

enjoy and abuse it for own fun

For more information, see the BF4 server documentation how i set this stuff up.

	# Extended admin commands: R1 08-10-2020 initial stuff
	# Reading who has admin stuff
On Say;Text !read admin,/read admin
targetplayer;If %ini_extended_admin[%t%]% = 0; playerSay player %t% has NO extended admin status:( :(;end
targetplayer;If %ini_extended_admin[%t%]% != 0;playerSay player %t% has extended admin status  :);end
If %ini_extended_admin[%p%]% = 0; playerSay player %p% has NO extended admin status:(;end
If %ini_extended_admin[%p%]% != 0;playerSay player %p% has extended admin status :);end
	# what am i ? ,admin or lamer
On say;text !whatami;If %ini_extended_admin[%p%]%  = 0;playersay player %p% is not in the extended admin list :(;end
On say;text !whatami;If %ini_extended_admin[%p%]% != 0;playerSay player %p% is in the extended admin list :);end
	# granting a player extended admin command (procon admins only can do this)
On Say;admin;Text !set admin,/set admin
targetplayer;If %ini_extended_admin[%t%]% = 0;Set %ini_extended_admin[%t%]% granted;PlayerSay %t% has granted extended admin permissions;end
targetplayer;If %ini_extended_admin[%t%]% != 0;PlayerSay %t% already has granted extended admin permissions;end
playersay VOID, we need a name, or is already admin, check with !read admin <name>;end
	# removing extended admin status (procon admins only can do this)
On Say;admin;Text !remove admin,/remove admin
targetplayer;If %ini_extended_admin[%t%]% = 0;playersay %t% was already removed from the extended admin commands;end
targetplayer;not If %ini_extended_admin[%t%]% = %p%;If %ini_extended_admin[%t%]% != 0;playersay Admin %t% cant remove him self from the list;end
targetplayer;If %ini_extended_admin[%t%]% = %p%;If %ini_extended_admin[%t%]% != 0;Set %ini_extended_admin[%t%]% 0;playersay %t% has no longer access to extended commands;end
playersay VOID, we need a name, or is already removed as admin, check with !read admin <name>;end
	# this will kill a player
on say;text !lamer;If %ini_extended_admin[%p%]% != 0;targetplayer;exec Admin.Killplayer %t%;say Killing %t% for %targettext%
	# This wil roundban a player for 2 rounds
on say;If %ini_extended_admin[%p%]% != 0;text /rban,!rban ;targetplayer;playersay initiating roundban;say %t% got ROUNDBAN for %targettext%;exec banlist.add name %t% rounds 2 "%targettext%";exec banlist.save;exec banlist.list;

two demo commands are added.

!lamer ,that wil kill a player.

!rban ,this will roundban a player for 2 active rounds.



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    • Added ability to disable the new API check for player country info

      Updated GeoIP database file

      Removed usage sending stats

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      If you are upgrading then you may need to add these two lines to your existing installation in the file procon.cfg. To enable these options just change False to True.

      procon.private.options.UseGeoIpFileOnly False
      procon.private.options.BlockRssFeedNews False

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    • I wanted I let you know that I am starting to build out the foundation for the hosting services that I talked about here. The pricing model I was originally going for wasn't going to be suitable for how I want to build it. So instead I decided to offer each service as it's own product instead of a package deal. In the future, hopefully, I will be able to do this and offer discounts to those that choose it.

      Here is how the pricing is laid out for each service as well as information about each. This is as of 7/12/2020.

      Single MySQL database (up to 30 GB) is $10 USD per month.

      If you go over the 30 GB usage for the database then each additional gigabyte is charged at $0.10 USD each billing cycle. If you're under 30GB you don't need to worry about this.

      Databases are replicated across 3 zones (regions) for redundancy. One (1) on the east coast of the USA, One (1) in Frankfurt, and One (1) in Singapore. Depending on the demand, this would grow to more regions.

      Databases will also be backed up daily and retained for 7 days.

      Procon Layer will be $2 USD per month.

      Each layer will only allow one (1) game server connection. The reason behind this is for performance.

      Each layer will also come with all available plugins installed by default. This is to help facilitate faster deployments and get you up and running quickly.

      Each layer will automatically restart if Procon crashes. 

      Each layer will also automatically restart daily at midnight to make sure it stays in tip-top shape.

      Custom plugins can be installed by submitting a support ticket.

      Battlefield Admin Control Panel (BFACP) will be $5 USD per month

      As I am still working on building version 3 of the software, I will be installing the last version I did. Once I complete version 3 it will automatically be upgraded for you.

      All these services will be managed by me so you don't have to worry about the technical side of things to get up and going.

      If you would like to see how much it would cost for the services, I made a calculator that you can use. It can be found here https://ezrcon.com/calculator.html

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    • I have pushed out a new minor release which updates the geodata pull (flags in the playerlisting). This should be way more accurate now. As always, please let me know if any problems show up.

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